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WoW Shadowlands Covenant Abilities



Let them help you choose a Covenant

There are four Covenants in WoW Shadowlands, and they present a choice to players. You can choose any of them and then leave mid-way for another, but you’ll have to build up your reputation levels again. You also can’t use any benefits you got from your former Covenant, though going back will make them available again. However, going back is harder because you have to regain their trust. No WoW gold is required, though you’ll have to do tasks for about a week.

At any rate, your choice of Covenant comes with two main benefits: a general ability and a class-based one. Other than that, you get Covenant-specific WoW items: WoW mounts for sale, transmogs, and pets. You can’t just buy WoW gold to get those! Each Covenant also offers Soulbinds to boost your fighting prowess. You should factor in all of these when choosing a covenant, but this article will focus on the abilities.

Kyrian: Summon Steward

Using the skill makes a steward appear. He holds a Phial of Serenity you can drink to restore 20% of your health and remove debuffs. It’s on a 1-minute cooldown separate from items and potions cooldowns. He can also repair your gear, change your talents, sell items, and allow access to the Kyrian teleportation network. That last one is only available with enough research. Those are on a once-a-day use limit.

Venthyr: Door of Shadows

It’s a 35-yard 1.5s cast teleport. What’s more, you can target your destination meaning that if there’s a path, you can get there. Some soulbinds can make casting it instant. Useful for those who lack mobility, though it has a 1-minute cooldown.

 Night Fae: Soulshape

Transform into a Vulpin and blink 15 yards forward. Movement speed increases by 50% while in that form. Activate the skill again to blink forward every few seconds. The transformation lasts for 12 seconds unless in a rest area. Has a 1.5-minute cooldown. You may earn more forms for this skill by increasing renown for the Covenant or as rewards for other tasks. Available forms are (other than the default Vulpin): 

  • Moth
  • Runestag
  • Unicorn
  • Teroclaw
  • Crane
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Hyena
  • Cobra
  • Dragon Turtle
  • Stag
  • Owlcat
  • Nightsaber
  • Raptor
  • Bear
  • Moose
  • Wolf
  • Feathered Drake
  • Wolfhawk
  • Hippogryph
  • Gryphon
  • Wyvern
  • Toad

Necrolord: Fleshcraft

Form a shield made of flesh and bone. Normally, it can take damage up to 20% of your HP. However, you can increase that to 50% by casting the skill with a corpse nearby. Lasts for 4 seconds and has a 2-minute cooldown. It has a defensive range of 10 yards. With a pretty long channeling time and good timing, you might be able to survive some one-hit KO skills.


Of course, there are also class-specific Covenant abilities. However, across 12 classes and four Covenants, that’s 48 skills to go through. That’s not going to be in this article, but please do research about that as well.

While these skills can’t be tested out in serious situations yet, some of them can at least be applied in other content. The Kyrian Steward allowing access to the teleport network can be a great boon in getting around Bastion. With sufficient levels, even your friends can use it too! Plus, the cleansing aspect of the phial can be a useful tool in some situations.

The Night Fae’s Soulshape would be good for content where you have to run away or skip a section in a dungeon. The same goes for Venthyr’s Door of Shadows, both blink skills with different mechanics. Either one would be good for those lacking in mobility or those who don’t like walking everywhere.

Anyway, these skills may not look useful right now, but World of Warcraft is always adding new content. Who knows? Maybe these skills will become a necessity in the future. As for choosing a covenant now, pick the one you’ll enjoy the most.

Some players might like the transformation aspect of Soulshape. Others might prefer the blink ability of the Venthyr. A smaller group of players might enjoy having the ability to call a servant. Those who like defending and tanking for people might go for Fleshcraft. Player experience varies, and their preferences do too.

At any rate, the punishment for regretting your decision isn’t that bad (nothing warranting having to buy WoW gold). However, it’s always better to stick with one. Also, don’t keep on going back and forth. Leaving a Covenant breaks their trust, which is why you have to prove yourself if you want to go back. Going back and forth Covenants only proves that you can’t be trusted.

So choose your WoW Shadowlands Covenant wisely and enjoy World of Warcraft!

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How to Fight and Farm Al-Hezmin, the Hunter



And get Hunter’s Exalted Orbs

Al-Hezmin is one of the Conquerors of the Atlas. He was part of Zana’s band of Exiles who once explored the maddening labyrinth. His expertise helped greatly in their exploration, as he seemed to never get lost. In the cartographer’s words, his desire to be the best at everything hollowed him out somehow. That’s where the ‘curse’ of the Atlas got to him. Now, he is a Conqueror of the Atlas, still bent on proving he’s the best hunter. He drops PoE currency such as the Hunter’s Exalted Orb.

