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Why Face Protection Masks Are Recommended For Covid-19 Protection



How Face Protection Masks Can Stop the Spread of Covid-19

One of the key instructions that health authorities have given to citizens regarding the coronavirus is to make sure that they do everything that they can to minimize its spread. Among the many things that we are supposed to take care of, one of the most important steps is to make sure that we always go out wearing masks. Apart from social distancing, whenever we need to deal with a situation involving social interaction, we need to make sure that we do not spread the virus to other people. The tool that helps us achieve that is a face mask. A lot of people are still curious about how face masks prevent the spread of the virus and we are sharing that information with you. Read on to find out all about how the spread of the coronavirus is minimized by using face masks.

They Stop Direct Spreading

One of the biggest sources of spreading the virus is face to face. People who have the virus and are near other people can spread the virus through coughing, sneezing, and even talking. With such high possibility of exposure, it is only logical to wear a mask. When you are wearing a mask on your face you are being protected and protecting others. As a carrier of the virus, you will not be able to spread it to other people if you cough or sneeze. The virus particles will be contained by the mask and prevent the passing of the infection.

At the same time, if you are in the presence of someone who may have the virus, wearing a mask would make sure you do not absorb any particles through your mouth or nose. Since the virus affects the respiratory system, these are the two things that need to be covered properly which you can do with a face protection mask.

The Data Supports It

Given the surprisingly huge number of people who believe that wearing face masks could make breathing difficult, scientists have performed multiple real-life tests to check the efficacy of wearing face masks. In addition to that, previous studies were also consulted to check the effects that masks have when used in situations involving respiratory viruses. One study conducted in 2013 checked the impact of wearing a face mask against the spread of the influenza virus. The results showed that in cases where people wore masks, there was a threefold reduction in the amount of virus particles that were being spread into the atmosphere by the infected person.

The studies conducted after that and during the current pandemic have also shown similar results, even better in some cases. Statistical data also shows that places where wearing masks during sickness is a norm (like in Japan) have much lower rates of disease spread. It is quite clear that masks certainly make a big difference in stopping the spread of the virus among communities.

Final Words

One thing to keep in mind during this time is that while wearing a mask is certainly playing a big role in stopping the spread of the virus, it is certainly not the only thing that you need to do. Guidelines provided by CDC and other health authorities clearly state that we need to practice other things as well, primarily social distancing. Avoid being with other people as much as you can and even when you do, maintain a safe distance of two meters. In addition to that, wash your hands repeatedly with soap for at least 20 seconds, especially when you have been in contact with a surface that is commonly used by other people as well. All these things, when combined and followed strictly can lead to a big dent in the spread of the coronavirus.

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How Does Lean Ground Help For Muscle Building?




Beef is the name for the culinary meat from cattle and, when minced, is called ground beef. We all know how delicious beef tastes, but did you know that it is also perfect for your health? Incredibly Lean Ground Beef, which is beef with the lowest amount of fat and without unnecessary calories.

Ingredients of Lean Ground Beef Per 100 Grams:

  • 27 grams of complete protein
  • 11 grams of saturated fat
  • Over 200 calories 
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B
  • Creatine

Thus, beef is filled with high-quality protein, Vitamin B, minerals, and creatine. A protein-enriched diet with lean red meat and exercise and training increases lean tissue mass and muscle strength and reduces circulation of IL-6 concentration in older women.

Lean Meat

When you are trying to gain muscle, you should choose lean beef because it will provide you with the necessary protein and energy without all the extra calories. The leaner the beef is, the less the amount of fat. For example, 85 grams of 70% lean ground beef has 228 calories and 15 grams of fat; on the other hand, 85 grams of 95% lean ground beef has 145 calories and 5 grams of fat.

Working Out

It is not always necessary to have bland chicken breasts all the time to maintain your diet. Building muscles requires high protein for your body because if you eat less and also exercise heavily, you might collapse. Thus you can add lean ground beef to your diet and get even better results for your muscles. 

Our bodies need food to derive energy from it to exercise. This energy comes from the calories in our food. Since beef has all the necessary proteins and calories, our body can easily absorb the essential calories and proteins to build energy for an extensive workout. So, beef can play a significant role in maintaining and building our physique, especially when it comes to increasing our energy for the workout. 

