How to remove stain from the sofa without damaging it?

How to remove stain from the sofa? This is a common question in homes that have children and pets, isn’t it? After all, it is common for children to eat while watching TV and drop food scraps, cookies, snacks, or it is common for them to want to play with pencils and pens and end up scratching the upholstery.

Another common problem is your pet’s urine smell on your couch. This situation is more common than it sounds. For this reason, we will from now on explain in the topics below how different types of sofa stains. But if you don’t have the time to do what we suggest below, contacting a professional cleaning service like Proluxcleaning is a good option. Proluxcleaning is used to doing professional carpet cleaning but of course they can do the same for your sofas.

How to remove grease stain from the sofa?

One of the most challenging stains to remove is grease stains, but they are not impossible to remove. As a simple solution, you will learn how to remove stains from the sofa.

Add baby powder, a soft-bristled brush, paper towels, warm water and a dry cloth. With all these items together, it’s time to start cleaning up. Take two sheets and a paper towel and place it where the stain is. Once that’s done, apply talcum powder on top of the paper.

The talc should stay there for five minutes. Afterwards, the paper with talcum powder must be removed and with the help of the soft bristle brush, the stain will be cleaned. Once this step is over, soak the damp cloth in warm water and wipe it on the spot. Finally, wait for it to dry!

If the sofa is made of fabric, you can still use white vinegar to remove grease stains. For this, you will need to put 100 ml of white vinegar in a liter of warm water and two teaspoons of baking soda. After mixing, spray exactly where the stain is. Leave to act for 10 minutes. Afterwards, just remove the excess with a cloth that is slightly dampened.

How to remove pen stain

How to remove a stain from the sofa that was made with a pen? It may sound difficult, but it’s not easier than it sounds. Do not believe? So check it out! If your sofa is fabric, you will need to add two teaspoons of white vinegar plus two teaspoons of mild detergent and a cup of water.

With the mixture ready, it should be sprayed at the point where the scratches are. Once this is done, the solution should act in place for 10 minutes. After the deadline, only remove what is in excess with a cloth that has been slightly dampened.

How to remove bloodstain from the sofa

At first, people may find that the bloodstain is also among the most difficult to remove, but the solution for removal is simpler than it sounds. 

How to get this stain off the sofa, then? 

To keep the upholstery clean, you will need to mix water and detergent. A clean cloth should be dipped in this solution and it should be rubbed over the stain until it is completely absorbed. To finish cleaning, take a clean cloth, soak only in water, so that the detergent will be removed and the cleaning completed.

How to remove wine stain from the sofa

Everyone likes to have a good wine, doesn’t they? Sometimes, this is done by watching a good movie, but as unforeseen events happen, it is common for us to drop the liquid on the sofa and, presto, the stain is there.

But if you’re looking to know how to remove wine stains from the sofa, we’ll help you. It may sound incredible, but this stain can be removed with the help of tonic water or sparkling water.

Wet the upholstery and dry with the help of a paper towel, but remember not to rub. It is also possible to clean with the use of ice. In this case, you will need to do the procedure from the edges to the center, however, do not rub, ok?

How to remove urine stain from the sofa

Having pets at home is a delight, but when they’re small, the work is doubled, isn’t it? If you have a new one at home and he peed on your couch, this topic is for you, because below we will teach you how to remove the stain without much effort.

Frozen the place is also of paramount importance before placing the sofa when clean.

Mix a tablespoon of detergent, those we use for washing dishes, in two glasses of cold water. That done, add another tablespoon of vinegar. Put a sponge in the solution and wipe the spot with the stain, always from the outside to the inside. Do this until the stain is completely gone. However, it is necessary to teach the dog to pee in the right place, do you agree? 

We hope this post was helpful!

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