How to Encounter Him

Once you get to a corner of the Atlas, you’ll start to encounter influenced maps. That means a Conqueror has arrived and you can find their Citadel. After completing an influenced map, you’ll see regions of the Atlas matching the color of the Conqueror. For Al-Hezmin, the color is green. An indicator of how far you’ve chased them also appears on your map.

When you’ve completely chased a Conqueror by running influenced maps, you can start to find their Citadel. Quest markers will appear on Zana and Kirac. Talk to Kirac to locate the Citadel, then Zana to open up the portals to it. Complete the map, and defeat the boss. A portal to the Conqueror will appear next to the boss’s dead body. You have 6 tries to do so, else the Conqueror will escape and you’ll have to start chasing them again.

Fighting Al-Hezmin

He’s the only Atlas boss who deals Chaos Damage. Fittingly, his triangular arena also has a pool in the middle of it. Make sure to pay attention to your positioning as depending on the current phase, it may or may not be beneficial to stand in it.

You’ll also have to dodge the attacks of the Wyverns and Vipers he summons. Mobility is key, though again watch out for the pool in the middle.

He has certain combos such as a stab combo that ends with a slam. There’s also his volley of poison projectiles when you’re far away, or his sweep then projectile combo. Watch him learn his tells so you can move appropriately. When he fires a giant wyvern, it also fills the pool with acid. Some vipers will spawn from the pool and Al-Hezmin will keep on running away from you. This is also the phase where you avoid stepping into the middle part of the arena.

Defend yourself with PoE items that give resistance to Chaos Damage. The PoE Unique Zahndethus’ Cassock can give 40-50% Chaos Resistance, for example. Of course, you can also craft one yourself, as there’s also your character’s build to factor in. Not every unique item can fit all kinds of builds, and only a handful of them gives Chaos Resistance anyway.

What Do Hunter’s Exalted Orbs Do Anyway?

These PoE orbs can add a unique Hunter’s affix (prefix: Hunter’s, suffix: of the Hunt) onto a rare PoE item. You cannot use it on PoE uniques. Though it only appears as either of those two indicated, it can have a variety of effects. It depends on what kind of Path of Exile item you used it on and how lucky you are at rolling.

Effects range from adding projectile piercing strength to adding elemental damage to attacks. There’s also the more normal +x% to Health or even add levels to socketed gems. The strength of these modifiers depends on the level of the Path of Exile item. Higher-leveled PoE items make PoE orbs roll a stronger effect. There’s a huge pool of useful effects to discover, and if you want to get the best results you’ll have to farm the boss.


That’s how you farm Al-Hezmin for his Hunter’s Exalted Orbs. Of course, you can also trade for them, but where’s the fun in that? Figuring out the best builds to use for this battle and actually fighting him can be so much fun. Then again, when you’ve done it so many times it can become really tedious. It is, after all, farming PoE currency, an incredibly repetitive and time-consuming activity.

At any rate, you can try fighting the other Conquerors for a break in farming. That way you can break the monotony and you won’t tire of farming too quickly. This is also the way to get the opportunity to fight Sirus, Awakener of Worlds. That is the final boss of the expansion, so gear up for a really difficult fight.

Keep on enjoying Path of Exile!


For more gaming tips and guide read here

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Why the TFT Best Comps Are For You?



TFT or Total Energy Ballet is an energy exercise system used to improve the overall health of a person. This system was first designed in Soviet Union and since then it has been adopted by many fitness clubs and other organizations. But with this new popularity comes the urge to have TFT best comps from different vendors who are offering this equipment for sale. So how do you select the best TFT for your home?

The answer depends on two factors, one is the condition of your home and second is your budget. If your house is in good condition and if you can afford the cost of buying a new TFT, then by all means buy one. If your home is not in a good condition, or if you have limited funds but you want to have a TFT and to keep it fit and fine, then don’t worry because you can still get a good quality but affordable one that will serve as a good partner for your fitness routine at home.

One of the best comps available for sale is the Theracane TFT. This is a great choice if you want to work out on your own without depending on anyone or anytime, anywhere. It is a portable TFT that can be used for exercising even in the rain and even when it is very hot. One of the great things about this TFT is that there is no need for any wires as it can be plugged in the wall and then used in any location as long as there is a power source.

