Easy and Effective PPC Audit Checklist

If PPC advertising is a part of your marketing strategy, you must understand PPC audits play an important role. Continuously performing a PPC audit will ensure that all your campaigns are optimized for positive results. It will give you an overview of the performance, so you will get an idea of the campaigns where you need to make changes and the mistakes you are making. To carry out a PPC audit swiftly and effectively, you need to create a checklist first and then follow it. Here’s an easy and effective checklist you can follow:

Track Your Conversion Rate: If you are running an ad campaign, the first thing that you must do is track your conversion rate. This way, you can make sure that your strategies are working. And if it is not bringing in enough conversion as it is supposed to, you can make the required changes. However, to track the conversion rate, you need reliable PPC Audit Software that will tell you exactly how your campaign is performing and not the number of visits.

Always Recheck Your Target Audience Setting: Before creating the campaign, you must already have a set of audiences that you want to target depending on your industry niche, geography, and age group. While setting your targeted audience is easy to set using the audit tool, it is also pretty easy to make mistakes, which can end up costing you a lot. So, you should always review your target settings. When you are setting your targeted audience, you need to consider some important aspects, such as whether you want your ad to show on a mobile, tablet, or just on the computer. You may also want to ensure that you have set the right target location.

If You Haven’t already, Consider Adding Ad Extensions: If you are not using ad extensions, you should start using them, as they can have an impact on your ad ranking. When you perform your PPC audit, make sure that all your ad extensions are working well. These ad extension optimizations will vary depending on the type of extension you have used in your PPC campaign.

Review Your Budget: When you audit your strategy, you need to make sure that you are using the set budget effectively. You should check where you are using your budget, whether it’s in a low conversion rate campaign or a campaign that’s yielding a high conversion rate. If you see that most of your budget is going towards that campaign that’s bringing in less conversion rate, you should bid less on it.

Check The Performance Of Your Keywords: You may also want to look into the performance of the keyword that you have used. Identify the keywords that are performing well and the ones that are not. You can then add the keywords that are not performing well into the negative keyword list. As for the keywords that are converting well, you can bid more on them and optimize them to improve their performance more.

Evaluate The Effectiveness of Your Ad Strategy: The final step is to do a complete evaluation of your ad campaign. When performing the final evaluation, recheck the message of your campaign, ensure that your CTA is effective, make sure that the keywords that are performing well are optimized, ensure that your landing page is relevant, and optimize your campaign for conversion.

While this list is not the complete checklist, you can begin with these and work your way up.

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