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WoW Shadowlands Covenant Abilities



Let them help you choose a Covenant

There are four Covenants in WoW Shadowlands, and they present a choice to players. You can choose any of them and then leave mid-way for another, but you’ll have to build up your reputation levels again. You also can’t use any benefits you got from your former Covenant, though going back will make them available again. However, going back is harder because you have to regain their trust. No WoW gold is required, though you’ll have to do tasks for about a week.

At any rate, your choice of Covenant comes with two main benefits: a general ability and a class-based one. Other than that, you get Covenant-specific WoW items: WoW mounts for sale, transmogs, and pets. You can’t just buy WoW gold to get those! Each Covenant also offers Soulbinds to boost your fighting prowess. You should factor in all of these when choosing a covenant, but this article will focus on the abilities.

Kyrian: Summon Steward

Using the skill makes a steward appear. He holds a Phial of Serenity you can drink to restore 20% of your health and remove debuffs. It’s on a 1-minute cooldown separate from items and potions cooldowns. He can also repair your gear, change your talents, sell items, and allow access to the Kyrian teleportation network. That last one is only available with enough research. Those are on a once-a-day use limit.

Venthyr: Door of Shadows

It’s a 35-yard 1.5s cast teleport. What’s more, you can target your destination meaning that if there’s a path, you can get there. Some soulbinds can make casting it instant. Useful for those who lack mobility, though it has a 1-minute cooldown.

 Night Fae: Soulshape

Transform into a Vulpin and blink 15 yards forward. Movement speed increases by 50% while in that form. Activate the skill again to blink forward every few seconds. The transformation lasts for 12 seconds unless in a rest area. Has a 1.5-minute cooldown. You may earn more forms for this skill by increasing renown for the Covenant or as rewards for other tasks. Available forms are (other than the default Vulpin): 

  • Moth
  • Runestag
  • Unicorn
  • Teroclaw
  • Crane
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Hyena
  • Cobra
  • Dragon Turtle
  • Stag
  • Owlcat
  • Nightsaber
  • Raptor
  • Bear
  • Moose
  • Wolf
  • Feathered Drake
  • Wolfhawk
  • Hippogryph
  • Gryphon
  • Wyvern
  • Toad

Necrolord: Fleshcraft

Form a shield made of flesh and bone. Normally, it can take damage up to 20% of your HP. However, you can increase that to 50% by casting the skill with a corpse nearby. Lasts for 4 seconds and has a 2-minute cooldown. It has a defensive range of 10 yards. With a pretty long channeling time and good timing, you might be able to survive some one-hit KO skills.


Of course, there are also class-specific Covenant abilities. However, across 12 classes and four Covenants, that’s 48 skills to go through. That’s not going to be in this article, but please do research about that as well.

While these skills can’t be tested out in serious situations yet, some of them can at least be applied in other content. The Kyrian Steward allowing access to the teleport network can be a great boon in getting around Bastion. With sufficient levels, even your friends can use it too! Plus, the cleansing aspect of the phial can be a useful tool in some situations.

The Night Fae’s Soulshape would be good for content where you have to run away or skip a section in a dungeon. The same goes for Venthyr’s Door of Shadows, both blink skills with different mechanics. Either one would be good for those lacking in mobility or those who don’t like walking everywhere.

Anyway, these skills may not look useful right now, but World of Warcraft is always adding new content. Who knows? Maybe these skills will become a necessity in the future. As for choosing a covenant now, pick the one you’ll enjoy the most.

Some players might like the transformation aspect of Soulshape. Others might prefer the blink ability of the Venthyr. A smaller group of players might enjoy having the ability to call a servant. Those who like defending and tanking for people might go for Fleshcraft. Player experience varies, and their preferences do too.

At any rate, the punishment for regretting your decision isn’t that bad (nothing warranting having to buy WoW gold). However, it’s always better to stick with one. Also, don’t keep on going back and forth. Leaving a Covenant breaks their trust, which is why you have to prove yourself if you want to go back. Going back and forth Covenants only proves that you can’t be trusted.

So choose your WoW Shadowlands Covenant wisely and enjoy World of Warcraft!

