YouTube Marketing 2022| What’s new?

With more people turning online for their education, entertainment, and engagement, YouTube, more than ever, is focused on creating new streams of opportunities for creators and users to stay connected and feel appreciated. In 2022, many exciting features will be at the center of attention.

What are they, and how do they affect you as a brand? Dig in to find out!

1. YouTube Studio apps

With 2021 seeing up to 7.1 billion people turn mobile users, YouTube demonstrated an understanding of the need for creators to make necessary changes and checks on their accounts and content through mobile.

This understanding came in the form of several new features added to the Studio app. Some of these features include:

  1. Returning and new audience metrics
  2. A list of top videos growing your audience
  3. Ability to change the currency display
  4. Helpful navigation bar at the bottom

In 2022 the mobile app willlikely get more features as YouTube strives to bring it to par with the desktop version.

2. YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts are like Instagram’s reels, and in 2021 this feature got a lot of attention from users and creators alike. The number of daily viewers grew from 6.5 billion in 2020 to 15 billion in 2021.

This 60-second short video section is bound to capture the interest of more users and marketers thanks to TikTok’s influence in this sphere.

With this tool, you can creatively share short stories about your consumers, products, and brand all year round in a funny and inspiring way.

3. Live streaming

Live streaming played a massive role in the global community during the pandemic. Many people turned to it to learn, experience new products, events, and more.

In 2022 this will be no different. Brands can strategically use YouTube live to win the attention of new and existing customers by sharing their behind-the-scenes content, product launches, and more.

People want to connect with their brand and fellow users. They don’t want to be left out ofanything new or exciting. This is why80% of viewers state they prefer live streams over other types of engagement.

4. New revenue opportunities

Content creators are not left behind as the streaming platforms strive to make things more immersive for their viewers. In 2021 different mediums for creators to get appreciated came into existence. Some of these avenues include:

  1. Super Chat for live stream
  2. Super Sticker for live stream
  3. And Channel membership support for monthly subscriptions.

In 2022 the platform is set to roll out a fourth appreciation avenue termed Super Thanks. This tool will be available for regular videos on a creator’s account.

Aside from this, the Shorts is getting greater attention from YouTube. This year they intend to include more countries in its $100 million monthly Shorts Fund.

5. Automatic YouTube chapters

Previously people who watched YouTube videos on a broad topic had to sit through most of the content to find their subtopic.

Thanks to the addition of timestamps, 2020 and beyond saw the introduction of YouTube chapters. This allowed creators to manually divide their videos into several sections of interest.

In 2022, YouTube is looking to make this easier for creators by introducing automatic chapters.


Youtube has a lot installed for creators and users alike as it strives to make the platform a more valuable instrument in their collection. Brands and solopreneurs can start now to get themselves acquainted with the marketing aspect of these changes to thrive.Digital marketing learning platforms like imarketing are uniquely positioned to provide businesses withvaluable insights, guides, marketing secrets, and practical strategies for successful marketing in 2022.

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