How to Update Your Optical Space Planning This Holiday Season

How to Update Your Optical Space Planning This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a great time for many retail businesses to make money from people buying gifts for their family and friends. Those in the optical industry though might have more difficulty in profiting as much since it can be tough to sell sunglasses and contacts as a holiday gift. However, the holiday season is a lot more flexible than just gift-giving which is why you have many ways that you can ensure that your optical space is up-to-date for the holidays.


Like any other industry, the optical industry needs to advertise to get customers out. Giving gifts to various charities like free glasses during the holiday season shows potential customers that doing business with you can create a greater good for the world. Other promotional opportunities include offering a buy 1 get 1 free deal so that customers can give their free glasses as a gift to someone else who needs a new pair. Always make sure that you are taking advantage of the holiday season by advertising.


Depending on benefits, customers might be thinking more about their insurance at the end of the year if they are about to be charged more or not have benefits at all. This is a good time to remind customers to do business with you as they might be more willing to get everything they need to be done with their eyes out of the way so they aren’t spending more money later out of the pocket. It’s also a good idea to remind customers of their flexible spending account as they can lose money they deposited if they don’t end up using those benefits before January 1st. Understanding how customers and you benefit from insurance is crucial in running an optical business.


No matter what holidays you are celebrating, it can feel good for customers to be reminded through various decorations. Ensure that your business is decorated for the holidays by hanging up decorations all inside the business and outside like holiday lights, wreaths, and more. By hanging up decorations, you’re not only being festive but more visible compared to other businesses that are keeping the same look they have had all year long. Ensure that you decorate your business during the holidays to make your business stand out among others.


Unless you’re running a 24-hour business, chances are you’re going to be closed down important holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. You should be upfront with customers on what your holiday hours and days off are going to be before by creating a schedule so that they can get appointments they need to be done before they potentially lose benefits at the start of the new year. Make sure that this schedule is not only available in-store but by calling and visiting your website as customers don’t necessarily want to go back and forth to your business when they don’t have to. Building and publishing a schedule for the holiday season early is crucial so customers can plan on the perfect time on coming to your office.

Holiday Products

Many people like to celebrate the holiday season by wearing holiday-themed clothing. Your business can help customers celebrate the season as well by offering framed glasses that are either holiday-themed or represent holiday colors. To be successful with these products, offer deals to customers like getting a free holiday frame if they purchase a normal frame so they are more inclined to purchase from you. Look more today into how you can offer holiday products to your customers.

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