Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Pipe

5 Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Pipe

Is your favorite pipe looking worn and tired? If it is clogged with dirt and becoming unusable, and you don’t want to buy another, then you need to clean it. If you want a much better smoking experience, you need to know how to do it.  

Below, aim to help we can help you out. Read on for our 5 must-know tips on cleaning your pipe. 

Remove Gunk

The first thing you need to do for a clean pipe is to remove any gunk. Start by holding it upside down and giving it a firm tap to dislodge any leftover particles. After this, give it a gentle shake.

Next, get an item to clean the inside of the pipe, such as a pipe cleaner, cotton bud, or paper clip. Push it into the pipe to dislodge harder bits of stuck-on resin. 

Make sure you do not go too hard and vigorous. You do not want to break the pipe, and you can use other methods to remove tougher parts.

Rinse and Scrub

For pipe cleaning the outer surface, nothing works better than old-fashioned soap and hot water. Start with a bowl of hot, soapy water. Place the pipe in the water and let it settle for a minute or two. 

After this, give it a scrub with an old toothbrush. This should remove any surface dirt and, if done regularly, should prevent any major build-ups from reoccurring. 

Cleaning Your Pipe With Alcohol or Acetone

Any mild solvent will be excellent at removing resin that has become clogged on your glass pipe. When pipe cleaning, they are ideal for removing the tough parts that soap and water can not get rid of. You can get either at local hardware stores. 

When using them, be sure to wear gloves as they can seriously irritate and damage your skin. Apply the liquid to a toothbrush or cotton bud, then scrub the affected area. You can also place the liquid in a bag and completely submerge the pipe if it is very dirty. 

Add Salt

Adding salt to the cleaning process can speed it up and deepen the cleaning. You will need a coarse salt, such as Epsom salts. The purpose of them is to grind against the build-up of detritus on the pipe, helping to dislodge it using abrasive techniques. 

Cover the holes of the pipe with waterproof tape. Fill up the pipe with one part of your solvent liquid and one part Epsom salts. Make sure you leave some space for the fluid to move around. 

Once taped up, shake in a small waterproof bag. Let it soak, repeat and remove all the tape and fluid. 

Boil It 

Another method is to use hot water for a clean pipe. Bring a pot to a boil, then reduce it to simmer. Place your pipe in the water and turn off the heat. 

The hot water would help to remove dirt. However, do not boil the pipe for long as the heat can cause the glass to crack. If you do need a new pipe, then smoke shop plus has a great range to replace it. 

The Finishing Touch

Once you have finished cleaning your pipe, make sure you let it dry thoroughly. This must be inside and out. Rub it with a small cloth, then place it near a low heat source before it is ready for a fresh, clean smoke. 

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