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Before identifying any reputed dropshipping site, we have to know about the term of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a kind of retail marketing. In dropshipping marketing, the seller does not have any product to stock, but they received a buyer order. A third-party presence exists here that will supply the demand. At first, the seller transfers the shipment related details to the manufacturer. As a result, the retailer is responsible for selling that product, but the retailer has no control over product quality or storage. They don’t have to think about their inventory management. So, nowadays, dropshipping is a vital resource for business. You have to handle the whole process between buyer and supplier. 

The buyer submits the orders, and suppliers manufacture the products. But in the middle, retailers have to control the entire thing. Retailers have to collect the demands from the buyer. All the information of shipment refers to the suppliers, and they submit buyers’ orders. Online retailers are responsible for merchandising in the middle. Modern days, drop shipping sites are quite available. But drop shipping is not so easy, and it is quite tough to get started over dropshipping. Some of those dropshipping sites are good as well, and some are too much overpriced. Some dropshipping sites charge money only to see their products. Some dropshipping site’s membership fees are extortionate price, which is robbery. But in so many things, here are the vast number of free dropshipping sites. They provide a lot of online dropshipping sites that are free of cost. The most famous online dropshipping sites are Aliexpres,, Thomasnet, Wholesale center, Worldwide bangs, Bang Good, DHgate, China brands, etc. 

These are the top dropshipping sites in the world. 


There is no doubt, DHgate is one of the most reputable online businesses around the world. Diane Wang was the founder of the DHgate dropshipping platform. And now, it’s located in Beijing, China. Most of its functions are B2B based. It is an e-commerce marketplace. DHgate is base on business to business and business to cross-border consumer connections, and it is the biggest e-commerce trade marketplace, not only in China but also in the whole world. It is the biggest marketplace that facilitates the sale of manufactured products from suppliers to various retailers. And the location is Beijing, China.

There is a vast number of online drop shipping websites like DHgate


Aliexpress is one of them. AliExpress is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in our modern time, and it was launch in 2010. The platform is top-rated when it starts to a dropshipping alternative like the DHgate site. This site will easily connect with retailers and customers from all over the world. This website(Aliexpress) is different from DHgate. It follows the B2C transaction, whereas DHgate uses B2B transaction methods.

Compared to the all dropshipping sites list, GoTen is a young company. It arrives recently, and that is making waves in the online dropshipping world. GoTen company is a global wholesale platform. It is so trustworthy and over 20,000 sellers with over 20,000 profitable retailers and 26 main product categories. US/UK warehouses have 450,000 square meters for their own. And, it offers free and speedy delivery and free membership. It also provides unbeatable discounts by GoTen login.

Its featured product helps you save tremendous time, and the product research will not need. You can benefit from the site. GoTen sells products through various e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Wish, etc. Some great potentials clarify the sustainable growth of the dropshipping business. Another site similar to DHgate, you can make huge profits from GoTen dropshipping site. 


Alibaba is a large e-commerce platform that does not needs any introduction to introduce it. That is because it is an established brand. It is one of the great Chinese sites, which acts like DHgate. The platform works by connecting with retailers and sellers on the site. The site has a minimum of 12 different categories. This site also has thousands of products.

Most importantly, Alibaba company has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot. Alibaba company also has one of the most outstanding apps, which is similar to DHgate.

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