Unfair Stigmatisation of Beef

Red meat has often been regarded as a catalyst for heart disease and other health conditions such as obesity. But, if we are more enlightened about that topic, we would understand that they are utterly wrong. If we have fatty juicy beef topped with an immense amount of cheese and sugary substance, yes, we will be prone to heart attack, but that will be due to the cheese and sugar, not the beef. So ditch the sugary part and concentrate on just lean ground beef. 

Nowadays, for the misconception about beef, most bodybuilders have only bland chicken breasts. But for them, beef can be the hero – it brings flavor, is packed with proteins, a change of taste in one’s diet, and is also super healthy.  


Now you know how lean ground beef is perfect for your workout diet – it is delicious, healthy, and has all the necessary nutrients. It is very underrated and can be easily added to our diet to help us gain muscles and maintain a healthy, fit body. 

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Bring Your Protection to Another Step Through Our Antiviral Protection Services



Long term Antiviral Protection UK

After covid-19 people acquire various kinds of disinfection services for antimicrobial protection but Long term Antiviral Protection UK is something new that many people don’t know about it. So, there are very few companies in UK which are offering services in this area. There is no point in denying that the need of disinfectants is now more than ever.

And people took the disinfection very seriously as they had suffered already with such a deadly virus. So, it is the demand of time that we took strict precautions for our safety. However there are still few among us who don’t know the importance of right services of disinfection.

We know there are many companies which are offering their services in this area but not all are worth your time and money, so we suggest you to do thorough research before acquiring service of any disinfection company. Only a good company can do your job of disinfection the way it should be done. Anti microbial protection UK is one of the few companies working in UK that is providing best disinfection services not just in one city but almost in all over the UK.

Especially their long term antiviral protection service will make sure that you are safe from every kind of viral infection. Not just that our antiviral protection not just work against the viral infections but also it make sure that the disinfection is done in a manner that you won’t have to deal with any kind of viral associated infection for a long period of time.

What long term antiviral protection include?

Basically long term antiviral protection is the service provided by anti microbial protection UK. Under this service you not only can get the ordinary common disinfection in fact you can have the safety from various viral infections as well.

As virus are the creatures that don’t even fall in the category of living organisms but still these notorious creatures create most deadly diseases around the world. If you see history most of the pandemics or deadly diseases are the product of various viruses, so it far more important to deal with these dangerous creatures than any other microorganism.

 There was a common misconception that all diseases occur due to bacteria but recent pandemic of Covid-19 proved that bacteria are far less dangerous compared to these tiny mysterious micro organisms, so it is necessary that proper actions are taken to prevent any kind of infection associated with them.

Long term Antiviral Protection UK

Quaternary Ammonium Silicone includes not just the services of disinfection but they also contain detailed activities under which our disinfection team will make sure that they will disinfect not only the surface of every object but also make sure that every nook and corner of your place is thoroughly disinfected.

Furthermore this antiviral protection not just covers the disinfection of viruses but also it provides protection against nano sized bacterial and fungal spores.  It is rare to find such comprehensive services that cover such tiny details, so don’t waste a second and acquire our services of disinfection to ensure your and your place’s safety.

Misconceptions about micro-organisms

One of the major misconceptions about microorganism is that all micro organisms are bad and cause various kinds of diseases. Other major misconception is that all diseases are caused by bacteria, but to tell you the truth there are only few diseases that occur because of bacteria. Majority of the diseases are caused by viruses.

Even common cold is also a viral infection, and there is no other option except disinfection and adopting safety measures to prevent viral infection. There are many companies in UK that are providing disinfection services, but there are very few which are thorough with their work.

Generally, disinfection service last for a month or so after that you have to hire professional for disinfection all over again. But what if we offer you a solution which allows you to have protection for a long time? Our long term antiviral protection services will make sure that you are good to go for really long period of time so you don’t have to worry about safety for quite a while.

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Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home



Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

You might think that nobody notices other people’s teeth. But the inevitable reality is that people do look closely at others’ teeth. And if your teeth are stained or yellow then it may be a major turn off for them.

Our teeth tend to go pale and then yellow with time. And if you are a smoker then having stains on teeth is the baggage that you need to carry.

Fortunately there are certain procedures that you can undergo in the office of a Dentist in Lahore to regain the looks of your teeth. But if you want the easy way out and don’t want to spend bucks and your time over teeth whitening procedures then keep on reading.

