How to Choose the Best Entrance Matting Material?

If you’re looking for a perfect mat for your entrance area, you have come to the right place. These are all the factors you need to look into when shopping for a new doormat as well as some of the most creative entrance mats that you can take into consideration while shopping for a new mat.

What are the best materials?

The first aspect you need to look into when picking out an entrance mat is the material. Do you want to invest money in a high-quality mat for the outdoor area? Or are you going to place it inside your home? Or are you looking for both? You don’t have to pick either quality or creativity. You can go for both. You can have a mat that is both very durable and appealing with different colour schemes, patterns and details.

Some of the best materials that you can pick for your mat are cork, rubber, aluminium, teak, nylon, cedar, and woven sea grass. Most of these materials are easy to wash. All you need is a mild soap and lukewarm water. Some other ones simply need to be shaken and dusted off from time to time.

Just remember that this mat will be used by people to clean off their shoes. There will be dirt, water, snow, and all kind of chemicals stuck to it at one point. So, make sure the material you pick is not only durable but also resistant to water and weather-proof.


When picking a matting material for your home, you also need to think about maintenance that will go into taking care of this mat so that it could stay in the best condition possible. One thing you have to keep in mind is the difference between the outdoor and indoor mat. Since the outdoor mat is more displayed to the outside factors such as harsh climate, you need to pick a material that is durable and that can withstand all kinds of weathers. That is why you need to invest in a high-quality material that has an abrasive surface. This will help you wipe off the dirt from your shoes more easily. For the parts of your home that are higher in traffic, you need to have a thicker mat preferably with rubber bottoms.

On the other hand, the entrance mat placed indoors is a bit different. It does not need to be that thick, but it needs to be as durable as the outdoor one. You can always pay attention to colours and designs and pick a mat that is pretty, but don’t forget to choose a material that will easily absorb dirt and water.

Now that you’ve picked the material, it’s important to keep in mind these following maintenance tips that will help you keep your mat in a good condition:

·         Shake your mat to remove dirt from it (2 times a week)

·         Vacuum the mat from time to time

·         Make sure the mat is dry before you place it at your house entrance

The main purpose of the outdoor mat at your entrance area is to prevent all kinds of dirt, water, snow, and other substances from entering your home. That is why these materials need to be highly efficient and of great quality. However, does that mean that you have to go for an ugly rubber mat that brings no substance or flavour to your exterior design? That is absolutely not the case. You can always choose a beautiful design that will create a welcoming feeling to all those who enter your home. People go out of their ways and try to be creative with their entrance mat to make the space feel more welcoming. So, to achieve that goal, here are some tips:

·         Choose a doormat that is a perfect mixture of style and performance

·         Use two mats at the entrance (one outside and one inside)

·         Find a mat big enough to fit both of your feet

·         Use a darker shade mat for the outdoor area and a lighter shade one for the inside

Efficient cleaning tips

Be ready for your doormats to be the filthiest pieces of décor you have in your home. To make sure they do their job efficiently enough and keep their quality over time, you need to clean them properly and frequently enough. Shaking method is okay every once in a while. However, you also need to deep clean your mats from time to time. Use a mild detergent and a soft brush, and every once in a while wash your doormats. Just don’t wash them in the washing machine unless the mat is made of pure cotton and your machine has a special program for mats.

Most creative ideas for entrance mats

Now that we’ve covered the materials and how to maintain your mats, let’s look into some of the most creative doormats available out there.

Motion-Sensor Doormat

If you simply love advanced technology and want to find new ways to incorporate it in your home, motion-sensor doormats are perfect for you. These mats come with built-in sensors. They light up when you step on them lighting your way and allowing you to see the mat in the dark. Though your friends may be taken a back and frightened the first time they use your mat, they will surely appreciate your sense of humour and laugh about being startled by a welcoming mat for quite a while.

Space Invaders Entrance Mat

Another hilarious entrance mat is a space invaders mat that will surely make anyone who comes to you house laugh out loud. This mat comes with LED lights forming an animation sequence when you step on them. They work on batteries and can last for a long time as long as you maintain and clean them properly. Why would you just have to pick a boring old mat that has one purpose and one purpose only, when you can choose to have a mat that is going to have people thrilled and entertained every time they step into your house?

Personalised Mats

You can also allow yourself to be creative and come up with the design you specifically want for your mat. Personalised mats are always a great option for those who like to be creative. You can pick the colours, the design, and a logo if you want. These amazing custom made mats just for you can be found on online Mat Shop, where you can pick the design that you want and have your perfect entrance mat delivered straight to your home.

Black River Stone Entrance Mat

Another great option for those who are looking for a durable and high-quality mat is a black stone entrance mat. This mat is so durable it can be used during any kind of season because it is made to withstand any kind of weather conditions. Its appearance makes it look very natural and it will definitely draw attention to itself. It’s made from polished river stones that are fixed with very strong adhesive. It is truly unique and it will make your entrance look extra chic.


Another hilarious, yet very smart option for a door mat is the so-called iDoorMat and it is a perfect option for those passionate Apple fans. This mat will sweep you of your feet. If you love Apple products such as their phones and iPads, you will definitely love this mat. It will make you feel like you’re using an app to enter your home. This mat, informs anyone who is arriving to wipe their feet but in such a hilarious way that it will make anyone laugh. This mat is made from the coconut fibre that is combined with PVC. It’s a funny, yet very effective way to remind people to wipe their shoes before entering your home.


In conclusion, picking the right doormat starts with choosing the right material. You need a durable mat that will withstand all kinds of weather conditions. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can have both an effective and creative mat. Look through the options listed above and you may just find the perfect mat for your entrance.

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