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Why Crypto and Blockchain Gaming is the Fastest Growing Trend in 2022?




  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have evolved from a minor pastime of tech-savvy enthusiasts into a worldwide movement in the last few years. And it’s just the beginning of the story. You may be shocked at how many individuals are already familiar with blockchain technology and have a bitcoin wallet on their phones. Although the world has not yet fully embraced blockchain gaming in all of its poocoin stock, the future seems to be quite bright.

A decentralized digital ledger that maintains track of all transactions on the network, known as the “blockchain,” is what the word refers to. All of the transactions are documented in blocks, linked together to form a chain of transactions. As a result, each block carries all the information about where it originated and where it is headed. The difficulty of hacking or corrupting any data on the blockchain is significantly increased due to these features.

Investing is a challenging undertaking, and you should be aware of all the risks. Investing in bitcoin exchanges is a high-risk approach to gaining money. On the BitConnect website, you can go through various bitcoin robot reviews and decide which one is ideal. If you want to discover further about bitcoin trading robots, 

Reasons Why Crypto and Blockchain Gaming is the Fastest Growing Trend in 2022:

  1. Online Gamers are Expanding

One of the most apparent reasons why cryptocurrency and blockchain gaming will be the fastest growing trend in 2022 is the fact that they are decentralized. With millions of individuals globally playing games online, the number of online gamers is rapidly increasing. It’s only logical that more people would want to try crypto games, particularly if they’re seeking a method to make money while playing crypto  games.

  1. Data Security and Protection

Security and data protection are why crypto and blockchain gaming will be the fastest-rising trend in 2022. When you use bitcoin for gaming, the blockchain technology utilized by most cryptocurrencies employs encryption to guarantee that all transactions are safe. This ensures that your personal information will not be stolen or compromised. Because all transactions are recorded on a public ledger that everyone can see, only the transaction owner has access to its contents. This may also assist in preventing cheating in specific kinds of games like poker or slots.

  1. Transparency in the Gaming Industry  

Blockchain games have more transparency than conventional gaming platforms, which may be a significant selling factor for gamers who want to know how developers are using their money. Blockchain games are also more affordable than traditional gaming platforms. A further advantage of the blockchain is that it will enable players to spend their winnings on other games or things they want rather than waiting for someone else to determine what they may do with them.

  1. Improved Game Distribution

With crypto and blockchain gaming, developers don’t have to think about getting their games onto consoles or mobile devices. They can create their distribution channels and profit solely from sales made through those channels. This means that gamers have better access to the games they want to play without going through multiple steps between purchasing an app or game and playing it on their preferred device (or paying for it). And, since crypto/blockchain firms are always searching for new ways to develop, there is no limit to how much better things can become for gamers in the future.

  1. The Future of Gaming Looks Promising

With the introduction of the blockchain, various new possibilities have opened up for gamers. Players may now earn money as they play, thanks to the availability of cryptocurrencies and digital assets to use in their games. This is certainly a novel approach to problem-solving, but it will gain popularity as more people get engaged with it.

Wrap Up

For the time being, we can expect that the value of this cryptocurrency will continue to rise as more game creators begin to release blockchain-based games. Video game lovers are excited to see what these inventors can create by routinely combining bitcoin and blockchain technologies into their gaming experiences. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will probably play a role in the gaming future.      

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Top Games in iGaming



Online gaming is a flourishing industry that has become an integral part of our culture and shows no signs of abating. This sector that never sleeps is embracing technologies to provide a more improved gaming experience making it grow in a very innovative and competitive way. A high-growth industry means a range of diverse games paired with innovations to improve players’ satisfaction as well as extensive regulation to allow players to have fun in a safe and secure environment. As iGaming is an out-innovating with the most diverse fanbases in the world, the operators have constantly satisfied them through a variety of games. With a decent selection of games that can be a confusing situation, here are the best titles you need to play.

