Do you need to fully charge your power bank for first use?

There are many myths when it comes to buying a power bank, and a lot of people believe them more often than not. Whether you want to buy a 20000 mAh power bank or smaller, you always want to ensure that you take good care of it and use it properly. It does take a bit of a trial and error, and in doing so the benefits can be very good. Here are some things to consider when you buy the power bank you need.

Read the user manual

Whether you buy a regular power bank or a built in cable portable power bank from Veger, the reality is that you always need to read the manual. Some manufacturers tend to have specific requirements for their power bank. Which means it pays off to read the manual, as that’s where you receive all the relevant, important information.

Do you need to fully charge your Veger power bank the first time?

The reality is that most power banks tend to come with some power already in them. Sometimes it can be up to 75% charged. However, you can’t just take that for granted. Not only that, but it just makes a lot of sense to just charge the power bank fully when you receive it. The benefit is that you will ensure the power bank is working correctly and that there are no issues or problems that can arise. It helps save time, while also eliminating many potential concerns that might arise. It’s a great idea and one that can bring in very good results.

Maintenance tips

It’s important to ensure that you take good care of your Veger power bank as well. Generally, you want to ensure that you avoid letting the battery under 20%. When that happens, you want to recharge it as quickly as possible. We also recommend not covering the power bank while you charge it, as it can lead to issues. Recharging the power bank every 2-3 months is ideal, even if you don’t really use if too often. Also, try to keep it away from any high temperatures.

As you can see, there are some things to consider when you use your Veger’s built in cable portable power bank for the first time. We recommend using these tips and tricks since they make the process simple and convenient, and in the end you will be more than happy with the results. Use that to your own advantage, and the outcome can be very good!

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