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Did You Know You Can Use Honey For That?



Honey is one of nature’s most wondrous creations. Not only is the taste incredibly unique, but its natural creation process is particularly intriguing as well. For those who are unfamiliar, honey is a by-product of the nectar from flowering plants. Worker bees make it and store it in their hives for times of scarcity.

As is the case with most natural resources on this planet, humans intervened and discovered its sweetening and medicinal properties in both raw and processed form. That’s right; consumption of raw organic honey isn’t as unusual as one might think! It’s so common that nowadays one can buy raw honey online from online shopping centres or authorised sellers.

Continuous raw honey consumption can help build immunity against specific allergies and hay fever because of it’s wax and pollen content. But this article is not to rave about its benefits. It highlights some exciting uses of honey that could enhance daily experiences and potentially save a person some money in the process. 

1) Hot Toddy

There is nothing quite like a hot alcoholic cocktail to soothe one’s throat and nose on a cold winter night. Although doctors very rarely recommend this as treatment, a hot toddy is a quick home remedy for the flu. The perfect hot toddy recipe is subjective.

Still, it’s generally agreed that hot water, lemon juice, and a shot of brandy (or whiskey) are the common factors needed to make this soothing drink. Adding just a splash of honey makes the drink a little sweeter, smoother, and palatable.

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The chances of someone waking up with a hangover will reduce because honey helps to metabolize alcohol much faster. It’s the perfect addition to this cocktail and is readily available nowadays; one can buy raw honey online.

2) Burn medication:

In need of an impromptu burn medication? Raw honey can help with that. Raw honey has a lot of medicinal and healing properties. Further, it is a natural moisturizer and antibacterial, which can help minor burn wounds heal faster.

Any type of honey, ranging from unsterilised forest honey to sterilised Manuka honey (exclusively from the Manuka bush in Australia), is useful in healing wounds. The latter has excellent anti-inflammatory properties too.

Many extensively use forest honey in homemade skincare solutions. Despite sounding challenging to acquire, you can buy both Manuka honey and forest honey online.

3) Preservation:

Though adding preservatives to extend the shelf life of food is generally frowned upon, natural preservation yields more good than bad. The process of preservation requires copious, almost unhealthy quantities of sugar. As a result, honey swoops in as a saviour. The water-to-honey ratio in honey-based preservation is 10:1, whereas sugar-based preservation requires an equal amount of sugar and water. There are a few minor setbacks in using honey as a natural preservative.

For example, when used for preservation, much of honey’s benefits and nutritional value is lost during heating. When honey comes in contact with moisture and bacteria present in the preserved fruits, it may spoil (contrary to the popular belief that honey doesn’t expire).

In short, the quality of the fruits or vegetables preserved is damaging and diminishes the quality of the honey. It is worth mentioning that raw organic honey shouldn’t be used for preservation and instead saved up for culinary or medicinal use.

4) A Time Capsule:

The bees had the right idea! Storage for times of scarcity. If left unbothered, honey in its raw and organic form does not expire. It has vital nutrients for human survival. People saving honey for the uncertain future isn’t a new practice, though. There have been discoveries of traces of honey in Egyptian tombs dating over 3000 years ago!

5) Honey bath:

This use may require larger amounts of honey, but fortunately, pure honey’s 1 kg price is pretty low. Everyone has definitely heard the benefits of adding milk to your bathwater, but honey is just as good if not better!

One can combine it with milk to improve the hydration and moisturization of their skin. Researchers suggest using darker honey because they contain more antioxidants.

Some Setbacks of Raw Honey

Raw honey does have a few downsides. Some honey strains may contain bacteria or, in most extreme cases, the botulinum toxin, which could potentially be fatal. Although these are exceptionally rare, the risk arises when one purchases honey from unauthorized dealers. This added risk makes one more inclined to buy honey online since most online sellers require authorisation to sell honey online. However, if the user experiences vomiting, diarrhoea, or feels nauseous immediately after consuming raw honey, it’s in their best interest to consult with a doctor.

