Word Traveling at Warp Speed? 7 Mistakes That Could Put Your Business Reputation At Risk

With social media making it easier than ever to spread news like wildfire, small mistakes can become big problems that put your business reputation at risk. Being aware of the situations that can stir trouble for your brand is the first step in safeguarding your business reputation. 

Building and maintaining your business’s reputation takes effort. That effort is why it can be so devastating to see your reputation negatively impacted. Fortunately, you can take steps to reverse any mistakes you have made that put your business reputation at risk. 

Listing your home address as your company address

One easy mistake to fix is changing your company address. Your business reputation could suffer if customers realize that you used your home as your company address. Rather than looking green and unprofessional, you can use a virtual business address. 

Companies like iPostal1 offer virtual business addresses in all fifty states. If you continue to use your home address, you could face legal issues and privacy concerns. With a virtual business address, your business puts forth a professional presence that customers can trust.

Not paying attention to your online presence

If you haven’t conducted a Google search on yourself and your business, you could be missing out on valuable intel. Customers regularly search businesses and products to see what other people have to say. Just a few negative comments could put your business reputation at risk. 

As the business owner, your response to negative comments makes a difference. Customers want to see that you care about customer service and making things right. Finding out what people are saying about your business online and responding professionally can boost your credibility.

Getting by, but not doing your best

If your business is only just meeting expectations, that might not be enough to leave a powerful impression. Customers have many choices for products and services, and they want to support companies that exceed their expectations. Try going the extra mile for your customers when possible; they’ll remember this and be more likely to recommend you to a friend. 

Doing a mediocre job

If you want to build your reputation, do everything with quality and effort. If you put forth a mediocre attempt and slap together a less-than-stellar social media campaign or brand logo redesign, your customers will catch on to this half-hearted attempt. In worst-case scenarios, these formerly loyal customers will tell their friends, doing damage to your reputation. 

You must show that you care about the products and services your company offers. Businesses scale and succeed because their stakeholders work hard and avoid taking shortcuts. Customers notice when quality declines and often make the switch to companies that don’t settle for shortcuts.

Not learning from your mistakes

When businesses make mistakes, they own them and learn from them. Companies that don’t learn from or apologize for their mistakes lose their customers. After all, consumers appreciate transparency and humanity from their favorite businesses. 

Prioritizing money over people

The most important thing about any business is its people, but companies often put money first. Customers recognize when money becomes the priority because the quality drops and shortcuts become the norm. Remember that while important, maximizing profits shouldn’t come before helping the people your business serves. 

Lack of consistency

Businesses that scale and succeed do so because they provide consistent quality and service. When consistency waivers, customers notice problems. They want their coffee to taste the same, their shoes to fit, and their calls to be answered. If customers cannot trust that companies will meet their typical expectations, they will go to businesses that can. 

Wrap up

Your business reputation is at stake in conversations of consistency, priorities, and quality. As soon as reputations weaken, customers move on to businesses that maintain quality and live true to their core values. 

Keep your reputation strong by remembering to go the extra mile where possible and to avoid shortcuts. You know your business is a one-in-a-million, and it’s your job to ensure that others know it too. 

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