The Theracane TFT also features a heart monitor that gives you your pulse rate. This is a very accurate type of pulse-rate monitor. If you have your heart rate under control then you will be able to derive exact workout details every time. It can be used in any condition including the hot summer months and in any season.

The prices of this piece of equipment are affordable, but some people may think that they are way beyond their reach. But, you can actually shop for the TFT online. There are numerous online stores selling this piece of equipment and you can make your purchase from the comfort of your home.

Another benefit of using this piece of equipment is the fact that it does not require any complicated adjustments. If you are working out on a machine that requires some adjustments such as incline or decline then you will not be able to do your workout in such conditions. With the Theracane you just need to adjust a few things such as incline to low. You can do the workout as many times you want as long as you do not tire yourself. It is so easy to use and you will not have any trouble in adjusting it. It can be used in any kind of condition and you can derive optimal results from using it.

One thing to remember is to warm up before you commence with your workout. This will ensure that you are in good physical shape before starting with your exercises. The warming up also ensures that you are comfortable using the machine and it does not cause any discomfort. And since it uses a low level of intensity, you can easily derive optimum results from using it.

The TFT is ideal for those who are interested in an effective cardio workout that will improve their general fitness. You can derive maximum benefit from using the device if you use it regularly. You do not have to use weights in order to improve your workout experience. Since you get an intense workout using the Theracane you will be able to derive maximum benefit from using it.

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Tarot Cards Reading Mental Health Benefits




Tarot Cards Reading Mental Health Benefits

Everyone has difficulties in their life. Some days are very hard to get through once you fall into the pool of despair and sadness. To get through the days of darkness, we all need a coping mechanism that helps us to get out of that. For some people, their coping mechanism is to get drunk and lose themselves in partying and alcohol. For some, music and meditation is the only way that can help them. For me, tarot cards were the only way  that could help me to anchor myself from the days when the darkness was too much. 

Tarot cards are insanely popular today. On Amazon alone, you can find hundreds of different tarot cards created by different artists. Because of their colourfulness and symbolism, they are more often than not used as the art decor and prop for instagrammable pictures. It might sound surprising to you, but they are used by therapists and other mental health professionals to treat mental health. 

How Does Tarot Cards Help Me to Get Through The Dark Days

Tarot card readings  ( Free Tarot Reading Site & Reviews – Online Tarot Readings ) have always been considered as a tool to know more about your unpredictable and undetermined future. However, it is often forgotten that tarot cards were originally created to reflect and understand your inner self. Many people, including myself, find peace and solace in reading tarot cards. It helps us to grand ourselves to reality and makes us realize that better days are coming, and all we need to do is to take one step at a time. 

I was always afraid of tarot card reading because I didn’t want to know when my loved ones thought that they’ve enough of me. I didn’t want to know what might happen in my future or when I’m going to lose my job. So, I steer clear of tarot cards. Then, when I was going through the hardest days of my life, my closest friend suggested that I should at least try to get tarot cards reading. I was already going through my dark days but, I reluctantly agreed to have a reading. It is now obvious to say that they help me more than I could ever have imagined. The symbolism helped me to understand what I lacked. It helped me to reflect on my innermost self. There are tons of tarot cards with a different symbolic pattern that is beneficial for mental health, but the ones that helped me most are: 

  • Judgment Card:

The reverse judgment card means that I was lacking in self-awareness and was shrouded in self-doubt. The upright card means reflection, awakening, and reckoning. 

  • The Sun Card

The reverse sun card symbolizes negativity, depression, and sadness, while the upright sun has the opposite meaning, i.e., joy, success, celebration, and positivity. 

  • The Moon Card

The moon card, when reversed, means fear, confusion, and misinterpretation, while when it is upright, it symbolizes unconscious, intuition, and illusion. 

  • The Star Card 

Reverse star card means insecurity, faithlessness, and discouragement. The upright card reflects hope, faith, and rejuvenation. 

  • The Tower Card

When reversed, the tower cards reflect a disaster that is avoided or is delayed. And when this card is drawn upright, it shows broken pride, sudden upheaval, and disaster. 

The Final Note

Tarot card readings may sound too mystical or ridiculous for you, but trust me, it can be the best coping mechanism as it has so many mental health benefits. It can free your mind from the worries of the world and lets you explore your inner self. 

