5 Types of Social Media Networks

Social media is a fantastic platform where you can interact with the people around you and even abroad. Also, it is an excellent place to advertise your business and gain more customers. There are so many ways you can take advantage of social media and use it to benefit you.

Social media users will tell you about major networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. Some will talk about the media sharing platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. You can also use other platforms such as Google Plus and Pinterest. All these are good sites that use specific niches to run their platforms.

It would be best if you attracted more followers for your account to be active. To give you an example of how this is done, you can gain LinkedIn followers from recognized and established platforms. It will be beneficial for you because you will interact with more people, and your posts will attract more followers and likes.

These networks are no longer known for their essential services. They are now advancing to produce other benefits that other people have to recognize. To bring the best out of social media, you need to know the networks you can use. Below are the types of social media networks and some of their examples.

1. Social Networks

When you walk around, you will notice that so many people are chatting. As you dig deeper, you will realize they are chatting on the most recognized platforms globally. Social networks are meant for connecting people and brands through online platforms.

It can benefit your business if you use them to research your target market, lead a generation, and increase your brand awareness. It can also be used to build relationships and engage with your customers as a mode of service.

2. Media Sharing Networks

Media involves pictures and videos. Thus, there are so many people and companies that increase their reach by sharing their media. People make use of these networks to share and to find music, photos and videos. In an earlier example we talked about gaining followers on LinkedIn. More followers means more responsibility when it comes to sharing content.

Use online platforms because that is the easiest way to get to approach more people from one place. Examples of these platforms include YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. The advantage of using these platforms is that it’s less time consuming and affordable.

3. Discussion Forums

As mentioned before, you can use social media to do so many things. You can achieve a lot through these online platforms. Sometimes people want to have an online discussion because they cannot meet in person. 

It may be because it’s dark or maybe because they are far from each other. Either way, social media has made it possible for people to conduct their meetings without being disturbed. Examples of such platforms include Quora, Reddit and Digg

4. Content Curation

Social media is also a good place for those who want to be part of content curation. Most people use these networks to share, discover, save, and discuss trending media and content. These platforms can be beneficial to your business.

They are good at creating traffic for your business, creating brand awareness, and engaging with customers. Most people like using trending things such as the latest fashion and decoration ideas. 

These platforms make it easier for businesses to approach interested customers easily. Examples of such platforms include Flipboard and Pinterest.

5. Publishing and Blogging Networks

Bloggers use social media to post and publish their works so that many people can access them. Most people use these networks to discover, publish and comment on their content through online platforms. 

Bloggers can write journals or articles and post them online. These platforms make it easier for those who aim at effectively marketing their content.Also, it enables bloggers to interact with their readers and answer their queries. 

It also helps in building the awareness of your brand. Additionally, you can generate sales and leads for your content. These networks not only give their users a platform but also enable them to expand their reach. Examples of such platforms include Medium, WordPress and Tumblr.

In Conclusion

Social media has various platforms that you can use in multiple ways. You can explore the services rendered by these platforms that you can take advantage of. You can find what you are looking for and make use of so many sites. The added advantage is that so many other people are also using these platforms. Thus, you will be expanding your reach to other people globally.

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