7 Chemical Safety Tips You Need to Know

7 Chemical Safety Tips You Need to Know

Are you handling your chemicals how you should be?

Handling chemicals may be an integral part of your business, but it’s also a major safety risk. When it comes to working with chemicals, it’s vital for the safety of you or your staff that they’re handled right.

Read on to learn more about our chemical safety tips here.

1. Set Out a Chain of Responsibility

Have a chain of command for emergency responses, and make sure staff know it. You should have employees of every command level working each shift.

If someone falls sick, or has an annual vacation, provide a list of substitute contacts. This ensures that the right people are there all the time in the event of a disaster.

2. Have a Clear Labelling System

It’s important to label chemical containers with standardized chemical labels. Your staff needs to know when they are handling corrosive chemicals. Either repackage or source from a supplier with standard packaging. You can learn more here.

Check each one’s labeling, users should be able to see the chemical hazards with ease. The right labels help prevent disasters from mixing chemicals or incorrect disposal.

3. Prove the Right Resources & Training

Another of the top chemical safety tips is to have the correct training for your staff. They should know how to reduce the risk of working with them, and how to be safe when handling the chemicals.

You should use a complete hazardous substances program, which covers:

  • chemical handling
  • storage & long-term warehousing
  • emergencies protocols
  • disposal requirements

It will also give a comprehensive understanding of company best practices and regulations. You can tailor it to suit your business and facility processes.

4. Safety Gear Should Be Visible

When you’re handling chemicals, you need to have the right protective gear. PPE includes:

  • coveralls
  • gloves
  • aprons
  • face shields
  • chemical-resistant glasses
  • respiratory devices

Choose the correct PPE depending on the requirements for the chemicals you use. All staff using these chemicals but know how to use this PPE and have access to it.

5. Keep Your Emergency Equipment Maintained

You must have emergency equipment on hand that works when you handle and store chemicals. It’s an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guideline.

Access to emergency eyewash could prevent a staff member from losing their sight. A fire extinguisher that meets regulation could prevent a small fire from spreading. Always check your equipment is in working order, and replace anything that’s not.

6. Keep Clean & Tidy

Workstations and floors that are clean and tidy will help keep accidents at bay. If your floor is wet, clean it up straight away or someone might slip.

An untidy workspace could encourage human errors like chemical spills or mixing. Make sure work areas are clutter-free, and chemicals are in their original containers.

Have disposal areas near workstations for safe chemical disposal. Also, make sure workers change their clothes at work, so they don’t expose their families.

7. Have a Separate Area for Food & Drink

Staff shouldn’t eat or drink at their workstations, as they might ingest chemicals. Make sure there is a specific area for breaks where your staff can eat and drink.

Provide the right soaps and sinks so that they can wash their hands before their breaks. By doing this, you will avoid contamination of their food, as well as the chemicals in use.

Chemical Safety Tips You Won’t Want to Miss

So, there you have it! Now you know these chemical safety tips, you’ll be sure to maintain safety in the workplace. Working with chemicals is no laughing matter. You must train your staff, and you follow OSHA guidelines.

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