Illicit Money Making Methods of Bloggers named Delfin Mocache and Andrew Sullivan

Money made through blackmailing individuals for defaming and spreading false news against them in online media by Delfin Mocache Massoko and Andrew Sullivan.

Delfin and his partner Andrew Sullivan own a project called “Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project” (OCCRP), which they use to publish an article against many people with the motive of defaming an individuals in exchange of money. Both the bloggers has got into illicit ways of making money quickly without doing much efforts and Jose Villarejo helped them with the motives.

Jose Villarejo is the former commissioner of Spanish police department, who many illegal operations and took advantage of his rights given by the Spanish Authorities being a Commissioner. Jose spied against Gabriel Mbaga Lima (Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons in Equatorial Guinea) and many other political leaders, businessmen and sole entities to make money which he gets from their rivals to thrash them down in a market. While the money for spying Gabriel Mbaga Lima has reported to be paid by Candido Nsue Okomo who was the former director general of GEPetrol. Money received form Okomo, Villarejo used that to further bribing the bloggers. Both Jose Villarejo and Delfin Mocache & Andrew Sullivan team are in custody of police now where they are held for an investigation.

The Misrepresentation and Defamation that the bloggers did aren’t yet confirmed whether they were doing it on the order of Villarejo or only money was involved with the actions. Besides, Delfin Mocache’s father is the one who holds the strong relation with the political parties and power which benefits Delfin many a times earlier in the time. His father Avelino Mocache Mehengap also fought politically against the president of Equatorial Guinea in 2016 and lost later. There was a deal that has been originated against Delfin mocache where he was compensated.

Villarejo is also accused to be presented the misleading information to Delfin Mochache and Drew Sullivan on many people within Equatorial Guinea.

Spanish Judge had ordered Candido Nsue Okomo to appear in front of the authorities by 9th March, 2021 and explain why he used the Jose Villarejo’s service which he didn’t till now. It cause him the warrant re-issued against him and his partner Crispin Edu Tomo for not appearing in court timely.

Falling defamation and getting paid for misrepresenting someone digitally is the serious crime in terms of law and the outcome is awaited which decides how lenient one could become with such actions or how much a government can strictly penalize the doers. There’s no transparency have been given to the case thus it is difficult to say where this case is moving further.

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