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Cyber Boy Corp.’s Head Software Engineer Hospitalized With COVID-19




KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Cyber Boy Corp. was expected to release its online 3D chess game on Cinco de Mayo, or the fifth of May, but, the company’s Head Software Engineer contracted Covid-19 and has been hospitalized since May 1 at Saint Luke’s Health System of Kansas City, Missouri. Hospitalizations are up 130 % at Saint Luke’s Health System. Medical professionals around the State are encouraging people to get vaccinated and to continue wearing masks outdoors and practice social distancing.

Erick Guerra, MD, “Everyone should follow WHO’s guidelines for COVID-19. We detected SARS-Cov-2 RNA in the patient’s stool and blood. Which required hospitalization for management. He had signs of a hypercoagulable state and at increased risk for arterial thrombosis of small vessels. I know how important the patient is to Cyber Boy Corp. and Sr. Roy Andrade. We are doing everything we can to keep them both happy.”

Sr. Roy Andrade, CTO, Cyber Boy Corp., “The assembly line has come to a complete stop. So, I am taking time off from work to recalculate the company’s next move and will communicate with my dude through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform. In the meantime, visit us at www.CyberBoyCorp.App. That’s all I wish to say publicly.”

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Rehab Montgomery County Tennessee



Rehab Montgomery County Tennessee

With the demand for rehabilitation centers growing in Tennessee there are a number of new centers opening in Montgomery County in particular.

When choosing a rehab center its vital you do your research beforehand to give yourself or your loved one the best chance of success.

In this article we will look at the things you should avoid at all costs when choosing a rehab center in Montgomery County.

Now we are not saying that if a rehab center has one of the following things that they are not successful it should be treated more as a point of caution and further research should be conducted before committing to one.

Rapid Detox

Detoxing is the body’s way of cleansing itself this should be done over time and in a controlled environment.

Ne wary of facilities offering a rapid detox as this has actually been proven to be very bad for the body and can increase the stress and discomfort experienced by the patient.

Detoxing does work and has been proven to help addicts on the road to recovery so it is important to ask for specifics regarding how the centers detox program actually works.

Deflecting questions

The best rehab centers anywhere not just in Montgomery County will have no problems answering questions. Entering rehab is an important decision and the best facilities understand this they will want you to be completely informed and welcome any questions you may have.

Pay particular attention and avoid any rehab center that is reluctant to answer your questions or deflects them.

This gives off the impression that perhaps everything isn’t as it seems, and this can lead to anxiety and frustration for you or your loved one who is entering the program.

Honesty is the best policy and the best centers know and practice this philosophy.

They can cure addiction

Addiction in theory cannot be cured it can be managed and treated using a variety of different methods and techniques. Any facility promising a cure for addiction is misleading you from the get-go.

Treatment for addiction is an ongoing process and it is actually defined as a chronic condition meaning that the patient will likely need ongoing support and or treatment for the rest of their life.

There is no cure as such and any center promising this is lying.

As a rule of thumb if a center is promising a cure it’s better to just avoid them altogether it’s not worth the stress of engaging in an argument about this. Your time would be better spent looking at more reputable treatment facilities.

Success Guaranteed

No treatment facility anywhere in the world can truthfully make this claim. That is because addiction just like the addict is unpredictable.

There is a plethora of variables that come into play that ultimately determine if a treatment is successful or not such as:

  • Severity of the addiction
  • Success rates of the treatments given
  • Patients’ willingness to change
  • Support network on offer
  • Aftercare support once they leave the treatment facility

All of these things and more can affect the outcome of the treatment so be wary of any facility offering guaranteed success.

However, do enquire about the success rates of the treatments on offer this doesn’t necessarily guarantee success but gives a good benchmark as to how effective the treatments have been with previous patients.


Choosing a rehab in Montgomery County Tennessee can be challenging but if you look out for the points mentioned above it should prevent you from choosing the wrong one.

When choosing a rehab center always dedicate a good amount of time into researching them beforehand the best centers operate an open-door policy and will have no issues talking with you and even showing you the facilities.

In addition, they will be happy to share success stories provide evidence on which treatments are effective and on occasion even allow you to meet ex patients so they can share their experience this is the best way to get a real idea if the facility lives up to its reputation from someone who has undergone treatment first hand.

