How to Keep Your Pet Warm during the winter

We all know how winters can be unforeseeably long and brutal. And while you struggle with your cold, it can be even a bigger challenge keeping your pets (especially dogs) warm. Some breeds have thick fur while others don’t. For those dogs that don’t have thick fur, you can consider purchasing a winter coat for your dog from TO Dogswear in Canada, but if that’s not an option, these tips will help you keep your pet warm this winter.

The brutal conditions during winters can turn into life or death situations if your pet is kept outdoors for a few hours without any form of protection. Some breeds may well be better prepared for winter months than others, and the pups and senior or ill pets are at higher mortality risk. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can keep your pet warm during the winter.

Minimize Outdoor Playtime

Dogs love to play in the snow, but how would you draw the line and say it is enough. Depending on the breed, you can set playtimes at a minimum because of the extreme cold. That’s because some dogs can pass up the time and get caught in the freezing conditions, which would be catastrophic.

Get Your Dog a Winter Sweater or Jacket

Dogs with minimal fur on their coats can benefit from a winter sweater. And there are several winter dog clothing you can invest in to help insulate short-haired or diminutive dogs during the winter months.

Offer Your Dog Extra Food And Water

Like yourself, the winter months drain more from a dog’s body as it works extra hard to maintain a constant body temperature. This means that your dog would need more food and water to keep up with the surrounding temperature. Therefore, ensure you provide your pet sufficient food whether you are home or not.

Ensure Your Dog Sleeps Indoors

Whether your dog sleeps inside or not, there are those odd days it inadvertently sleeps outdoors. During winters, a dog should never be made to sleep outside the house. And apart from the freezing temperatures, it would be mentally damaging to your dog, it being a social animal.

Let Your Pup into Bed with You

I’m probably thinking that not all of you would entertain this idea, but I’ll say it anyway. While most curdle with their pets, they do not let them in the bedroom. Either way, winter temperatures can be extraordinary, or what better way to keep your dog warm than letting it lie close to you? The benefits to the dog go beyond keeping it warm, as research indicates that lying with your dog helps reduce anxiety and depression – for both of you.

Keeping Your Pets Warm This Winter

Your dog probably survived the previous winter, and you are thinking to yourself that it will automatically weather the storm this time around. It is crucial to prepare on how to protect your dog before the onset of the winter months. And we understand what some of these pets mean to some of you. So, if you use the tips mentioned herein, you will more than likely see your pet through winter unscathed and healthy.

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