YouTube marketing tips you should use in 2022

Just when you thought you had found the ideal social network on which to deploy your digital strategy, a trendy new platform appeared; you find yourself forced to rethink your decision.

The choice; is something fantastic for any e-merchant looking to reach their target customers. However, having too many alternatives on hand can be overwhelming ( decision fatigue, you know?). The key is to identify the social networks that best suit your business and focus on one or two channels in particular. (Social marketing experts agree that it’s best to focus all of your resources on one social channel, at most two.)

Let’s talk about YouTube in this article, do you agree? Being one of the first social platforms to emerge (founded in 2005), YouTube isn’t just for entertainment. Here’s a very interesting fact about YouTube: it’s also the second-largest search engine in the world. Google acquired it in 2006 to add the powerful search functionality. Once you truly realize the importance of this fact, you will be able to do wonders on this marketing channel.

Marketing on YouTube is a great way to increase brand awareness and make consumers feel a connection with the products or services being promoted; this can be very useful for new entrepreneurs. Also, by posting eye-catching videos, your content will be more likely to go viral.

Why YouTube?

Is the YouTube platform right for your business? To answer this question, you need to know if the platform is reaching your target audience. So here are some demographic and statistical segments regarding YouTube reach, according to recent studies: YouTube has a huge audience; attracting more than 1.5 billion Internet users each month. Young Internet users tend to spend more time on YouTube. 48% of YouTube users are between 25 and 49 years old. You can target this audience with the relevant videos and buy YouTube likes for those uploads to make them go viral.

Baby boomers are also a significant demographic for YouTube: visitors aged 65 and over the number in the millions. They spend an average of 3 hours and 54 minutes using the platform. 2/3 of YouTube users visit the platform several times a day. 300 hours of video are published per minute. YouTube attracts as many women as men, the latter however dominating the platform more. Men spend 44% more time on the platform per month than women.

Niche selection

What about niches generating interest on YouTube? No surprises here: Beauty, food and cooking, fashion, well-being, fitness, sports, and video games; to name just a few.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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