Buying Surround Sound Headphones – 3 Key Features to Look Out For

Sound is an important part of life. Through sound, you hear the words and utterances of the person you are best 6×9 speakers. Through sound, you appreciate the natural noises produced by your natural environment. And, if you are a gamer or an audiophile, sound becomes a primary factor in your gaming or music-listening experience. For this reason, many people prefer to buy surround sound headphones that reproduce crisp, crystal clear, and realistic sound. In effect, their sound experience becomes heightened and more pleasant. Thus, your friend’s voice or the rustle of the leaves is perceptible to you not just as one sound but as a combination of pitch, loudness, phase, direction, distance, and timbre.

If you are thinking of buying surround sound headphones, you will love the three tips described below.

Comfy on the Ears

When evaluating comfort features for the headphones that you are considering, look for a set having ear cups that perfectly fit over or around your ears. Ear cup size is crucial to your comfortable experience when using the headphones, as well as to your ability to hear true surround sound.

Most surround sound headsets have ear cups that are upholstered. The upholstered part of the ear cups serve three purposes. One is to protect your ears and nearby areas from abrasion. Another is to keep the sound in. Yet another function of the upholstered ear cups is to passively absorb outside noise, thus reducing your ability to hear ambient noise from your surroundings.

Comfy on the Head

Some headphones have a fixed length that fits the average head. A one-size-fits-all headphone may not be the best one for you if your head size does not fall under average. For maximum head comfort, choose a headphone with an adjustable headband.

The headband in most surround sound headsets are usually made of either durable plastic or strong metal. For greater head comfort, especially when you intend to use your headphones for extended periods, choose one whose headband is covered with upholstery or rubber padding.

Able to Drown Out Noise

Many high-end surround sound headphone models include noise cancellation features in addition to passive noise reduction features such as upholstered ear cups. Headphones that actively reduce noise make use of external microphones that pick up outside noise. To cancel the noise, a small amplifier produces a sound that is exactly opposite to the noise outside. When the outside noise and the sound from the amplifier meet each other, they sound waves cancel each other out. This results in silence.

Surround sound headsets with active noise cancellation or noise reduction usually needs batteries or an external power source to operate the noise reduction features. Especially if the battery compartment is built into the headphone itself, the batteries can add to the overall weight of the headphone set.

Most people will be comfortable with just ordinary, mono or stereo headphones. But, since you have more sophisticated needs, you are looking for best surround sound headphones that can mimic true surround effects. Being a true audiophile, you deserve a sound experience that makes you hear as if the sound-producing objects are just in the same room as you are.

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