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How Magento PWA Satisfies What Online Shoppers Need?

Everyone loves online shopping due to its convenience. However, with more providers moving into the e-commerce industry, it is essential to dig into the customers’ insights on what they expect from the online shopping experience to win a bigger market share. Magento PWA can be the answer to this concern.

In this post, we will find out how PWA can assist Magento merchants in bringing the best online shopping time to consumers.

Let’s begin!

1/ High-quality Storefront

Storefront is the first thing that captures customers’ eyes. Whether they stay on the site or exit depends heavily on this part.

Another thing to note is that with two similar products, users tend to buy from the store with a more appealing interface.

So which storefront would be considered high-quality? Here are some characteristics of a good storefront:

  • Mobile-friendly: Customers now often own at least two devices (a laptop and a mobile phone). A responsive theme can make it easy for buyers to switch to surf on any gadgets.
  • Fullscreen: This feature helps store visitors focus more on their shopping when using mobile devices.

Building PWA for Magento websites means merchants get a better storefront. A responsive design from Magento PWA allows users to have the best shopping time regardless of the gadgets they choose.

2/ No Waiting Time

We all want everything on the web pageto appear in less than a second. More than 5 seconds of loading can cause serious frustration.

Hence, optimizing loading speed is an essential step to increase the comfort of surfing the site.

Less waiting time also means customers have more time spent on viewing the products. The more they are engaged with the Magento store, the higher chances they will place an order.

If Magento stores are converted to Magento progressive web apps, their site loading speed will be improved significantly. As the web header remains when switching to other pages, the loading time is minimized.

Compared to the speed of the original website, Magento PWA loads at least two times faster.

3/ Less Connection Interruption

Network connection quality is something that both customers and Magento merchants can’t control.

When in an area with an unstable connection, the online shopping experience is frequently interrupted.

Magento 2 Progressive Web App will help firms solve this problem by providing access to preloaded pages.

Also, merchants can get the “background sync” feature with Magento 2 PWA integration. This function lets customers place their order during the offline condition and the information will proceed as soon as the Internet reconnects.

4/ Earliest Updates On Store News

Any customers would want to be the first to know about the sales promotion, new releases or limited products launch.

This privilege can give them a chance to get the products they long want with discounted prices and limited stock.

However, buyers all have a busy schedule so the moment they visit the store, the products they want may have run out of stock or the promotion event has already ended.

To prevent this incidence, Magento PWA with push notifications would make sure that customers are reminded of the store’s news on time.

The notifications will be sent to consumers just like any other notifications from the existing apps on their devices. With just a click on the message, purchasers can now access the store immediately.

5/ Light-weight App

Anyone wants the store to be converted to an app. Installing an app comes with several advantages like quick access, easy-to-track orders, or notification of any news timely.

However, memory storage may be a limitation of getting an app. It is usually rather time-consuming and updates sometimes need to be done manually.

Converting the website to Magento 2 Progressive Web App will offer users a new feature named “Add to home screen”. This means it is now possible for users to download the “website”.

So what makes Magento PWA a preferable choice compared with native apps?

Time-saving in installing the PWA is the best thing that Magento e-commerce stores bring to users. Moreover, PWA for Magento does not take up so much space and automatic updates are done by refreshing the site.

Let’s Develop A Magento PWA To Exceed Your Customer Expectations!

Meeting customer expectations is the first step for Magento merchants to win in the e-commerce market. When customers cannot touch or feel the products physically, firms need to do everything to deliver the best online performance.

With Magento PWA, users can load the site at the quickest speed, enjoy shopping with the best storefront, worry less about network connection quality, install the app in a few seconds and get updates on time.

If you have already built your PWA store or visited one, we hope you can share with us your experience!

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