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5 Tips to Keep Your Car Cool during summer



Is there anything worse than sitting out in Dubai heat? I don’t think so. Notoriously known for harming the skin and objects, Dubai summer is unbearable in every possible way. If you have an AC car, then half of the summer struggle will be eliminated. But what about parking your beloved car outdoors when the sun is shining with all its might? Your car is definitely at the mercy of its elements. Here are some Tips to Keep Your Car Cool during summer.

Install a Car Parking Shade

According to Mister Shade ME a leading car parking shades supplier in UAE, if you are living in a country like UAE, then it is compulsory to have a car parking sheds for your cars. The summers are torrid in the Middle East region and exposing your car directly to the sun will affect their ageing, paint and can even cause damage to the products inside. Getting a car parking shade will not only give shade to the car by protecting them from the harmful sun rays but also help to keep the indoors cool thereby enhances fuel efficiency as your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

There are different types of car parking shades available in the market. Solar carport structure is one of a sustainable approach to give shade to your car parking by generating electricity with solar power. Other solar shade structures are made with high-quality, durable materials to withstand the harsh weather of the Middle East region. However, it is necessary to have a thorough research before per suing the shopping of the carport structures. Reach out to a highly reputed company with good background and client base for all your shading requirements.

Use dash covers

A fabric dash cover can protect the intense heating of the car indoors. It also protects cars interior from sun damage that can cause cracking and fading.

Cover the steering wheel

Parking the car out in the sun can cause the heating up of steering wheels. This will be a huge hindrance for the drivers to take the car instantly or else they have to wait for the heat to cool down inside the car as well as the steering. Covering the steering wheel with hand towel will help to keep the contact temperature of your steering wheel down.

Put blankets on your seat.

When you go out in the sun after parking the cars in unshaded areas, the car tends to heat up. If your vehicle is having vinyl or leather seats, then the materials will heat up as well, making it difficult for you to sit. To avoid this difficult situation, you can place the blankets on the seat. When you return to the car, you can put those blankets on the trunk or floor beds. 

Leave your car doors open.

Keeping your car doors open before getting into the car will help the hot air exit and the cool air enter. In this way, you can reduce the instant heat flush once you enter inside the vehicle. 

Hope these tips will come in handy for a smooth summer with your vehicle.

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How To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants



Plants are not only part of nature. They are a way of life and serenity. As, Since ages, people have used flowers and plants to decorate themselves and their homes on auspicious occasions. Till date marriage, funeral, or any good ceremony doesn’t end without a flower bouquet. But with gradual urbanization, we somewhere lost the connection with nature, trees, and flowers. Then the home decor experts came with the brilliant idea of merging personality with concrete. Nowadays indoor plants are again on the top of the wish lists as a classy home decor element. But to flaunt your plants and get a fresh vibe to enter every time you enter, you need to take care of them properly. Please scroll below to know the best tips for growing your plants indoor

Indoor Plantation Tips

Indoor plants are usually very resistant. They need watering once or twice a week at best. Don’t soak them every day. It can clog water in the roots and get them sick. Besides, there will be several insects hatching in the water, which is not acceptable. Make sure to have a tub with pores so that it can drain excess water. It helps the plants to breathe and grow better. The watering amount is also essential for the healthy growth of plants. If you have porus tubs, then water till it starts dripping from the pores below. Tubs without pores are a bit tricky. Water the soil till it looks soaked, not sloppy and muddy at all. 

Feed them some sunlight. It’s better to keep the plants near windows and doors. But in city apartments, it’s not always possible. That’s why you need to buy LED lights and such to create an ambience of natural lighting. These lights can increase and decrease the lumination like day and night by auto sensors. Its very effective in indoor plants.

Humidity and temperature is another crucial issue. The plants usually need sixty to seventy-five degree Fahrenheit temperature and opt humidity. Some plants need better humidity; you need to sprinkle water in them. Others, like succulents, need more water to thrive pour water directly into the roots. Change the water of water-borne plants like the lilies and money plants. Dirty water can cause yellow leaves, or the plant may die. Choose the right soil and fertilizer for your plants. Usually, the houseplants don’t need much soil or nutrition additionally. But while potting, add a bit of peat, berk tree skin, leftover food peals, moss, and formulated fertilizers. It will give them a boost and produce more leaves and flowers than usual. Choose the right type of soil for your plants as the cactuses will grow fine in parched and rough ground. But the succulents will need sandy soil and orchids will need soil that drains water fast. 