Rainbow Riches

The myths and legends make Ireland reputed worldwide so it pushes developers to create impressive games based on Irish folklore. One of the iconic games in the online gaming market is the bingo game Rainbow Riches. Taken from the timeless slot Rainbow Riches developed by Barcrest, this game enables the players to explore the Emerald Isle where they meet the generous Leprechauns. Rainbow Riches is taken from the 40-ball bingo designed with high-quality and more profitable features including the two jackpots. When playing this excellent bingo variant, your first mission is to find the gentle Leprechaun who lives at the end of the rainbow. To win, you will need to get four numbers and through its electrifying features, tons of fun and excitement are ensured. Try also to boost the two jackpots: a Wishing Well jackpot and the Rainbow Road as both are bundled with sizeable winnings.

Fluffy Favourites

Taken from the emblematic Eyecon’s slot Fluffy Favourites, this bingo variant is among the popular titles in the online bingo market. As its title indicates, this bingo version takes the players back to relive their best moment of life when they meet the cute animal toys which reward them with huge prizes. To play Fluffy Favourites, you have to register at bingo sites with fluffy favourites jackpots and then, purchase your bingo tickets. This themed-animal toys bingo is taken from the 90-ball game designed with impressive graphics and animations. Try to mark off the numbers on your ticket and you win when you arrive to fill any of the stated patterns. Several extra features are packed with this game and to trigger them, you need to match 3 symbols on the spinning reels in order to play the bonus games. The Fluffy extra jackpots and progressive jackpot are also the most profitable features guaranteeing significant gains.

Deal or No Deal

If the phrase “Deal or No Deal” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the unforgettable TV game show Deal or No Deal. This exhilarating hit game show was first aired on December 19, 2005, in the UK when the contestants play and deal for the biggest cash prize. Deal or No Deal bingo is inspired by this show and is taken from the rememberable traditional 90-ball that is composed of 3 rows and 9 columns. On every ticket, each row has 5 numbers with a total of 15 numbers, and after choosing your stake, pick your lucky red box to relevel your prize. The special Deal or No Deals features make this virtual bingo game popular among enthusiasts. The thrills are also promised with the progressive jackpot which is the most lucrative feature of this game. The amount of the prize depends on your budget but one thing is for sure, the big prizes are waiting for the winners.


The year 2022 proves to be a dynamic time for the iGaming industry with new opportunities to keep entertained with the range of games. As the bingo developers invest heavily to provide a large selection of exciting games to enhance the players’ gaming experience, several titles have invaded the bingo casinos. From traditional versions to the more improved online variants, bingo games continue to thrive in the online gaming market. Among them are Fluffy Favourites, Deal or No Deal, and Rainbow Riches; three bingo games that are considered the most seductive titles and are designed with more thrilling features. If you are a newcomer or a professional player, these bingo games are deserved to be tried.

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Boosting Players in the World of Warcraft



Boosting Players in the World of Warcraft

Multiplayer Boosting refers to assisting in leveling up a character and achieving certain goals that ordinary players cannot achieve. World of Warcraft has been around for over 16 years. During this period, the developers have added thousands of achievements, titles, more than 500 unique vehicles, hundreds of sets of items and weapons. Also, collecting can include pets, passing dungeons and raids, boosting reputation and purchasing unique items from brokers.

Collecting a large collection of items, especially if you started not since the release of the game, is almost impossible. You will have to spend a lot of time to go through the previous expansions, not to mention the rewards from the current content. After all, developers continue to add new rewards to the game. You’ll have to break apart to swing in several additions at once. But you can do it easier and use the boosting services from other players. Since most of the achievements are account-wide, you can play as a character on the current patch, and another person will help you build reputation and get rewards from the previous expansion, replenishing your collection with unique items.

Boosting in raid dungeons

Traditionally, in every patch there is always a raid dungeon, where a group of 20 people fight against strong opponents. As a reward for winning, raiders receive equipment, accessories, or rare items that are used in crafting. The difficulty of the Wow Raid Boost consists of four levels. Each adds new boss mechanics and increased ability damage. Defeating all the bosses on mythic difficulty to get a rare title and mount is not possible for everyone. In this case, you can always ask a third-party platform to boost your character so that a group of 20 people kill bosses with you.

