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Car Transport Cost can Fluctuate.

Having your car shipped by a credible car shipping company is a convenient and efficient way to transport your vehicle domestically and overseas. However, it can also be a pricey affair, and it helps to do in-depth research of different car shipping companies and get a quote of their shipping rates to help you make a decision. You should note that the quote the shipping companies send you will fluctuate depending on various factors. Here are some of the elements that will affect the cost of hiring a transport company.

Car Shipping Options

When it comes to moving your automobile, you usually have two options: an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. In an open carrier, transporting the vehicles occurs in an open trailer or truck. It is the most common option offered by shipping companies. It allows shipping companies to transport more cars at a time; thus, its costs tend to be lower. However, since transportation occurs in the open, the vehicle is left exposed to the weather elements, dust, and dirt. In enclosed carrier transportation of the cars happens in an enclosed trailer or truck. This option transports fewer vehicles at a time, but the vehicles offered protection from the elements. These factors cause this shipping option to be more expensive than the open carrier option.

Furthermore, terminal-to-terminal delivery services usually cost less than door-to-door delivery.

Distance and Location

Distance is one of the most important factors that influence a car shipping cost. Logically the more vast space the trailer has to travel to get to your location, the more it is going to cost you. The transport company has to factor in the fuel charges it will cost to get to the more extended destination and the more hours put in transit, causing higher labor costs. All these charges will reflect in your rates.

The location also plays a large role in the cost of your shipment. If your destination is in a big city, it will likely be in the companies’ most-used routes. Thus chances are higher that they will offer you a reduced quote. But, if your car’s shipping destination is a rural area, where the shipping truck has to deviate from its regular route. It could result in an increased shipping quote.

Vehicle Car Size and Weight

The bigger your car is, the more it will cost you to ship. A larger car will take up more space in the carrier trailer or truck. In turn, this will affect the numbers the trailer can transport at a time. Moreover, if a car is enormous, it likely weighs more, increasing the amount of fuel it takes to transport the heavier vehicle. Thus the heavier and bigger a vehicle is, the more it is going to cost to transport.


Just like with any other industry, the auto transport industry has its own high and low seasons. Prices can be higher in the summer because there is usually a high demand for auto transport services since this is the time that most households choose to move. And since in winter, demand is generally lower, thus some companies could offer lower rates. Nevertheless, this is not usually the case every time. During winter, some roads are typically affected by snow and ice, resulting in dangerous driving conditions. Furthermore, winter is also the snowbird season; thus, there will be increased shipment traffic to Florida and Texas. These two factors will lead to spiked rates during winter.

Get several quotes

If you want your car to be delivered at a cheaper cost, you must have 3-4 quotes. Get the quotes in the market price, and later on, you can deliver your car at a cheaper price.

Open-air car transportation

One should choose an open-air car trailer for the shipping. The enclosed one will cost you a lot. If you are afraid of your car, then don’t worry at all. The open trailers are also good enough. Your vehicle will be safe and secured, so don’t worry at all about them. If you want the enclosed carrier for delivery, then it is fine. But still, the open trailer is also fair enough to choose from with no issues.

Check out the season.

Car transportation services also have their up and down seasons like other industries. The winter season always costs much in comparison to summer. If you choose the summer season, it will charge a lesser cost. June-August is the busiest season; winters charge more, so better is to choose the season apart these seasons. It is the best way to ship the car at the cheapest prices in the slow months.

Look for different companies.

No doubt the car transportation cost is quite expensive, but the matter of fact is that all the companies do not have the same costing. So if you are looking for a cheaper way to ship the car, it would be better to find the right and cheapest company. Do not only choose the one according to its price structure. One should choose the company only if they are capable of doing everything with perfection. Check how much time they are taking, how many charges they are taking for, extra costing, etc. So better is to research and find the one you can deal with at the lowest prices.

Final Words:

Talking about the cheapest ways to ship the car, if so, then you should try to use the tips mentioned above. These tips will help you to find the best cheap ways for cheap car shipping.

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