Would you want to know about your legal options after a dog bite

Would you want to know about your legal options after a dog bite?

Dogs can make excellent friends for life, but they also pose a threat when they bite. A dog bite lawsuit gives you the opportunity to receive compensation for the losses you suffer if someone else’s animal hurts you. This guide to dog bite lawsuits explains when and how to do so, as well as what you’ll need to prove in order to get compensated for the harm the dog did.

Dog Bite Lawsuit – The Meaning

Are you eager to know your legal options after a dog attack? If yes, you first need to know what a dog bite lawsuit is. 

Suppose you own a dog and your dog bit someone and the victim got badly hurt. If the victim ends up filing a claim, this is known as a dog bite lawsuit. For any extra harm caused by the pet dogs, like a dog suddenly chasing a man on a bicycle or a resulting fall, the dog owner is to be held liable.

The victim is able to obtain compensation through the legal action that is taken against the dog owner. This is why it is crucial for the victim to file a claim if he is earnestly looking forward to receiving compensation.

What needs to be proved in such a lawsuit?

If you’re eager to win a lawsuit that you file against the dog owner, you need to prove that your injuries were caused mainly due to the dog attack. Along with that, you also have to prove that the owner of the dog was also in some way responsible for your injuries. 

Based on the prevalent laws in the state you live in regarding dog bites, there are various other things that you need to prove. While there are a few states that have strict policies on responsibility there are others that are known as ‘one-bite’ states. In the latter, you should prove that the dog owner was already aware that the dog was hostile, and only then can you hold them liable for all types of damages caused to you.

Who is held responsible in a dog bite lawsuit?

In most situations, you file a lawsuit for dog bites against the dog’s owner. Typically, the owner will have coverage in the form of insurance. This may be a homeowner’s, renters, or umbrella coverage.

If you win a dog bite lawsuit at trial, the insurer will either pay damages up to policy limitations or attempt to reach a settlement with you to avoid going to court. You can receive compensation through a settlement instead of going to court, but if you accept it, you lose your ability to pursue any other claims related to the bite incident.

There might in some cases be other parties in charge. If a landlord knew a hazardous dog was residing on a rental property and took no action to resolve the condition, the landlord might be held accountable for damages if the dog attacked.

If the injuries are serious, you can choose to call the police to file an official report about the incident. It’s crucial to get medical help right away, especially if there’s a chance the dog might be carrying any infectious diseases. Always seek medical attention right once because even small bites may need medications to avoid infection.

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