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FunPinPin Marketing Skills Sharing: Is KOL Marketing Worth Trying?

KOL marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. This is evidenced by the fact that there are numerous KOLs in China and their huge influence on society. 

FunPinPin offers marketing assistance for every level of users. Whether you are not sure about how to market your e-commerce site or need help with website optimization, FunPinPin is a good helper. And marketing strategies like KOL marketing can help you reach out to a larger audience.

What is KOL marketing?

KOL marketing is the promotion of a product or service through influential Internet celebrities. These people are known as KOLs, which stands for Key Opinion Leaders. A KOL’s influence on society ranges from high to low, depending on their field and personality. Some KOLs have millions of followers, while others have just dozens.

What is the current KOL marketing market size?

Currently, KOL marketing has become a billion-dollar market. In 2021, the KOL marketing market was valued at 340 billion yuan. KOL marketing is working well in China, and the number of KOLs on Weibo is also growing. We can see that it is worth investing in KOL marketing.

Benefits of KOL marketing 

1. Cheaper than traditional marketing

KOL marketers charge much less for their services than offline advertisement companies do. In addition, most KOLs communicate with their fans directly on social media networks, which means that the average cost of a click is very low when compared to ads from ad agencies.

2. Can be targeted to specific groups of people

KOL marketing is very practical, and it can be used by brands that want to target a certain group of people. In this case, KOLs with the same range of products or those with the same target consumers as those from the brand can be invited to promote a product.

3. Improved brand image 

On social media platforms such as Weibo or TikTok, KOLs have the power to control public opinion. If a KOL posts a positive comment about a product, they can lure in potential consumers with favorable impressions. It also attracts the attention of other KOLs, which means that there is a possibility of expanding the product’s influence.

Factors to be considered in practicing KOL marketing:

1. Brand positioning and target consumers 

If a brand wishes to expand its influence among the large-scope public, it may not be suitable for KOL marketing. This is because KOLs’ fans are usually their own age groups, which means that even if the product is marketed by a famous celebrity or online influencer, there will still be a limited audience.

2. Brand budget for this type of marketing

KOL marketing is cost-effective, but its effectiveness depends on the KOL who is promoting the product. Therefore, companies should carefully choose an online influencer with a large following to make sure that they are investing their money in an effective way. 

3. The range of products

If a KOL is promoting related products, you can consider letting him promote products. However, if the product being promoted is not related to them or their content, some risks are involved. Suppose the sponsor writes an article that only focuses on their product but does not mention anything else. In that case, consumers may think it is biased, which will negatively affect the brand image.

How can FunPinPin help you with your marketing needs?

How to build the best online store platform? FunPinPin is an excellent e-commerce site builder. It has plenty of pre-designed templates, which means that users can easily set up an online shop with only a few clicks of the mouse! FunPinPin also has an extensive range of marketing options. These include Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, etc., which means that it can meet your needs whether you are a big company or just starting out!

Even better, FunPinPin offers marketing assistance for every level of users. Whether you are not sure how to earn more sales or have trouble setting up an online shop, etc., our professional marketers will be there to help!

E-commerce and KOL Marketing

The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly, and the number of platforms where it can be carried out is also increasing. KOL marketing is a great chance to get involved in the e-commerce industry. Having an e-commerce platform with the help of FunPinPin means that your business will be easier to manage. And you can use marketing strategies simultaneously, such as KOL marketing, to reach out to a much wider audience!

FunPinPin is one of the most popular e-commerce site builder platforms in China. Its popularity lies in the fact that it does not require much investment for individual business owners to set up their own store, and its site-building tools are very easy to use. 

FunPinPin also offers marketing assistance to help stores promote themselves online, improve customer service, and increase traffic through website optimization. You are welcome to contact them if you have more questions about the e-commerce platform and KOL marketing.

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