Most importantly choose the right tub for your plant. Make sure they fit comfortably with the roots in that tub. Otherwise, they won’t show proper growth. There’s an exception in case of bonsai. Here you have to get smaller pots intentionally to keep it in size. Soil tubs are heavier, more expensive, and a bit tough to handle as they break on fall. But they are the best option for plants growth. If you have a spacious balcony then obviously go for it. Otherwise, the plastic pots are also improving day by day. They are light and manageable. You can use them for hanging plants. Colour them, decorate with stones, shells, and put an ornamental plant to make a beautiful plant showpiece.


Take a little care of your indoor plants. Every time you enter the home, they will welcome you with a refreshing breeze. 

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10 Ways You Can Decorate the Kitchen with Antique Kitchen Cabinets



Antique Kitchen Cabinets

It won’t be wrong to say that it is a kitchen that runs the house. From the gourmet Sunday lunch to a Christmas dinner, from baking your first muffins to the midnight cravings, the kitchen is one of the loveliest corners of your home. So when it comes to remodeling your cooking area, it’s never too much to ask for a lavish overhaul. Especially, if you always had a liking for the antique white kitchen cabinets!

Why the Antique Kitchen Cabinets?

An antique can be a piece of furniture or some work of art that is considered a collectible item because of its age, make, and quality. Now, when it comes to buying an antique kitchen cabinet, it doesn’t necessarily have to be old. Of course, you can buy a second-hand item preserved in good condition, but you can also put your money on the cabinets that embrace the vintage charm.

And as you can never go wrong with white, the old-fashioned white kitchen cabinets would add a layered feel to your kitchen. Here’s presenting the top 10 ways you can renovate your kitchen with the white antique kitchen cabinets:

1. The Compartmental Style

A kitchen must be organized in the first place. The apothecary cabinet plus drawer is your go-ahead style if you prefer simple yet arranged systems. The cream-colored shaker cabinets would suit a compact kitchen really well. Try to visualize this look in combination with your wooden flooring, perfection is achieved!

2. Do It the French Way

How about some warm cooking vibe that admires some bakehouse in the French province? If you say ‘yes’ to that, the distressed cabinets are your thing. Off-white doors with a little glossy surface to help your kitchen light up even more. And to adhere to the detailing, you can ask your provider to attach designer handles to complete the look. And if your budget allows, try this concept with brick floors and a beamed ceiling.

3. Bring in a Worktop

Is your cooking area a kitchen cum dining with less opportunity to achieve a world-class interior? Well, as far as art is concerned, less is more! You can make the space unusually attractive by adding a vintage worktop on one side. For a change, you can pick a dark wooden worktop in contrast with the wall-mounted white kitchen cabinets, have a traditionally designed dining table in the middle, get matching chairs, and voila! You own a first-class kitchen space.

4. The Glassware Display

Generally, the antique cabinets don’t let you see through the doors. But you can take a different route by gracing your kitchen with glass door white cabinets. Challenge the plain white walls, they can be boring at times. Cover them up with bright, floral wallpapers that will compliment the flickering crystal crockeries you treasure.

5. The Rustic and Antique Appearance

Who told you that the exquisite white cabinets were never made for a rustic kitchen? And what if you acquire the best of both worlds? Select a granite countertop for your white island with bullnose termination at the edges. Adorn the walls with grey, white, and brown shaded tiles creating a gorgeous backsplash. If you are going with the shaker cabinets, make sure to have brass handles, this adds up to the authentic vintage ambiance you are trying to create.

6. Strike a Balance in the U-Shaped Kitchen

U-shaped kitchens are always interesting because it gives you a lot of space to play with. If your kitchen area resembles a U-shape, simply stick to the traditions. An arched chimney hood with hanging antique white kitchen cabinets on both sides would be splendid. If you can get your hands on the scroll-shaped brackets and put them together with the refined antiques, then congratulations! You have transformed a section of your residence into an 18th-century luxury kitchenette.

7. The Black Island

Break the consistency of white by having a black island as your centerpiece. Keep the overall tone neutral, place the white paneled cabinets and drawers against beige and grey backsplash. An advantage of having a tile backsplash is they are easy to clean. The pure whites probably would catch stains over time, but with the slightly darker shades, like, grey, beige, brown, etc. you don’t have to worry at all! 

8. The European Extravaganza

Ever thought of importing European extravagance to your kitchen space? Well, improvise the white kitchen cabinets by giving them a soft touch of the buttery, caramel, coral, and terracotta color scheme. While buying the shaker cabinets don’t get the Ivory shade. The Bone White, Water Chestnut, and Closet Mix are close to the one you would be looking for.

