How to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

How to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the US. It’s projected to be a $30 billion-dollar industry in 2021.

What that means is there’s a lot of jobs and opportunities available. Since the cannabis industry is highly regulated, you may not know these opportunities exist.

And with each state having different views around cannabis, it’s not always clear on how to get a job in the cannabis industry. Yet, if you are looking to learn how to get into the cannabis industry this article can help you. Here is everything you need to know about getting a job in the cannabis industry.

Doing Your Research on the Cannabis Industry

One of the first steps to finding a cannabis industry job is to do your research. Conducting basic research will help you learn about the cannabis industry laws and regulations.

This is key to making sure you are in an area that supports cannabis industry jobs. Researching will also help you find companies that are hiring for cannabis roles.

Finding the Right Company

Another aspect of finding a cannabis industry job is finding the right company. Just like you would look on job boards to find any other job you are going to want to do the same for a cannabis job.

There are also cannabis placement agencies that can help you find a job at the perfect company. Taking time to learn about the company you are applying to can help you find the perfect match. It will also give you time to prepare for an interview.

Standing Out as an Applicant?

When looking for a cannabis industry job you want to make sure you stand out. There are millions of people who want to get into this industry. You have to find ways to make a good impression. A solid resume that speaks to your skills is one of the best ways to do that.

You can also find out who the hiring manager for the company you are looking to get a job with. Many times they are willing to answer simple questions about the role and it could be a fast track to an interview.

You Must Be Flexible and Wear Many Hats

The cannabis industry is made up of most startups. When working for a startup there will be a lot of opportunities to learn. There will also be a lot of work to do.

Many startups don’t have established HR departments or concrete processes in place. If you aren’t someone who is flexible the cannabis industry may not be the right fit.

Yet if you are someone that is able to adapt well to changes and you don’t mind wearing many hats the cannabis industry could work for you.

Common Cannabis Industry Jobs

There are a few jobs in the cannabis industry that are common. The most common is budtender jobs. As a budtender, you work directly with customers at a dispensary.

You will answer questions and help customers make their purchases. A good budtender is personal and possesses amazing customer service skills. Other common jobs in the cannabis industry are delivery couriers, security guards, and cashiers.

Ready to Start Your Career in the Cannabis Industry

As you see job searching in the cannabis industry isn’t very different from looking for a job in a traditional field. As long as you do your research, find the right company, and stand out, you can find your dream job.

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