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Hands-free for copying with Japanese headsets

Hands-free to imitate with a Japanese color headset to imitate in the test. It’s a very easy-to-use system with a hands-free 3.5mm jack for all types of phones and a Japanese headset, and you can’t see the smallest model on the market (the latest model is here). To the ear unless you know you have a headset. Pull your ears and look in a very careful light.

Compared to other existing systems, this may look like a cheap copy system, but it is very efficient and very popular.

The headset has a built-in microphone with a call answer button and headphones (even the weakest sound capture) that allow you to whisper things from home. You can answer or hang up, but it’s a good idea to set your home phone to answer automatically after a few seconds so you don’t have to press a button during the test.

Of course, you can already enter the test room when you make a call, but usually, after an hour or two, you can make a call by automatically disconnecting the call from the exchange and setting it to answer the call automatically. Answer the phone every time. you. If you are at home you have to do it.

It is very easy to use, at the same time very efficient, and at a lower cost than other test copy systems. Simply insert the jack into the headphone jack of your cell phone and the principle of operation will be like normal hands-free, but the sound will be sent to the necklace, which acts as an antenna, rather than a normal casca de copiat. This antenna necklace sends sound to Japanese headsets without wires.

The necklace is so wide that it’s not at the base of the neck and is fairly thin, so you won’t be suspicious in the summer or in light clothing.


  • Model BH-200,
  • High-performance microphone,
  • Answer button and call off,
  • Thin necklace-Not seen under thin summer clothes,
  • The wire length is about 3.5mm and includes a 3.5mm jack.
  • Reduce energy costs to increase autonomy
  • Autonomy up to 6 hours.

The package contains:

  • Hands-free wireless Q connector jack 3.5mm,
  • Japanese MC-2500 headset,
  • 2 x 337 / SR416SW Battery.

Copy Headphones-Copy Headset System

We know how important the test you want to give to you is, and that’s why you don’t allow yourself to play with the trust you put in the system you purchased. Therefore, it offers a limited range of devices, including casca de copiat, but of high quality.

At the same time, the client needs to understand that the system is high performance and high quality, but it depends on it to pass the test. Buying a system is not enough. The test is over. It’s not complicated, but to get used to it, you need to do as many tests as you can and proceed emotionally.

Japanese copy headset system

Systems with Japanese headphones are the most commonly used devices. These are easy to use and their use does not include having hair on your body!

The new MC-2500 leather color copy headset is small enough that you know it’s there and you won’t hear it until you see it up close.

Some people don’t use it because it’s scary to hear it outside. In fact, if you leave the volume set to maximum, you can only hear it outside.

It is important to check and adjust the volume before the test so that it cannot be heard from the outside.

Micro vibration headphones

While some people avoid using these types of copy headphones, they actually have some non-negligible benefits.

First, they are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. Contrary to the belief of many, it is difficult to remove them from the ears unless they are completely cleaned with wax.

Another big advantage is that you can turn up the volume without hearing anything from the outside. At the same time, it doesn’t interfere with other systems around you-you can’t hear others pointing.

However, it’s awkward to use, which means more testing. We recommend that you use it only for the most demanding tests and do as many tests as possible to get used to the system before testing.

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