Does cannabis boost creativity?

If we were to define cannabis’ effects, although they vary, we would likely spot a few common patterns among users. You’ll probably hear countless stories involving fits of laughter, huge munchies episodes or extensive napping. And not to forget one of weed’s greatest effects, boosting your creativity. Is it really true though? Shortly, the answer is yes, consuming marijuana may indeed promote creativity, but let’s dig into the reasons why. 

To identify whether creativity is boosted with cannabis or not we should first explain what it actually is. 

Creativity is defined, by the dictionary, as making use of our imagination or applying original, new ideas to create something. Furthermore, creativity can be used to describe the capacity of perceiving the world in a different way, and this right here, is the key to our answer. 

Those who’ve ever consumed marijuana will agree that when being stoned, the way we see our surroundings changes, not only visually but in every sense. And not only for the moment of being high but rather for the rest of our eternity. No, we don’t mean you’re high forever, but more like your way of thinking evolves. Of course, the case won’t be the same for everyone, but weed’s main component THC, responsible for most of the effects we’re familiar with, is the one responsible for our creative state of mind when high. 

Cannabis makes us relax, it provokes euphoric feelings, relieves anxiety and sparks interest in things we may not find so appealing in a sober mind frame. 

And it sounds like all these traits, euphoria, low stress and easiness just seem to build the perfect mood for creativity to unleash. 

Now wait a second though. This definitely doesn’t mean that smoking a joint will instantly turn you into Picasso. In order to get a creativity boost you should probably be a little creative yourself, feel a relation to any sort of art or have an open mind. 

Secondly, the time and place can also make or break the deal. For instance, if you find yourself with not too exciting company, chances are you’ll still feel quite bored, but again, or not, it all depends on each and everyone of us. On the other hand, if you’re at a place full of different stimuli, it sounds like the perfect environment for creativity to spark. And lastly, a major influencing aspect on whether marijuana will boost your creativity or not is your mood! Happy or sad, smoking a joint may trigger certain inspirations that could then lead to amazing results. 

You don’t need to blindly trust us to analyze whether cannabis boosts or not creativity, there’s historical evidence of famous artists who found shelter in the plant for helping them turn their sensations into art through getting high. Singers Snoop Dogg, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, as well as actors Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and Seth Rogen are some great examples. 

Now, if you’re an artist yourself, or in the process of becoming one, and it turns out you also find cannabis to be inspiring, you should maybe consider practicing the art of growing your own plants, whether they’re photoperiods or autoflowers, two different types of seeds which we’ll explain another time. Marijuana growing can be quite much of an art, and also an amazing practice for mental health, such as any plant care-taking is, or taking care of pets. Maybe smoking your own buds is what you actually needed to feel the winds of the muses and finally find the inspiration to create the masterpiece that will change your life forever. 

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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