Words: 5-letter words with a maximum number of negative integers

So you’ve been playing Wordle for a while and getting better every day. But you want an edge over friends and others, a potential ‘best word’ or a list of best words to start with.

Well, look no further, Wordle has a list of five-letter words with the most vowels to improve your score. So sit down, open that browser, and type the best words you can guess into Wordle.

Wordle vowel math

All conversations in the Wordle discussion space seem to resonate with a sentence. I always start with a word with more than one vowel. This is something that needs to be kept under a microscope for detailed study.

Word games aren’t good to experience, it doesn’t matter – usually, people come up with words containing at least one vowel while playing. In Wordle, there is an added tendency to repeat vowels, as words like “color”, “alphabet” or “bloom” tend to easily escape our brains and show up on screens.

However, Wordle strategists do not insist on including vowel-rich words because of their frequency. Instead, it is suggested as a calculated step to optimize the second (and continuous) step with the best first word.

And strategically, words that contain a lot of vowels make for some of the best first words. This is because the general rules of the English language and conditions are specially designed by the creator. In English, there are many words that do not have vowels. The list is further compressed when five-letter words are considered separately. Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle helper, graciously removed rare words from the list of 2,135 eligible words, further reinforcing the opportunity for words with no voice. It just leaves you with very few non-voiced words like crypt or gypsy.

That being said, your first (and possibly second) conjecture tone-filling math is about simplifying the elimination process. When you start your Wordle with a word like ADIEU, you send four of the five vowels in color feedback from the game. For a word that contains many other vowels like QUEUE, you are more likely to get at least one of the vowels mentioned with a yellow or green response than a positive response.

The argument is simple: ADIEU isn’t just a word containing multiple vowels, it’s just made up of unique characters. In contrast, the word QUEUE brings only three characters to the table and greatly reduces the chances of a positive response.

The trick is to start with the vowels that are almost certain to be present in all qualifying words and include as many letters as possible with as much variety as possible.

Word: A 5-letter word with four vowels










Five-letter words with four unique vowels provide an almost guaranteed key of at least one vowel.

Word: A 5-letter word with three vowels

Since the list of five-letter words with three vowels is quite long, we included it in a list of 30 words that you can use to remove three vowels in a word. Some of the words below have four vowels, but you’ll notice that they only have three distinct vowels, so that’s on the list of three.

3-Vowel words that do not repeat vowels:




Stand up

Home page









Pretty much






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