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How can I watch Live Football on YouTube:

In certain situations, you can watch YouTube’s exclusive live sports programming. You don’t have to be protected with a YouTube account, and featured content on all platforms is available on YouTube. By visiting the target page, you may browse popular sports content. You may also view this video on YouTube TV if you are a YouTube TV member.

Step-by-step Guide for Beginners Live stream on YouTube:

Here we share some guidelines stages step by step to watch Live ดูบอล Football on Youtube

1.     Stream Now set up:

Use Stream Now software to follow some steps to stream your videos to YouTube:

  • You must first log in with your login and then proceed directly to the Creator Studio option.
  • From the main toolbar, select the Video Manager option.
  • Just start with the Live streaming choice from the drop-down list.
  • Now, heat your screen steam option.
  • Change your thumbnail or upload it as needed.
  • It’s time to give your video an eye-catcher, add a description, and select the category from the menu.
  • When using the stream option, never forget to click on the option ‘create archive unlisted when it is complete’ to save and see the contents on YouTube afterward.
  • You can pay for your adverts according to your needs.
  • It also offers card-adding possibilities.
  • Now move to the configuration encoder and just copy and paste this information into your software.
  • You can now configure your live chat option according to your needs.
  • The scan window lets you know how many watchers your video is connected to, and the updates to your message are displayed.
  • Stream health may immediately check.
  • The social networking button can also be used to share live.

2.     Set up Your Live Streaming Encoder:

Once you’ve finished configuring those mentioned above, the next job is to alter your streaming encoder settings. The large assortment of live-streaming encoders is straightforward to select. The following details also contain references to OBS that are free to access software from open source.

  • First of all, visit the OBS website and install your software tool on your PC.
  • Now start your smartphone with OBS and head straight to the option Settings.
  • It’s time to copy the YouTube stream key and put it right into the OBS field.
  • Now users can add their scenes and resources.
  • Once all these configurations have been done, you can simply click on the Start Stream button to deliver the content immediately to YouTube.

3.     Youtube Events set up:

Live Stream differs little from Stream Now, as it enables the users to plan the streams and provides Google Hangouts connections. These easy steps help you handle all your event settings by using the Live Stream tool:

  • Just click on the event schedule on the screen.
  • Make a few tweaks to the SNS platform you want. Settings for both basic information and the audience type are significantly easier to make. If the Quick Type is selected, it will choose your webcam straight, and you need not make any more complex settings, but OBS can easily be set by using the custom type option.
  • The advance adjustment option now works in line with streaming features, and customers can alter most of these parameters according to their streaming demands.
  • Users can switch monetization on or off as they like.
  • Once all the settings above have been completed, simply click on the Create event option.
  • Another window appears, and you can adjust your preferred bit rate. This will show you another window. Please also place the dedicated encoder stream key.
  • After all of the procedures above are finished, you need to click on the option to save your tool’s changes.
  • You can now click on activities and discover your event here. If you wish to get complete details of this event and easily erase it, move to the live control room.
  • Users can set privacy conditions or simply remove the current event.

Final Verdict:

Sports enthusiasts are always curious to live on their most anticipated series of football matches. If your personal computer or mobile phone has a suitable live-streaming tool installed, this procedure may be considerably more manageable. Let’s enjoy Your favorite game on YouTube.

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