With Heena Vinayak from TimesNext: Unlocking India’s next big startup trends in 2021 and beyond

Takeaway: The COVID-19 pandemic and a few other factors – has reduced the number of startup firms in India this year.

Compared to their record of $ 14.5 billion fundraisings last year, the start of Indians alone in 2020 is about $ 9.3 billion. This is the first time since 2016 that startups in India, one of the world’s leading startup communities, have raised less than $ 10 billion a year, according to consulting firm Tracxn.

Heena Vinayak, CEO at TimesNext.com

The number of deals has dropped from 1,185 last year to 1,088 by 2020. There were some great cycles, too. Firms with $ 100 million or hundreds dropped from 26 in 2019 to 20 (these rounds brought in $ 3.6 billion this year, compared to $ 7.5 billion last year), and similarly, $ 50 to $ 100 million dropped from 27 to 13. (Statistics do not include Jio Platforms’ investments, the largest communications company, which alone collected more than $ 20 billion this year.)

Although a slight decline, India’s start has seen a major return in the second half of this year. In the first quarter, the start of the world’s second-largest internet market has raised just $ 4.2 billion from about 461 deals, Tracxn said.

The data given above seems crazy, right?

Amidst this pandemic, the one thing which didn’t stop was TimesNext’s dedication to spreading the latest news, startup trends, and startup stories to their readers.

TimesNext – Setting the trends in India’s startup industry.

TimesNext is a startup stories and startup news platform that offers unique, thought-provoking, and educational content on a student basis through storytelling techniques.

The first news, and emerging news platform, has explored its approach to the roots of India’s launch culture to bring out the most diverse and unprecedented news stories. Platforms provide their audiences with the latest news and launch news from around the world.

The platform covers stories from startups to unicorns, from AI to the latest developments in the city. Stories often show the hardships faced by an entrepreneur and how he overcame obstacles in their initial journey.

TimesNext strives to be the voice of the unspoken, the ears of the deaf, and the vision of the invisible business and business. The platform put together new launch stories about inspiring entrepreneurs from different backgrounds to spread their word and reach more people.

The platform is led by CEO Heena Vinayak, who has the vision to help businesses that are invisible, inaudible, and unspoken and help them raise!

Unlocking India’s new startup trends in 2021 with Heena Vinayak from TimesNext.

Heena Vinayak started this journey of endeavoring the latest startup trends and digging out the startup stories providing the readers with an in-depth knowledge of startups just 2 years back.

Since then, the TimesNext journey has begun. The platform has already covered hundreds of unseen and unheard entrepreneurs and their journey from scratch, giving them equal dignity in the industry.

Heena Vinayak founded TimesNext two years back when the other startup media communities were already blooming. Even the platform was launched just two years back. It survived this competitive industry and managed to ace it as TimesNext is counted in one of the most reputed startup media communities. 

The TimesNext team uses its research skills to collect unique and unique business startup stories ranging from robots, AI, bitcoin, and technology to the fashion industry and hands that anyone has never heard before.

The TimesNext team publishes an in-depth and precisely written article on topics that help Indian entrepreneurs with the Startup India Scheme – on various concerns like how to apply, eligibility, benefits, etc. That helps increase the publicity of startups in India.

“We are looking forward to many unheard startup stories in 2021 and providing them a platform at TimesNext in 2021,” says the TimesNext team.

Changing startup trends in India

The startup trends in India are evolving, and that too for good! IT startups are emerging better than ever, whereas concerned travel startups are not doing that good due to the pandemic. Hopefully, it can revive soon.

Meanwhile, the evergreen agriculture and pharmacy sector is doing wonders!

India’s emerging startup system has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, with many Indian home startups developing new solutions that continue to disrupt the industries in which they operate and take established players worldwide.

As we enter 2020 and enter the new decade, the Indian ecosystem has much to look forward to. There is a tangible sense of enthusiasm and optimism for the coming year, though mixed with major concerns such as the impact of the global economic downturn.

“In fact, 2020 makes way for a decade that can clearly see that the country is currently in third place in the global livelihood system and continues to attract funding and build new unicorns.”

This evolution will continue, and initiatives will continue to cater to the needs of those sections of the population, which are outside the crowd of English-speaking people living in the metro. “India has only 100 million people who speak English. Think of services that can be built with other people technically. 

“I see a lot of Indian startups with a social reason when starting a company,” said Michael Siebel, CEO of Y Combinator. In the midst of all, this is the continuing interest of investors in Indian startups. The year 2019 saw Tiger Global, a leading entrepreneur, and freelance entrepreneur, making a comeback by investing in several early startups, including Sequoia, Lightspeed, and Accel

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