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Are you looking for skin lighting treatment? What is skin lighting treatment in general, when you may feel that your skin color is not good as it should be sometimes or over some time? This may happen due to the daily sun and not eating good food. The color of the skin changes to more on the black. Today we have treatment that can make your skin healthy and change the skin into a more fair side. This treatment is made to remove the damaged cells and heal the new skin into a glowing and even tone. Keep reading this article and will let you about everything you need to know about skin lighting treatment. The information is provided by Dr. Niketasonavane, a Celebrity dermatologist in Mumbai for a long time.

About Skin lighting treatment

Now we have that out of the way. There are different types of skin lighting treatments. First is glutathione injections which are skin lightening injections if you are looking for full body skin treatment. This treatment has been the secret of all celebrities for many years. The treatment has an injection that has vitamin C collagen and other antioxidants. The dose is calculated according to weight and lifestyle. It takes 20 minutes, and this is the best skin lighting treatment in Mumbai if you are looking for full body treatment. It takes 3 days to see the proper result and 3 months of treatments.

The second is chemical peels which is a cocktail of vitamins and AHA/BHA you will have to apply to the skin. To get fair skin they use the ingredients such as arbutin, kojic Resorcinol, and various peptides. This treatment takes 10 minutes, and then you will have to clean your skin for 14 days. Generally, no peeling or skin exfoliation has been seen on anyone’s skin. The third type is micro-needling with PRP. This is the safest way to repair sensitive skins. This has the combination of the platelet-rich plasma and growth factors from your blood, and you have a powerhouse of skin. The session starts with the collection of the blood on the tube.

After the skin is completely numb with the anesthesia and PRP is applied on the skin followed by micro-needling with Dermapen. Fourth on the list is mesotherapy with Vitamin C and Glutathione. This is most loved by french women because it’s very safe. The treatment infuses skin lightening. The treatment is painlessly carried out with a meso-gun or a derma roller once every 15 days. This treatment can be also coupled with the chemical peels for best results.

Last, on the list we have Q switched laser toning and carbon laser peel. This laser treatment uses the laser the name suggests. It used 1064nm, which dissolves excess melanin and bleaches facial hair. One might ask which one is best for you? Well, if you need to understand the types of skin you have and if you want to get rid of the birth make. Generally, people go for glutathione injection. Talking to the doctor and checking your skin first is best before the treatment.

Last words

This is all you need to know about the treatment and you don’t have to worry about any reaction or anything. This is the safest option in the book your consultations check the side, and for more details check the site.

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