Also, the advice of a medical professional is paramount as they will work closely with rehab centers in the local area.

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Personal protective equipment for doctors to keep safe from health hazards




A global pandemic is going on, and more than anytime we understand the importance of PPE. This protective equipment comprises all the materials starting from a general-purpose apron to specified devices. Here in this article, we will discuss two of the most critical components of the complete PPE setting. It is standard according to medical science for a common purpose. But, things can add or deduct depending on the situation demand. For example, during the Ebola outbreak, the healthcare providers needed to wear double-layered gloves all time. But, during this covid outbreak, doctors need protective face masks more. But, the primary wear remains the same. Please scroll down to get the description.

Types of apron

There are mainly two types of apron available in the market for medical purposes. One is the general purpose apron that doctors use during regular rounds. Cotton, synthetic, or linen fabric is a good choice for such aprons. These fabrics are breathable and easily washable. As the hospital or private chamber is an incubator of germs, doctors need to wash to clean it frequently. Besides, it needs to be comfortable for long-term wear. These aprons come with multiple pockets, usually to keep the necessary instruments close to examine the patient. It increases the quality and efficiency of treatment.

Scrub apron

Scrub aprons are mainly one-sided usable aprons. Most doctors use it during surgery on special examination. Quarantine or isolation during any communicable disease breakout, epidemic situation, pandemic like corona, doctors use scrubs. Synthetic and lighter fabrics make them easy to wear and discard. As it stays for a shorter time on the body, there are significantly fewer chances of contamination from the doctors to the patient.


Gloves are a widely famous fashion material for both males and females. But, these gloves have an essential place in medical science. Asepsis maintenance is the first rule of any medical procedure, and hand gloves help us maintain it. There are mainly two types of gloves depending on the purpose.

Examination gloves

These gloves are one-time usable and easily disposable gloves. Doctors use it during every visit to examine the patient. Surgical gloves do not vary Much from examination gloves. But, surgical gloves have much precise fitting and antiseptic quality. There are three available types of medical gloves from YICHANG are available in the market. According to the material of gloves, there are

Latex gloves

It is one of the most widely used varieties of gloves worldwide. Originally it came from natural latex, but nowadays, we use synthetic latex to make gloves. Latex gloves permit a remarkable degree of tactile sensation to pass, which is necessary for surgeries for the surgeons. But, the only backdrop of using a latex glove is the irritability. About five per cent of the total patients worldwide have latex sensitivity and complain of getting a rash afterwards the examination. The ratio is relatively higher in doctors that goes up to eight to seventeen per cent. It would be best if you relied on a suitable TPE gloves manufacturer to ensure the quality.

Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves provide the best support In a limited price range. These are very long-lasting. But, vinyl does not provide an excellent barrier against transmission. So, it would be best if you did not use it in sensitive cases. Any HIV positive, Hepatitis B or C positive patient examination is not possible with vinyl gloves. Handling chemotherapeutic drugs or actively transmitting infection spreaders is not right either. But, you can use a double layer of gloves in case there is a scarcity or better options are not available.

Nitrile gloves are getting popular nowadays the most. These gloves are latex-free and prevent almost all types of the pathogen at once.

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Everything You Need To Know About HEETS Tobacco Sticks




Tobacco is presumed or thought of as an energy booster or relaxing agent for addicted people or the mentally sick. However, during the latest innovation, the demerits have been overcome. One of the newest inventions to replace conventional cigarettes is HEETS Tobacco Sticks. Tobacco in the roasted state is the principal constituent of these new-gen cigarettes.

IQOS is worth considering as it includes the minimum amount of nicotine. It is, in real terms, a boon for chain smokers. 

Let’s find out some of the important aspects one should need to know before adding these tobacco sticks to their routine. 

A Quick Guide to HEETS cigarette: 

The taste of HEETS cigarettes is enjoyable without burning to prevent smoke and ash. And this would surely help to keep the health of human beings fit. 

Here are given some of the qualities that make these latest cigarette types worth giving a try. 

