Will personalised gift shopping be popular in the future?

It’s been a tough year with the coronavirus pandemic, and many people are wondering how these changes will affect the way we shop and look for gifts in the UK. In the past, we travelled to the high street and had a look around many different shops before eventually ending up buying a present. Now, millions of people are shopping for personalised gifts for friends online, and the quick delivery times of global brands are making it an attractive option for people who don’t have much time to wait. Websites like Amazon and eBay offer endless functionality and ease of use, and the ability to price match also means gift shoppers get a great value product in a quick time.

There is wide variety of categories to choose from when searching for a personalised gift. These days, many businesses are selling beer glasses, jewellery and fashion items like hats and sunglasses to increase their sales. These are great ideas for personalised gifts because they are good value for money and are quick to deliver. There is no need for complex processes or systems to ship the gifts.

As the world becomes more technological, it’s likely that tech gifts for friends and family will become more popular. Just look at how many iPhones were sold in 2020 – over 90 million, an estimated increase of 22.2 percent compared to the previous year. New technology gifts are emerging every day, and it won’t be long before a robot is doing the washing up for us! Companies like Bluedice Solutions offering steel CE marking are becoming more popular with consumers.

You can always opt for tech accessories like personalised phone cases, which are great for young teens who want to flash their style and follow the latest trends. However, often the best personalised gifts for friends are those that mean something to the receiver. Tech gifts aren’t very personal, but jewellery items and things like kitchen utensils are. Think about buying things which someone is going to use every day. For example, everyone needs to cook each day, but they don’t go on holiday all the time so don’t need sun cream. So think carefully about how useful your gift will be for your friend.

Now that high street shopping is becoming less popular and more people are buying personalised gifts online, it has changed buyer patterns. For example, now, people don’t buy clothing items as much because they can’t try things on or see how they look and feel through a screen. This pushes people to buy things like gadgets and other tech gifts – they’re easy to buy and you can’t go wrong with them! Well, unless you buy the wrong sized screen or wrong colour of an item. High street gift shopping isn’t completely dead, it’s just lost popularity since the emergence of global brands like amazon, apple and eBay which are pushing people to use their mouse and keyboard rather than heir legs to walk to the local shops.

It will be interesting to see the difference in personalised gift shopping in the coming years. What do you think? Get in touch with Gift Raven on with your thoughts and experiences of online gift shopping.

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