Things Before You Buy an Inverter Battery

Check 4 Things Before You Buy an Inverter Battery

Come to think of it, these days one cannot imagine their life without power back up. While it is extremely important to find the best inverter for your home, it is equally essential to have complete knowledge about the battery you should be investing in. After all, the battery is the backbone of any power back up system.

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Let’s look at some of the pointers to be kept in mind before you invest in one.

  1. Choose the Right Battery Capacity

A battery is of paramount importance if you want an uninterrupted power supply. The efficiency of a battery has a big impact on the lifespan of any given inverter. 

Besides, you must consider how much power backup will a battery provide? as these can help you understand your requirements better.  The battery power determines the backup hours. It’s measured in Ah (Ampere Hours). Note that Inverter battery prices vary depending upon the type of battery you choose.

  1. Chose the Right Type of Battery

The market is flooded with so many options, but you need to choose one that’s appropriate for you, depending upon your power requirements and budget.

Let’s have a look at some of the batteries available – these batteries serve different purposes and have different inverter battery prices.

Flat Plate Batteries: The most popular inverter batteries are flat plate batteries, which have a simple design. These batteries are best for infrequent use and should not be used in areas where power outages are normal. Although these batteries are inexpensive, they must be maintained regularly to operate properly.

Tubular Batteries: Tubular batteries are technologically advanced and highly recommended for locations where power outages occur for longer period of time. These best inverter batteries are more expensive than flat plate batteries, but they have a longer life cycle, need less maintenance, and are more reliable. There are two options available: Tall and Short Tubular batteries.

Gel Batteries: GEL batteries are almost maintenance-free and provide consistent backup through the battery life.

The inverter battery prices of all these three variants are different depending upon their capacities and types.

  1. Invest in a Battery Charger of Good Quality

A charger, a battery, and an inverter make up a whole inverter unit. A charger is connected to the power supply and charges the battery. A low-quality charger can deplete a battery more quickly than anything else. 

To extend the battery’s life, use high-quality chargers. Inverter battery price from a good quality battery might be high, but it is worth your investment.

  1. Analyze the Battery Usage Before Purchase

A battery’s lifespan is largely determined by how much it is used. When batteries are overused, they degrade faster. During a power outage, an inverter uses the energy stored in batteries to supply current to electrical and electronic devices to keep them working. 

During a power outage, the more load or gadgets you use, the more power is sucked out of the batteries, and thus they wear out faster. Therefore, invest in a battery after calculating how many gadgets you would need to use in the event of a power outage; this makes sure your battery last longer.

The Way Forward

A battery is a critical component of a power backup system. Batteries that are properly cared for and maintained can last a long time. Improper maintenance often causes battery damage. 

Rust, corrosion, and dryness are an inverter battery’s worst enemies. Because of the restricted current flow, battery charging is sluggish, which decreases battery life. Batteries still need to be cleaned and topped up with distilled water regularly. Nevertheless, you should invest in batteries from reputed brands like Luminous. They offer various models, at affordable inverter battery prices. Check out their website today!

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