Few Tips to Improve the Efficiency of Your Commercial HVAC

A major chunk of your energy bills will come from the working of your cooling and heating system. As per the statistics of the US Department of Energy, high as 30% of the energy consumption of any commercial building goes to waste. 

However, with regular commercial HVAC maintenance activities, you can improve the efficiency of your commercial HVAC systems. By making strategic planning, regular maintenance through Heath’s Air, and smart investment, you can lower down the overall heating/cooling consumption of your commercial building.

The following are a few tips for improving the efficiency of your commercial HVAC systems:

  1. Regularly cleaning or changing the air conditioner filters

Any dirty air conditioner filter will restrict the airflow and can damage your unit that will result in decreased efficiency of your commercial HVAC. Make sure that you change your filters minimum after every 3 months. Just with this step, your energy waste can reduce by 10 per cent.

  1. Check your ductwork system to get it sealed and insulated

If you are conducting your business in any old commercial building then the building’s ductwork system may not be in proper condition and can cause leaking. This can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

By properly sealing and insulating the ductwork can significantly reduce the amount of energy-wasting.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat

By using a programmable thermostat with your cooling system will enable you to change temperatures automatically at all times, even if no one is at work and offer a huge benefit to the efficiency of the commercial HVAC system.

You can set the indoor temperature automatically closer to the outside temperature after working hours. Since everyone has gone home, hence no one will get affected by the changes.

  1. Implement a maintenance program based on seasons

Your HVAC system needs proper cleaning and maintenance after the end of each season if you want to reduce waste of energy to increase its efficiency. Therefore, you must implement a suitable maintenance program based on every season.

This can help in improving the overall HVAC efficiency and also improve its performance. 

  1. Add a dehumidifier 

If the humidity level within your office building becomes too high, then moisture will start building up, and make your building humid and hot. This will make the environment totally uncomfortable to work.

During the summer season, invest in a dehumidifier for maintaining the comfort level of the people working. 

  1. Check heating-specific parts

As per EPA recommendation, you must inspect regularly the following parts that are heating-specific:

  • Gas pressure
  • All gas/oil connections
  • Heat exchanger
  • Burner combustion

There can be fire hazards if the connections are not in working order.

  1. Investigate for any sounds and smells

If you ever notice an odd smell or strange sound then doesn’t leave the matter. There must be some issue that must be checked and resolved. Try to go to the root of your problem and get it properly fixed before it becomes a major problem.

You must have a maintenance contract with any professional company so that he will be responsible for both preventive and breakdown maintenance.

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