9. A Light Flooring

While exhibiting a European villa-like opulence, it’s better to keep the flooring minimal and light. The sandstone floor tiles would be the most appropriate choice for the aforementioned theme, allowing the kitchen lights or the sunlight to spread an aesthetically pleasant aura all over.

10. Go, Grey,

Set up a stunning, personalized cooking area by fixing the white kitchen cabinets upon grey painted walls. Conceive a color pop effect where the white rules over the grey accents. Let some greenery in to cast a soothing spell across the room… exceptionally enticing!

You may go ahead and experiment with more offbeat hues in the backdrop which would enhance the presence of the antique white kitchen cabinets. Truly, it’s not always money but a collaboration of a few handpicked ideas that can turn your ordinary kitchen into a visually enriching cookhouse. 

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Where can stained glass suncatcher be used



Are you wondering about the places where your stained glass window suncatcher can be used? If so, then you don’t need to wonder now.. in this article, we’re going to clear out all your confusion regarding that.

Stained glass suncatcher is about emotions, beauty, and story. It’s very easy to transform your normal environment into something so empowering and inspiring, you can do that by using colorful suncatchers. The best place where you can keep them is windows. Windows are the perfect place where you can use the suncatcher as your mood will turn bright and even brighter by seeing them.

Stained glass window suncatcher: Where it can be used?

Stained glass decor items are not mere decorative items that make your home beautiful, but also they are perfect items if you wish to fill your home with warmth, positivity, and inspiration.

The most ideal place for keeping the suncatchers in the window of your room. But, other than that you can also hang it on the walls, furniture, doors and also in the gardens. What’s most important is, you must hang it at a place where the light will pass through it.

Moreover, you can align a lot of suncatchers on the window. You can also use this on cloudy days, but on a sunny day, the beauty of the suncatcher is just at its top. Because when sunlight passes through it, it makes the whole room or place colorful and bright.

No matter where you place the glass light catchers, be it your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, or bathroom, the suncatcher will transform that ordinary place into extraordinary. Also, if you wish to develop the interest of your kids in beauty and glass art, then you can place it in their room.

Why stained glass window suncatchers are so loved?

The stained glasses are a source of positivity and blessings. A look at the stained glass offers you an abundance of positivity and blessings. It brightens the mood as well as inspires. That’s the reason why people love stained glass suncatchers so much.

Suncatchers can also be given as a gift to your family, friends, or relatives, they are perfect decor for every occasion.

The first reason behind this is because they are hand made with care and love and offer positive vibes and energy. Secondly, because they bring up the whole big world of magnificence and art. Most importantly, every suncatcher is not only a stained glass piece but also it’s a very thoughtful gift that you can give to anyone

The suncatchers will be preferred by everyone who loves graceful decor at their home. These decor items add beauty to the normal space and make it more interesting and stylish.

Most interestingly, these suncatchers catch the attention of many people and are the perfect and charming interior decor item

So, that’s it, this was all about the use of suncatchers for windows. These add beauty and positivity to the house. Also, they bring joy and inspiration.

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Searching for Home Décor Online? How About Earth-Elements in Your Home?



Given the recent lockdowns, a lot of people who love nature and all its elements wouldn’t be able to go on their excursions. The sound of the rain, the scent of grass, and fresh air are what everyone is missing during this pandemic. The good news is they can bring some of these elements home. So it makes sense that if you are decorating your home right now, you would want to make your home interior as natural feeling as possible to reflect the elements of nature. There are plenty of home décor items available online that you can buy right from the safety of your home even during quarantine that is built to give your interior the elemental theme. With that being said, here are some elemental themed home décor that you can find online.

Bring the Rain In Your Home With Rain Inspired Designer Home Decor

The calmness of light rain has a soothing effect; certain décor items can mimic the rain in one form or another. One example is a rain lampdesigner home décor; it is a lamp that uses a combination of water and light to produce ripples in the form of light that mimic drops of rain falling in the water. When it comes to the mechanism of this rain lamp, it is quite simple yet precisely engineered to produce a harmonious ripple effect using actual water. At the top of the globe, there is a water pump and an LED light bulb. While at the bottom of the rain lamp globe, there is water that fills less than half of the globe. The pump at the top pulls up a small amount of water from the water at the bottom of the pool and drops it back into the pool of water below. With the help of light refractions produced by the LED on top of the globe, you can see ripples and a faint rainbow light effect on the ground below the lamp.

