Youdao Dictionary Pen, the tool everyone learning a new language needs

Have you ever wondered how to learn a new language, or how to improve your reading skills? 

This revolutionary device has made learning a new language a simple and enjoyable activity, Youdao Dictionary Pen scans written texts and provides more than just a translation, it has it all, it has multiple dictionaries summing up to 3 million entries, human-like pronunciation, text-to-speech technology, sample sentences, exam reader and more. All in a small, portable device that can perfectly work wirelessly and without internet.

Why Youdao Dictionary Pen is good for language learners?

When learning a new language, is very important to master the following:


-Speaking Skills

-Listening Skills

This scanning pen was meant to cover those needs, so every time you scan a word or sentence, the pen translate, and also provide the pronunciation of the words for you to practice, you can tap on new words and mark them to study later, and also, get your pronunciation scored with this pen.

Spanish can be a difficult language to learn, especially since it has different verb conjugations and they change according to the personal pronoun, this translating pen is the ideal tool because it even includes the verb conjugation when using it to learn Spanish.

The Chinese mode helps Chinese learners to get precise translations, it includes character stroke order animation and sample sentences to help you learn how to use a word in the right context.

If you´re learning English, or simply want to improve your reading skills, this reading pen has a built-in English dictionary and text-to-speech technology, which helps children who are learning how to read improve their pronunciation as well as to learn new words. This technology is also suitable for people with dyslexia.

Youdao Dictionary Pen is the perfect tool for children, language learners and those who enjoy reading, get it here with 20% discount and free shipping:

Youdao Dictionary Pen is the perfect tool for children, language learners and those who enjoy reading, you can get it on Amazon, or their website
Get it here with 20% discount and free shipping.

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