4 interesting facts to know about ballistic body Armor

Body Armor is perhaps one of the most useful tools that come in handy for saving lives. These are generally used by policemen and soldiers who use these powerful tools to save themselves. These protective tools can also help people from the risks of genuine injuries in many cases. However, there are many facts about these body Armor that people are not aware of. 

If you are looking to know more about Body Armor, you have come to the right place. Today, we will help you discover six fascinating facts about them that you wish you knew before. 

The best things for you to know about ballistic body armour 

1. The wear & tear matters 

 A ballistic body Armor does not have an accurate lifespan to be worn. However, people say that is best worn for five years. Moreover, you must prevent your vest from wearing and tearing. Such a thing is possible when you wear it on an everyday basis. The problem is that if you wear it daily, the quality weakens. The wear & tear of the Body Armor can weaken its protective strength. So, it is advised that people must wear it during urgencies only. However, always examine the vest before you head out to wear it without batting an eyelid. 

2. Never toss them in the washer or dryer 

 We already know that the protective strength of the vest is highly significant. If that is lost, the vest is in vain. So, you must make sure to maintain your vest as far as possible. Do not try to clean it by tossing it in a dryer or washer. That can seriously hamper the quality and allow the material to start fading after a point. So, a sponge, some detergent and water are all you need. Make sure you do some light brushing with the sponge to eliminate any dirt. You must also make sure that you do not iron the product. That is hugely risky for your vest. 

3. Keep it dry 

 Now, a vest is for life-saving purposes. So, when you clean the vest with water, you allow it to become easier to push a bullet through it. That is possible because water adds moisture to the cloth and that eventually allows such a thing to happen. Make sure to expose your vest to minimal water. Such a thing will help avoid those experiences that you fear. After all, your life is more precious than having it cleaned with water. So, keep your vest dry as far as possible. 

4. It is not bulletproof 

 Many people tend to assume that vests are bulletproof. That is a myth. Ballistic Body Armor can offer a lot of protection in need since there are many layers of fabric. However, it cannot entirely prevent the bullet from hitting you. 

The bottom line 

 If you are looking to buy a good-quality ballistic body Armor, shop for it online. Do not forget to buy them at the best prices. 

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