Want to bring the outdoor plant life indoors? Get a suspended terrarium

Terrariums are an excellent option for people who are into miniature ecosystems. And this innovative design company called The Richard Clarkson Studios has turned a terrarium into a décor piece for people who love decorating with elemental décor pieces. This incredible piece of elemental themed home décor has an integrated light that illuminates the miniature ecosystem enclosed within the globe. This décor piece can also be suspended from the ceiling near windows to make use of natural light, and therefore you can also buy it without the LED light. You can add layers of gravel, charcoal, and soil to allow for proper root development, and since the terrarium is watertight, the water will not escape the system. You can view this globe from every angle by suspending it at eye level,and the power cord for this piece is nearly invisible, so all the focus remains on the ecosystem within the globe.

You can even use this terrarium to water-based house plants, and it will work just as effectively. You can also buy multiple glass globe terrariums and plant both water plants and earth-based plants in different globes to achieve a more exciting combination of earth and water elements.

Diffusers and Candle Holders To Bring The Element Of Fire Into Your Home Interior 

Almost all the best online home décor stores have diffusers and candleholders made out of clay. You can use these clay candle holders to light diffuser candles within your living room. Not only do candles bring the element of fire into your home, but the clay candle holders also bring the earth element and combining the two elements gives your living room a very calming touch.

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How to Protect Your House from Cold in Winters?



As we all know very well that winter has started everywhere in the world and it is the perfect time to guard your house against extreme cold factors. The most impressive solution we have these days is to utilize window shutters which are durable in quality and you will also find them useful in blocking extreme factors of cooling effect. Shutters London option has widely famous and appreciated all over the world these days and you will never find this option useless by any chance. Shutters are the perfect way to guard your house against severe heating and cooling effects. Shutters will also produce an attractive look all around the house and it is far better than installing the old-fashioned curtains in the house for decorating the windows.

Window shutters have a quality impact to maintain the best temperature of your house whether in summer or winter you will never find them useless by any chance. The best and effective solution we will suggest to you here is to get help from a search engine. Almost every type of shutters solution you will see there. People prefer to consult this thing from the internet. Here you also need to know that window shutters will completely hide the bad factors of the windows and you may also find this option useful in the house. You can better set the window shutter’s color and texture according to the placed furniture items of the respective area of your house. Feel free to consult your demand with quality solution providers. Search them as well from search engines and they will guide you to the proper solution that will suit your house requirement and you will also be able to get the perfect temperature maintaining option respectively.

Here we will describe to you the different types of shutters along with the perfect qualities you may get after installing them in the house.

Types of Window Shutters:

  1. Plantation window shutters
  2. Tier on Tier Window Shutters
  3. Full-Height Window Shutters
  4. Café Style Window Shutters
  5. Folding Style Window Shutters

All these types of shutters are preferred by the people in the UK and many other countries. As we have described to you above that the respective solution is equally beneficial for maintaining the temperature of the house in summer and winter as well. There are many other quality benefits you will get by installing this solution and you will get to know why people these days prefer to use this option for their house windows.

Quality Benefits of Installing Window Shutters:

You need to read all these options carefully because you will only get the right idea about its installation benefits. Without knowing in detail about this incredible option, you might not get the right treatment for your house windows.

1.    Noise Canceling Option

Enjoy your sleep well by installing the window shutters in the bedroom windows. The respective solution will never make you feel bad by its choice and it has an efficiency of controlling extra noise factors outside from your house. Many people have installed this option in their bedroom and they also this option smart and useful by all means. The same solution you can install on other places of your house as well. It will never make you feel down by any chance.

2.    Perfect Way to Set Privacy

Windows shutters and Blinds London are the best options for you to set your house privacy accordingly. You can better set the slats as per your demand and need. Window curtains will never provide you the same option and you may not set it as per the desire. You can perfectly hide or show the area of your house by adjusting the slats of the windows respectively.

3.    A Complete Darkening Solution

Create a whole darkening factor in the house especially, in the daytime by using the window shutters option. This option is widely appreciated in the summertime and your house windows will actively hide the sunlight factor through its great intelligence sunlight blocking option.

4.    Perfect Temperature maintenance

As we have discussed with you above that window shutters are the perfect solution that will block the severe effects of weather through their great intelligence. Your house will also be under a great temperature by the installation of shutters respectively.

5.    Durable in Quality

No doubt, window shutters are the best and durable solution for the windows. It will never get destroyed easily and you can better use it for a long time. Just you need to swipe the shutters with a clean cloth and it will shine as newly installed shutters for the windows.

6.    Easy to Install

Installing the shutters for the windows is not a difficult task by all means. Just you need expert advice and support in this regard. A lot of variety is available in it and you are free to choose the best solution for your home.

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