Mythic Keys in World of Warcraft

Another way to dress your character in top gear is to go through the Mythic dungeons for a while. For successful completion at the end dungeon, you will receive a reward. The difficulty of passing increases from the level of the key. Along with this, the level of the item that can fall out of the chest also increases. Many players strive to close as high a key as possible at the start of the add-on. But to do it in a timer, it takes a strong group of 5 people. If you do not understand the mechanics of Mythic dungeons or you are not accepted into a group due to a low Mythic score, you can buy boost from a party of 4 players. They will take you into their group and in the allotted time will close the key, transferring all the loot for your character at the end of the passage.

Boosting in the World of Warcraft Arena

On rated battlefields PvP gearIts difference lies in pumping and secondary characteristics. Each item has a versatility stat that is important for tanks and certain specializations. Items do not drop after winning the arena as random loot. It is bought from brokers for conquest points. Any player can buy an item, but it will have a minimum level. To upgrade it to the maximum value, you need to reach a certain rank and earn more than 2000 rating points.

Boosting in World of Warcraft helps regular players get rare rewards and quickly equip an alternate character if there is not enough time for this. It is recommended to order help from other users on trusted sites.

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How To Play Bingo Online 



Bingo Online

If you think this game is only played at Bingo Hall or charity events, you are mistaken. Because bingo has many applications like gambling, education, and health improvement. This is a game of chance where you should match numbers printed in different arrangements on cards with the numbers the game host draws randomly. When you find the selected numbers are arranged on your card in a row, you call out “Bingo!” and this is the end of the round. However, this is not all about this game. Bingo can be used as teaching material for special children like autistic kids. In children with autism, cognitive impairments, or speech disorders, responding to who, what, where, when, and why questions are extremely challenging. So, practicing answering questions using the fun bingo games will be very helpful and students will learn the skill successfully without feeling pressure. Moreover, Bingo is an awesome tool to help the elderly. This game has proven ameliorative impacts on memory and motor skills. 

Playnowpros: Thanks to online casinos, you can play bingo and win real money. Like most gambling games, bingo games are offered in different versions. Below is a summary of the versions you can find out there. To read all in detail, visit and read HOW TO PLAY BINGO ONLINE WITH REAL MONEY?

  1. Traditional American Bingo (75 Balls)
  2. UK Bingo or Housie (90 Balls)
  3. Online Bingo (80 Balls)
  4. Speed Bingo (30 Balls)
  5. Blackout Bingo
  6. Fixed Jackpot Bingo
  7. Progressive Jackpot Bingo 
  8. Bingo Tournaments
  9. Bingo Slot Machines
  10. Online Casino Bingo
  11. Novelty Bingo Games

The online bingo rules are as straightforward as they were in your childhood except, well, you were playing with your grandma on the porch instead of online. 

When playing online bingo games, you get a grid with random numbers. You can play one or more grids or cards at a time according to your budget. The dealer or an automatic number generator will call a series of numbers and the system will match the ones you have on your grid. The dealer will call numbers until someone completes the established pattern and becomes the winner.

Understanding the pattern of the game you selected is important to know how to win at bingo. To win at bingo games for real money, you need to complete a specific pattern. Read the rules and understand the type of game you are playing. Below is a summary of the most common winning combinations in Online Bingo Games. To read everything about the patterns, how to play, the best Bingo apps, and more, do not forget to visit Playnowpros.

  1. Straight-line pattern: Complete a five square line vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on a grid to win.
  2. X pattern: Make an x pattern on your grid and win. This pattern has bigger jackpots because it is harder to complete.
  3. Four corners pattern: Hit the four numbers on each corner of your bingo card to win. Like X patter, this one has bigger jackpots because completing it is not as easy as straight-line.
  4. Full bingo pattern: This is usually played on a three-by-three grid. This means you should hit the nine numbers to win. This is also known as coverall blackout or full grid.

