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WOTLK Classic: Complete Guides About Tailoring

The Lich King and his undead minions are back in Northrend with the release of the WotLK Classic. Because of their arrival, Northrend became extremely cold again. If you want to venture out in Northrend, you have to dress appropriately to endure the Northrend cold. Only by overcoming such external obstacles can you better preserve your strength against the dungeon mobs in Northrend. And the Tailors of Azeroth can help your character deal with that with ease.

In the latest Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, the level cap of all Profssions has been further increased. After this upgrade, Tailors has its own exclusive mount, a flying carpet mount. And their Tailoring skill can help players make pre-raid Best-in-Slot pieces, so they get a lot of attention from players. They hope that by improving Tailoring skills, in this way, WOTLK Classic Gold can be easily farmed. This guide will cover the aspects of Tailoring and help you clear up your doubts.

Northrend Tailoring Trainers

If you want to travel to Northrend, first your Tailoring skill must reach level 350. Of course, you’ll need some professional help to get to this level. Below is a list of trainers from different camps and the way to find them.


  • Alexandra McQueen — You need to enter Vengeance Landing on the east coast of Howling Fjord via zeppelin in Tirisfal Glades.
  • Raenah — You can take the zeppelin from the tower outside the Orgrimmar gate to the main floor of the Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra.


  • Benjamin Clegg — You can take the boat from Menethil Harbor to Valgarde.
  • Darin Goodstitch — Take a boat from Stormwind Harbor to Valiance Keep, which is off the southern coast of the Borean Tundra.


  • Charles Worth — You should first go to the Tailor at the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran’s Underbelly, and then look for him at the counter at Talismanic Textiles.

How To Farm Frostweave

In the game, the cloth armor, storage bags and wearable cosmetics (such as shirts) required by the characters are specially made by tailors. Especially in the early stages of Classic, when the characters are in desperate need of bags. Therefore, players can farm a lot of WotLK Gold by using the special profession of Tailor.

And most Tailoring recipes require cloth. You can buy it from Auction House by spending WoW WotLk Classic Gold, but most of the clothes can be farmed directly.

Finding Drops From Enemies

If you are in an open world, you can find most cloth drops from humanoid mobs. It is recommended that you go to Howling Fjord first, because most of the enemies on this continent are humanoids.

Running Dungeons

In the process of running Dungeons, although Frostweave can be found in any situation, the priority is to find humanoid enemies. What’s more, you can find many humanoid enemies in Utgarde Keep and the Troll temple of Zul’Drak.

Hunting for Reinforced Crates

Reinforced Crates will be randomly refreshed in various fishing nodes. Opening these crates, you will not only get a variety of raw resources, such as Borean Leather, Cobalt Ore, but also a chance to get Frostweave cloth.

Searching Chests And Lockboxes

Sometimes you can open and loot the Chests and Lockboxes in the open world, sometimes you need a Rogue to help you unlock locked items in your inventory to get them. Either way, you have a chance to get Frostweave.

Tailoring Fast Leveling

As with all professions in WoW, the player gains Tailoring skill points when performing a specific task.


Frostweave is the new fabric on loom. Players with character level 70 and above have a chance to find and use this cloth in Northrend. After you have collected 250 Frostweave Cloth and crafted 50 Bolts of Frostweave, your Tailoring skill can be upgraded from level 350 to level 375.

When your Tailoring skill reaches level 375, you can ask your Tailoring Trainers how to polish key parts of your Frostweave set to 395. You may need to prepare five Belts, five pairs of Boots, and thirteen Cowls in advance. Once the upgrade of the Frostweave set is complete, you can move on to learning how to upgrade the Duskweave set. Five Duskweave Belts should help you upgrade the Duskweave set to 400.

Imbued Frostweave

When your character reaches level 400, you can learn how to craft Imbued Frostweave. Since this is an advanced Northrend Tailoring recipe, you will need to prepare Bolts of Frostweave and Infinite Dust, an Enchanting reagent, in advance.

If you are an Enchanter, you can easily craft this item. But if you’re not an Enchanter, you can buy it with WoW WotLK Gold from the Auction House, ask your Enchanter friends for it directly or raid the guild bank. In addition to these methods, you can also head to IGGM to find more efficient methods. There, you can buy other cheap WOTLK Classic Items in addition to the items mentioned above.

After you learn the recipe for Imbued Frostweave, you should prepare five Belts, five pairs of Boots, and thirteen Cowls to increase the parts of the Duskweave set from 400 to 425.

Finally, all you need to do is make the Frostweave Bags. You only need to make about 20 to reach the max skill level of 450. Of course, too many Frostweave Bags can take up your storage space, so you can choose to sell these bags.

Why We Should Level Tailoring?

  1. You can learn a magic carpet in The Burning Crusade. But it’s not an epic-level, extra-fast mount like Magnificent Flying Carpet, which has shape-shifting abilities, a Disney reference, and a comfy pillow.
  2. You can craft pre-raid Best-in-Slot Items without going through dungeons or battlegrounds, such as The Wintry Hate of Doom and the Ebonshroud Robe.
  3. Tailoring has more advantages in leveling First Aid than other professions. First Aid needs a lot of bandages, and tailors just need to store the cloth, which happens to be the main part of making bandages.
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