Water Pumps in Kenya

Buying Guide on Water Pumps in Kenya

There are different types of pumps within the Kenyan market. Water pump prices in Kenya are determined by their flow rates, quality of water to be pumped, technical skills needed to operate and specific pump features. Price range in the country; Ksh 4 800-62 000. Widely used in farm households and manufacturing bodies. 

What Dictates Water Pump Prices in Kenya

You clearly need to purchase a modern water pump either for domestic, industrial or farm use. Choosing a reliable pump is not that easy and that’s why in most cases, we have a tendency to select the products based on our budget or buy from a renowned company. Other than its specific use, other important features to think about when shopping for a water pump are explained below. 

Famous features to look out for:

Being knowledgeable on the type of water pump you need determines its specific features and as a result affect its cost. There are totally different pumps of various models in the market, most of which differ in the levels of pressure applied, flow rates, amount of power needed and other factors.

A Common Water Pump:


Rate of flow

The rate of flow of water is measured in litres per minute affecting the amount of water delivered within the given period.An ideal pump for household use has a flow rate of 120 to 250 litres per minute while that for farm or business use drives 1800 litres of water per minute. Flow ratedefines the durability of a pump and its daily energy consumption.

Pressure levels, discharge and suction head capacities

If the amount of pressure applied during pumping is higher, choose alarger pump head than the height of water to be pumped. A suction head is denoted as “Hs” and a discharge head as “Hd” in the pump data plate. 

Quality of the pump

Online reviews and referrals from friends will help you make a decision on the company to trust for the best products. Do a research on the motor/engine of the pump, inlet size, amount of power needed and the pump speed.

Types of water pumps in Kenya on the basis of:

How they are powered

In Kenya, power driven water pumps are classified as electric, solar and diesel pumps. Diesel machines are the most powerful of the three and are designed for huge tasks in irrigation farms or processing industries. Electric and solar pumps are commonly used on a small scale though the latter have minimal operational costs. 

Manner of operation

Centrifugal pumps are used for pumping water for all purposes, farm, domestic and for the manufacturers. They draw solvents by the use of a paddle wheel.

Piston/positive displacement pumps operate over various pressure levels. A higher pressure level can be achieved without a strong effect on the flow rates. Gear and peristaltic pumps tend to operate the same way. 

Diaphragm pumps are commonly used in industries to remove water by sucking it back and forth via the pump membranes. 


Most people want to purchase a water pump on the basis of how much money they have. To avoid losing money, consider some of the factors above and go for the right water pump that will meet your needs. Keep in mind the quality of water you’re pumping too as some pumps are designed to transfer clean water and if used otherwise, they might get clogged.

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