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Can you win money on online casinos?




As technology evolves, online casinos are becoming increasingly popular. Many players prefer them to land-based ones as they can access their favorite games whenever they want, wherever they are, and they do not have to travel to get to the venue. Many players who bet real money but don’t get any winning combinations wonder if it even is possible to win money at online casino Danmark. The answer to this question is: yes, it’s possible. If you want to find out how to do it, keep reading.  

1. Choose a legitimate casino website

It might seem obvious but, before you bet any money, it is very important to check whether the online casino has valid licences and good reviews. If a website is not legitimate it might be changing the odds of the games or refuse to pay out your winnings when you hit a win.

When you’re playing UK online casinos, always check for the logo of the UK Gambling Commission. If you can see it on the page, you can be sure the casino is perfectly authentic.

2. Make the most of casino bonuses and free spins

Casino bonuses can have many different forms. They can award you additional credit to spend on slots, extend your playtime, or give you some free spins. You should always make the most of the offers you see in online casinos as they basically mean you can place more bets for free. The more spins you make, the higher your chances of landing winning combinations.

3. Try demo versions of slots

Online you can find free versions of many popular slot titles. Demos give you a chance to try out the game, see what features it has, and decide whether you like it or not. While you can’t normally win real money when playing demos, you can get some experience and practice that can help you win when playing the real money version later. Trying out free versions of slots helps you avoid wasting money on games you don’t enjoy.

4. Play games with low house edge

Hose edge determines what advantage the casino has over you in the game. It is expressed in percentage that explains how much money the casino will get from the game. The rest will be paid out to players in winnings over the machine’s lifespan. The lower the house edge, the higher your chances of winning.

5. Understand that winning is all about luck

Winning real money is definitely possible when you use online casinos, and some games give you the possibility to win huge jackpots that can make you a millionaire. Nevertheless, when it comes to gambling, there is no strategy that can guarantee you a win. Results of each game are completely random and no one can predict them.

The main reason for playing at online casinos should be entertainment. If you play frequently and don’t give up even if you lose often, you can be sure that eventually you will get some wins.

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Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos in 2021




One thing is for certain about 2021: we are living in outrageously unprecedented times, and it is certainly looking like this will be a period of history that will go down in memory for a very long time. Of course, a big part of this is for negative reasons, however you also cannot forget about the insane amount of fantastic things that have been achieved recently – click to play. You know what one of our favourite ones is? Online casinos! 

The emergence of the online casino world is such a great example of what humans can achieve if we put our minds to it, utilizing the Internet platform to blow the doors wide open when it comes to what you can do with new gambling technology. As good as online casino is though, you should never forget about the wonderful world of land based casino either! Who wins between online casinos and land based casinos in 2021? Let’s find out… 

Online casinos vs. Land Based casinos: When did the battle commence? 

Despite the fact they have been going head to head for quite a while now, the battle between online casinos and land based casinos hasn’t been going on forever. In fact, online casino only became a thing in the mid 19990s! 

Technology at the time also wasn’t quite good enough to attract as many gamblers as early online casino operators hoped, although this had been rectified by the early 2000s, where the online casinos vs. land based casinos question can be said to have begun. 

2021 casino industry: A round-up 

What’s going on in the 2021 casino industry at the moment? Well, there is a lot of exciting news coming from the online slots world, where Big Time Gaming have managed to usher in a new era of reel spinning excitement with their Megaways game mechanic.

The statistics also show that online casino is consistently growing its fan base, now having a fair greater deal of the gamblers. Indeed, gambling analysts are suggesting that it will soon be responsible for over 75% of all casino gambling revenue. 

Why would gamblers prefer online casinos in 2021? 

Online casino definitely takes the larger gambler share in 2021, but why would gamblers prefer it to land based casinos? Here are a few reasons: 

·         Easier to play: There’s no travelling involved with online casino, and this is a huge reason why people prefer it.

·         More options: There are far more gambling games available in the online casino world, just look at the thousands of online slots for an idea of what we mean!

·         Casino bonuses: You also are far more likely to receive a casino bonus from online casino sites than land based casinos in 2021. 

Why would gamblers prefer land based casinos in 2021? 

It’s not all in favour of online casinos though, as land based casinos still have a few benefits: 

·         Experience: The land based casino experience is absolutely classic, and can never be faithfully replicated online.

·         Budgeting: It is easier to budget at land based casinos, simply because you have to physically leave at some point! 

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