How Can You Whiten Your Teeth Naturally?

Here is how you can prevent as well as reverse the looks of your teeth just by using some products from your kitchen.

Brushing your teeth with strawberries:
Strawberries are able to perform the teeth whitening job due to their richness in ascorbic acid.
What you need to do to brush your teeth with a strawberry is, wash a strawberry, remove its leaves and slice it into half. Now rub this half on your entire teeth and leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes.
One thing to remember when you brush your teeth with strawberries is that strawberries are acidic and acids are not great for your teeth. So if you choose to brush your teeth with strawberries then make sure you brush them with a fluoride toothpaste right after it.
Brushing your teeth with baking soda:
To clean your teeth with baking soda take a teaspoon of baking soda, wet your toothbrush and sprinkle your soda over it. Now brush gently on all the stains and spots.
Baking soda won’t give you bleaching results on the first wash but you will definitely see a difference because baking soda removes the plaque.
However some studies show that due to its abrasive properties if you use baking soda on teeth frequently it can be harmful for teeth enamel. Another research suggested that baking soda is a safe product to be used on teeth. So it’s now your call to make if you want to use baking soda as teeth whitener or not.
Pulling with oil:
Oil pulling is a method in which you use oil to wash and clean your teeth. You can use coconut, sunflower or sesame oil for this purpose.
What you need to do is put a tablespoon of oil in your mouth and swish it by pushing and pulling the oil between and around the teeth to remove dirt and debris. After spitting the oil, brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste.
Brushing your teeth with wood ash:
Yes you read that right, brushing with wood ash actually works because ash from hardwood contains potassium hydroxide.
What you need to do is collect some ash from your fireplace, put it on your toothbrush and brush your teeth gently with it for a good 5 to 7 minutes.
Now rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth with a tooth paste as the need be.
Applying sea salt paste:
Another great way to whiten your teeth at home is combining one teaspoon of sea salt with vinegar and applying this paste to your teeth. Leave this paste on for 5 to 7 minutes, then rinse.
Since this paste can be abrasive for your teeth make sure to use it no more than once in two weeks.
Bottom Line:
We would suggest you to do your own research or consult a dentist in your town through, and take a heads up from them and then use the above mentioned remedies if you have sensitive or weak teeth.

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IV Hydration Vs Drinking Water



Drinking Water

The feeling of self-achievement that you get after spending a good 20 minutes on the treadmill is unmatchable. But you have lost something very very precious in the course!

The sweat that dripped from your cheeks and forehead is proof of your hard work and a guarantee of ripped abs and toned legs. But the liquid contains the immensely important chemical i.e. WATER!!! Or as Bruce Lee calls it “WAAT-HAAAAAA”.

In our school days, we learned “Water, water, everywhere water”. This slogan is very accurate as water is the only component that surrounds mankind. Our very haven consists of more than 70% of water. Not only the planet that we walk on is made up of water rather our own being is also submerged in this liquid for life. 

Your body (on average) is 60% water. Nature has kept this fluid so abundantly inside the human body because of the multiple roles it plays. Water is critical for your body because it performs the following crucial functions:

  1. It is ultimate for thermoregulation i.e. maintenance of body temperature.
  2. Cushions and protects your organs against physical injuries.
  3. Lubricates the joints.
  4. Moistens the airway passages, oral cavity, and eyes.
  5. Carries nutrients (in the blood) to different cells of the body.
  6. Is used to flush out waste products via the kidneys. 
  7. Aids in dissolution and reabsorption of minerals from the intestines. 

Life is impossible without water. The working of the human body is such that it loses water on a regular basis. You lose water in the form of sweat to cool down the body. While getting rid of the harmful wastes, your body loses precious water in the form of urine too. 

Small amounts of water are also lost through your breath and bowel movements. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish your water reserves. But! Can just drinking water cope with your hydration needs?

IV Hydration Therapy: The Better Way To Hydrate

Intravenous hydration therapy is a cool way to get hydrated (or rehydrated in case you lost most of your water). Sometimes drinking isn’t enough. There are many reasons to move towards intravenous hydration therapy. 

Mobile IV drip therapy

Composition Of IV Hydration

As already mentioned, IV therapy is a safe and easy procedure to administer fluids and vitamins into the body intravenously (through a vein). Different substances may be part of the IV bag depending on the requirement. The most common components of an IV bag are discussed below:

Normal Saline 

Normal saline is a combination of water and table salt (sodium chloride) used to hydrate the body.