Either on your desktop or phone, the chance to win money playing bingo is just a couple of clicks away. You can pick any of our recommended casinos and play with confidence. You can find online bingo games under the specialty games or the other games section at the casino sites. The best casinos that offer online Bingo games and accept US players are:

  • Betonline
  • Wild Casino
  • Super Slots
  • Bovada
  • Tiger Gaming

You can find the comprehensive reviews of these gambling sites and other sites in the Casino Review section of

Although bingo is a game of chance, and winning at online games is mostly about good luck, you can put a few basic strategies into place to give yourself a better shot. Below is a summary of tips and tricks you can use in online Bingo games:

  • This is an easy game to learn and play. However, an experienced player might have a better chance than a newbie just by being familiar with the basic concepts. Play several times until you master the interface, rules, and the different games. 
  • Real money online bingo is fun because you can chat with people you don’t know while playing. However, having too many people in the same room might play against you. So, look for bingo rooms with fewer people and improve your chances of winning.
  • Try out different games. Bingo games have different jackpots, especially depending on the number of calls per game. The harder the pattern to hit-like X pattern, the bigger the pot. 
  • And last but not least, keep in mind that the numbers are entirely random in any real money bingo game. So, they cannot be cheated or beaten. Any advantage in the odds comes when you are selecting the type of game.
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Block Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball Teams




Block Shooting Drills

Basketball is currently the most popular sport played in the United States. It is also currently most popular sport played in US sports all around the world. Youth basketball teams are the future of the sport and there are many ways to improve their individual and team performance. One proven way of doing this is through practicing shooting drills.

If you’re a basketball shot trainer and want to in still good habits in your players, consider using block shooting drills. These drills help players develop their mental and physical abilities, improve their body control and focus on improving their shooting skills. By incorporating these drills into your practice routine, you’ll be able to quickly improve your players’ shooting skills.

Block Shooting Drills

1. Ray Allen Shooting Drill

The Ray Allen Shooting Drill is a looping shooting drill that teaches your players to focus on their shooting form and balance. Run the drill in both directions.

To begin, have two players stand on each block at the free-throw line. Place them far enough apart so they can’t dribble the ball between them. When the drill begins, the players must pass the ball back and forth while dribbling around the block.

2. Elbow Shooting Drill

The elbow shooting drill teaches players to elevate and shoot the ball right off their catch. This shot trainer basketball forces players to focus on their timing.

While standing at the elbow, have players catch the ball with their shooting hand, then quickly elevate and shoot. If they’re too slow, they will shoot it short.

3. 555 Shooting Drill

The 555 shooting drill helps players develop a quick release. It is designed to simulate the motion of raising the ball to shoot it.

Get into a triple threat position at the elbow of the free-throw line. Start with the ball in your shooting hand, with your off-hand up as if you were about to pass the ball. When your coach says “go,” quickly raise the ball to shoot it. As soon as the ball hits your hand, make a pass fake.

4. Short-Long Shooting Drill

This shooting drill encourages players to shoot the ball off the bounce.

Have your players get into a triple-threat position at the elbow of the free-throw line. Have them bounce the ball three times and then shoot it.

After completing one shot, have them get ready for the next. Have them make a pass fake, then shoot the ball again. Repeat this process for five to 10 shots.

5. Three Competitive Shooting Drills

When players are shooting competitively, it keeps them involved in the drill as well as motivated.

Shoot with a partner in a three-point shooting drill. When both players have taken their shots, the player who has the most threes or who made the longest shot wins.

Another option is to shoot with a basketball shot trainer in a free throw shooting drill.

6. 2 Ball Shooting Drill

This drill focuses on shooting with two basketballs at once.

Have your players start with both basketballs resting on their fingertips. Have them walk down the court with both balls in the air at all times.

Give your players the command to “pop” and have them shoot the ball.

7. Fastbreak Shooting Drill: 12 Players, 1 Hoop

With this drill, your players will be shooting in a fastbreak style of play. The objective is to have all your players shooting before the defense can get into their defensive sets.

If you have a full team of 12 players, divide your players into groups of three.

For all three groups, have the point guard bring the basketball down the court, and once the point guard passes halfcourt, all three players should be ready to shoot their shots.


Developing a great shot is one of the most essential skills in a basketball return system. If you’re a coach who is really on top of their game, they should spend their off-season focusing on their shot. This leads to a lot of practice and repetition. The only way to truly be great at shooting is to work on it. Get them shooting as soon as possible, and don’t let them stop working on their shots until the season begins!

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