Your Car Heater is Blowing Cold Air: Here are Top 5 Reasons Why

During the winter, it becomes tough to be in the car without having the heater work right. If the heater doesn’t work correctly and leaves cold air instead of hot, it becomes frustrating. Having such car issues can be stressful and troublesome for the owner unless it’s fixed on time.

However, if you notice any changes to the heater, you should call a professional to immediately take care of the issues. Your top truck heater can blow cold air at any moment without leaving any signs before. So, you should know the reasons when a car’s heater can blow cold air.

This article will lead you to the top reasons below.

Heater Core Issues: When the car heater’s coolant doesn’t work correctly, it can blow cold air. There might be a clog in the heater core’s tube that holds on the air from blowing. The heater core is made from an aluminum tube that has a hot coolant. 

And for this, you get the heating action from the heater in a car.

So, when the coolant does work fine, but the air is not warm still, you should check out the heater core.

Issues with Coolant: Your car’s coolant works when the engine fails down during the summertime when the temperature is really high. It is made of 50% water and 50% antifreeze. The coolant brings out warm air throughout the heater core into your car. 

You feel cool for a few minutes, but after that, the coolant heat up the car’s interior. So, when the cold air doesn’t come to a point to end, you should check out the coolant level. The vehicle can be at a low level on coolant, and then the heater core will not send any warm air.

Engine Thermostat Issues: A thermostat opens and closes like a valve to keep the engine coolant neutral. When the thermostat has issues, it will not open or close and be stuck in a fixed position. Thus, the coolant gets overheated and damaged. 

When the coolant gets damaged, the heating core doesn’t pass warm air into the car. Therefore, you should look after the thermostat issues immediately to provide the coolant and heater core better.

Leakage of Water: Another issue you can get is a leakage of water. There can be different places for the leakage, such as a radiator, hoses, water pump, etc. They can be damaged or leaked, and the car’s heater will not work.

You see, the problems can arise from a little place you may not have any idea about. You need to inspect if the car’s regular activities are expected before the situation gets complicated. Contact a professional mechanic to take care of small car issues because your little ignorance can lead to a massive expense for more significant problems later.

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