Dextrose Solution

Dextrose is a sugar that is pretty beneficial for the body. It is given in cases where normalization of low sugar levels is required.


You can also find vitamins (B complex and C) in the IV solution. This solution kickstarts your immune system, boosts mental health, and increases the antioxidant capacity of the body. 

Minerals And Antioxidants

Essential minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium are also added to the IV solution in the majority of the cases. Calcium promotes bone and teeth growth while magnesium combats inflammation and upgrades cognition. 

How Is Hydration Therapy Better Than Just Drinking Water?

  1. More Efficient 

Dehydration can drain all the energy and nutrients leaving behind a fatigued and energyless body. Curing dehydration should be quick and efficient. Most people resort to drinking copious amounts of water in an attempt to counter dehydration. However, this maneuver is not an efficient way of treatment.

A lot of water is lost to the tissues of the throat and gut in the act of drinking, thereby, resulting in lesser amounts being available in the blood and the rest of the body tissues. Hydration therapy administers fluids directly into the bloodstream. The rushing blood efficiently delivers the fluid to the areas that need them the most. Research shows that ultrarapid IV hydration is very efficacious in managing patients and improving emergency department throughput time. 

  1. Faster Effect

Hydrating by drinking water takes hours before the consumed water becomes part of the flowing blood. This is because the water has to pass through a series of organs (stomach, small intestines, large intestines) before it enters the blood vessels. 

On the other hand, during an IV fluid infusion, the fluid is injected directly into the veins, and therefore, you can start feeling better earlier than with a simple glass of water. 

  1. Ideal For Those Who Can’t Drink Water 

A lot of people worldwide report having a nauseating feeling after drinking large amounts of water or after consuming alcohol. For such individuals, hydration is tough and the only way out is IV hydration therapy. 

Nausea and vomiting are unavoidable and make all your efforts of rehydrating go in vain. Gastric patients (such as that suffering from GERD) also feel nauseated when loading up their mouths with water. IV therapy can rescue all such individuals because it can restore the lost volume and electrolytes. 

The fluids given via a vein do not pass through the gastrointestinal tract and therefore, do not cause nausea even when given in large amounts and at rapid speeds. Thus, IV therapy has the superior hand here.

  1. Additional Supplements Can Be Given Efficaciously 

Drinking water might relieve your thirst but does not guarantee a complete solution to dehydration. The process of dehydration is not only characterized by a loss of fluid but also electrolytes and minerals. 

IV hydration therapy is an intelligent way of adding minerals and supplements to the body. Oral rehydration salts are frequently used in cases of dehydration but that procedure is no way near to IV rehydration in efficacy.

Trace elements such as (magnesium, potassium, and calcium, etc.) are necessary for treating dehydration. IV therapy is the ideal way of delivery. In addition to minerals, IV hydration therapy can be utilized to administer different supplements including:

  • Antibiotics 
  • Vitamins 
  • Antioxidants 
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs 

Who Needs IV Hydration?

IV hydration is a safe and convenient strategy for all but this type of therapy is pretty beneficial in the following cases:

  1. Cold/Flu 

IV hydration is recommended to patients suffering from common cold and flu. Doctors advise flu patients to take rest and keep themselves hydrated. As oral hydration can not meet the needs effectively, a cold and flu IV drip can rehydrate you while boosting the immune system. 

  1. Morning Sickness

A vast majority of pregnant women experience morning sickness which makes drinking water a big ask for them. Therefore, expecting mothers can take advantage of IV hydration therapy to keep themselves hydrated even with morning sickness.

  1. Hangover 

Partying hard means lots of booze that might land you in trouble. Excessive consumption of alcohol can give you headaches and disrupt the digestive system as well. Individuals suffering from hangovers find it difficult to chug a glass of water to get rid of the awful feeling.

Mobile IV Hydration therapy

For such blokes, hydration therapy consisting of vitamins is the way to go. IV hydration rehydrates the body, replenishes the energy reserves, and helps you get rid of symptoms such as headache, nausea, and heartburn.

  1. Headaches 

Migraine and other headaches can be debilitating. There seems to be no way to relieve these pains in the head. However, in some cases, cluster headache or a migraine attack is the result of dehydration. Studies suggest that IV hydration can be used to subside symptoms of a headache.