  • HEETS tobacco sticks are much safer than a traditional cigarette, and it emits 95% less harmful constituents and safer for human beings.
  • It is meant for Heat and Not burn. 
  • IQOS serves as a solution for smokers so that they can enjoy smoking without inhaling smoke or ash using their specific device. 
  • These modern heat-not-burn cigarettes release the taste of tobacco through a vapor containing nicotine without generating smoke. 
  • The operation of such a stick is simple. All you need to do is place these tobacco sticks in the IQOS holder, and it is internally heated to a certain temperature, say 350-degree centigrade by a controllable device inside the holder.  
  • HEETS Russet is a roasted tobacco brand. 

The Major Inception of replacement of traditional cigarette: 

In the latest discovery, it is observed that such types of modern and new-generation HEETS cigarette are absolutely safe to use within a room or closed chamber since it generates a minimum amount of toxic with no smoke or ash.

Being an advanced technology, a plastic polymer filter has been keeping to cool down the vapor temperature.  There is a film in between the stick and stand to prevent the burning process from taking place and consists of corn starch. 

These sticks cannot be in use without an IQOS heating device since it differs from traditional cigarettes.  As the HEETS tobacco sticks are heated, the machine and not burnt, so to enjoy, are in usage in IQOS device, an integral part of this. 

One thing that must be noted before purchasing these sticks is their price. This heating device IQOS and Heet sticks are slightly expensive than the traditional cigarette since it consists of the heating device. Fret not, these will not cost you a fortune. 

The Bottom Line

Since IQOS and HEETS stick is smoke-free, it generates a pollution-free atmosphere, and subsequently, it would be a better and fair choice over the conventional cigarette. 

So, if you are a regular smoker and are looking forward to a better option, then immediately switch to the HEETS Russet and enjoy smoking like never before. 

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Comparison of the disposable vapes with other vapes devices




With the vaping products getting more popular amount the users, we felt that it is important to compare the different types of vape devices that are available in the market. Vaping products can be broadly classified as open pods or regular vapes and disposable vape pods.

Regular vape devices such as mods and vape pods are now slowly getting replaced by disposable vape products. The reasons for disposable vape pens to attain more users are many – No shelling of higher prize, no bothering of filling, spilling, or wastage of the vape juice, no maintenance, no monitoring of the battery, and the reason goes on.

If you are confused between the regular vapes and the disposable vape pens, continue reading to find the difference. Listed below are the comparisons of the disposable vape pens with the regular vapes.

Regular vapes products

The regular vaping products available in the market are customizable, more powerful vaporizers such as vape mod and the pod systems. The regular vape product has a cartridge or reservoir to hold the e-juice, heating element, battery and a mouthpiece for the vaper to inhale.

Regular vaping devices are available in different shapes, sizes and usage. The high capacity battery and the bigger sized tank offers more e-juice, which means that it can be used for a longer duration. A high capacity battery of 1000-3000 mAh with a tank of e-liquid capacity that range from 2 ml to 8 ml is now available in the market.

Disposable vape products

The disposable vape devices are the vaping devices that are made to be used and thrown when you finish the e-liquid that is pre-filled in it. The device comes with a built-in battery, built-in coil and pre-filled liquid that eliminate the need of charging the battery or filling the liquid. It also means – that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the product, is hassle-free to use, and a reliable product that even a beginner to the vaping world can use. It does not need the experience on how to use it.

Products such as Puff Bar are a straightforward and stress-free product that comes as tiny as the one that fits inside your pocket to be carried comfortably. A standard disposable pod system comes with the 280 mAH battery that is in-built in the device with 1.2 to 1.4 ml of e-juice with the flavour of your choice. And the work is simple – one needs to inhale to take the puff with more than 300 puffs before throwing it away and using the next one. Remember, this is equal to 20 regular cigarettes.

So are you still confused to choose between the open pods and the closed pods? Here’s a quick list of difference:

  • Both are reliable products – Both are easy to use.
  • Disposable vape products such as Beco Bars are convenient and maintenance-free as these can be disposed of when the prefilled liquid is over.
  • Regular vape products such as mods and pods are a better choice if you need durability over convenience. This is because, it can be refilled and recharged to be used multiple times and comes with a powerful, long-lasting battery.
  • Disposable vape products are beginner-friendly. It helps in getting over the use of cigarette smoking comfortably.
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