A Beginners’ Guide To RuneScape

So you have just started playing RuneScape? What is your experience up to now?

RuneScape has been here for about a decade and most are still hooked on playing it after all those years. However, as you may already understand by now, the game itself may be rather difficult for beginners.

The good news is you will get used to it once you spend more hours playing it, but if you are like many Runescape players that wish to understand how to better understand the game like a pro, then keep on reading this RuneScape beginners guide.

To begin, you must bear in mind that RuneScape doesn’t force you to concentrate on a certain path. It has a vast world for one to explore and offers a wide range of quests and missions that you can try to complete on your own or with the help of fellow RS players.

One of the best things about this game is there are no restrictions on what you could do and become during your journey. Whether you want to be a mage, fighter, or farmer, you get to choose which of your goals you want to reach first.

To provide you a clearer idea about what to anticipate playing RuneScape, let us talk about the vital areas of the game you ought to get familiar with directly from the get-go.


Similar to some other popular MMORPGs, your character in RuneScape has different skills that you have to improve as you make progress in the game.

Because there are lots of options that you can pursue just like being a master farmer or being the best magician in Gielinor, it is recommended that you determine which skills you want to level up first. This way it is possible to plan out things and branch out readily to other careers if you would like to.

Most skills like Mining, Fletching, Cooking, and Crafting will demand specific tools and a good amount of OSRS gold. These are some of the most lucrative skills in this game so getting to a good level on one of them will allow you to make more gold in the long run.

If you need help in boosting your OSRS skill, you can avail of cheap RuneScape power leveling services which many RS gold sites provide. This way it’s possible to level up your skills quickly without the necessity of spending your precious time doing repetitive jobs.


RuneScape is famous for its dozens of available quests which free-to-play gamers and paying members may take part in based upon their membership status and skill levels. Some quests are easy tasks, while some are full-blown epic journeys that might take several hours to finish. 

New RuneScape players are only allowed to perform quests with low requirements and this contributes to mediocre rewards.

If you would like to complete more intermediate RuneScape quests, you need to get a RuneScape membership first.

For beginners, here are our recommended OSRS quests:

• Imp Catcher

• Waterfall Quest

• Cook’s Assistant

• Witch’s Potion

• Goblin Diplomacy

• Rune Mysteries

Completing those can easily boost your skill levels and allow you to unlock certain items and locations in the game.


Combat in RuneScape is fairly straightforward. It is either you kill your competitors or you get killed by them. The former enables you to make valuable RuneScape gold and items while the latter is where you can lose these items.

Most combat skills are click-based. Possessing high-tier and rare RuneScape items helps a whole lot in altering the odds to your favor.


RuneScape beginners are advised to master the art of trading in Gielinor.

The better you are in flipping certain OSRS items, the more gold you can make, and the faster you can level up your skills.

You can start trading at the Grand Exchange or sell items straight to fellow players which you come along with. Most players exchange through the Grand Exchange though since it’s much safer there.

Also, if you are fairly new to the game, trading with other players might not be the ideal practice because some veteran players can take advantage of your inexperience.

When it comes to the best items to trade in the Grand Exchange, you’re better off flipping valuable potions and PKing items since these products are always in high demand and have great profit margins.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our RuneScape beginners guide has been helpful for you. If you really want to skip the long grind of leveling a new RuneScape account, you can always try out power leveling services or you can do better by buying an OSRS account with good skill levels.

You still have to do OSRS quests though and level up some OSRS skills on your own, but that’s just part of the game and we’re sure you’ll learn to love them once you’re able to play the game more

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