For managing migraine and cluster headaches, the IV bag is filled with vitamins and medications to help mitigate inflammation and pain. 

  1. Athletic Performance Recovery

Athletes spend long hours on the field working on their performance. This hectic ordeal means a cascade of flowing sweat that eventually leads to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Dehydration in athletes means sore/painful muscles, an increased propensity for muscle cramps, and significant loss of energy.

Professional players and athletes can take advantage of hydration therapy. Getting an IV drip following an exercise session can help players boost energy and performance. IV fluid hydration has shown promising results in carrying euhydration among athletes. 

You can effectively pump vitamins, and antioxidants to boost muscle performance and reduce inflammation/pain.

Benefits Of IV Hydration

There are immense benefits of IV hydration, some of which are mentioned below:

Faster Recovery 

A tiring day can have a direct impact on your power and mood. People involved in physical activities continuously suffer from lethargic bodies, fatigue, and physical injuries. Such individuals require long periods of rest to recover from the trauma given to their bodies.

This rest period can be cut short with the help of IV hydration because of the rapid availability of minerals and nutrients required for recovery.

Cleanses The Body

Hydration via intravenous path enhances the flushing system of the body, especially in dehydrated adults. IV hydration therapy empowers and improves the efficiency of the liver and the kidneys. The quick delivery of fluids to the vital organs allows rapid and complete flushing out of toxic wastes from the body. 

Bone And Joint Health 

As water makes an important component of the fluid in the joints, good hydration would mean better movement and lesser friction between moving bones. Therefore, IV hydration can keep your joints safe from fractionating and wearing out.


IV hydration therapy is superior to just drinking water. It allows rapid and efficient delivery of fluids to the dehydrated body. The therapy is ideal for individuals suffering from nauseating feelings, and hangovers. Additional supplements (minerals and vitamins) can also be added to the IV system to boost athletic recovery and combat cold and flu.

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A Simple Guide to Quickly Lose Weight




A lot of people want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want to look better in their clothes or feel healthier and more energetic, or perhaps even live longer. Losing weight these days is not easy. With all of the conflicting information, it’s hard to know who to trust and what techniques actually work. Many people who are looking for a way to lose weight and get fit end up trying out different diets that they find on the internet or on TV. Unfortunately, most of these diets don’t work and some might even be harmful to your health! The secret is finding a diet that has been scientifically proven to work. Losing weight has never been easier than it is today, with the seemingly endless list of diet fads and products promising easy weight loss.

Herbal tea for weight loss

The most important fact about weight loss is that it requires a combination of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. You can’t just take anytrà thảo mộc giảm cân without considering the overall picture. It’s true that by using these teas you’ll be able to lose weight, but keep in mind that this will not make you healthier or help you feel better.  Herbal tea is a great way for those on a diet to stay healthy and enjoy their favorite hot drink. Herbal teas are healthy, tasty beverages that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Herbal teas are made from plants. They are not only good for our health but also taste great. Herbs can be used in many ways to promote health and treat disease. People have been using herbs for thousands of years to clear their skin, fight infections, boost immunity, relieve headaches or soothe aches and pains. 

Weight loss pills

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to achieve because like any other thing in life, there are some victims who fail every time. The reason for this failure can be varied; some people say that they do not have enough motivation to lose weight; others say that they do not have the energy to go on without food and still others complain of lack of support from their surroundings. Given below are some tips that will empower you to lose weight with ease.

Thuốc giảm cân are not as safe as they claim to be. Many people use them believing that it will help them shed excess weight quickly and easily, but there are many side effects of these pills that can make you feel quite uncomfortable.

The first thing is the psychological effect caused by the use of this pill. People usually take these pills believing that they can lose weight without having to go for exercise or follow any diet plan, but this is not true.

Weight loss pills are the most advanced solution for weight loss. It is known to be the safest way of losing weight, plus it can be easily combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. However, in order to get great results you have to choose wisely. Many companies today produce low-quality products that won’t help you lose any weight at all.


Losing weight is not an easy task. A lot of people are doing it today but there are also a lot who are failing to do so. There are many factors that make losing weight not an easy task to accomplish. One factor that makes losing weight difficult is the lack of time for most people in this busy world that we live in today. Everyone has their spare time where they can work on their health and fitness, dieting included.

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