Why Your Business Needs Print Fleet Management Services

Why Your Business Needs Print Fleet Management Services

Did you know that as many as 64 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are not able to track their printing costs or usage?

Inefficient printing and poor printer maintenance can cost your business thousands of dollars. It can also frustrate employees who need to use the printers and end up trying to fix them.

For companies with a large print fleet, print fleet management is the solution to all of those issues. Whether it is printer management software or on-call service technicians, managed services save you money and your employees time.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits that investing in print fleet management has for your business.

What Is Print Fleet Management?

Print fleet management services are services that a third-party company offers for optimizing and managing the printing and printers for an organization or company. 

Managed services specialize in needs assessment and replacing the hardware needed for printing. They also help with the service and repairs of the existing hardware that the company uses.

An added bonus is the printer management software that they provide. This software helps them to track the usage of your printers, fax machines, and copiers within your print fleet.

The Benefits of Managing Your Print Fleet

The benefits of managing your print fleet are massive for your company or organization. They can help you save money and make your workflow processes much more efficient.

They can also take the burden of trying to fix printers and copiers off of your IT department and other employees. This makes their lives easier and their work more efficient.

Analyzing Your Printing Needs

Some organizations choose to use their IT department for managing their print fleet but that might not be the best use of their time and energy. Managed print services are experts at managing your printing needs no matter how big or small.

They also have knowledge on how to best optimize your print fleet so that you have the right equipment. That way you are getting the most out of it at the best price for you. 

The analysis that print fleet management provides looks at not only your printers but your fax machines and copiers as well. This helps your organization work efficiently.

Reduction of Personal Printers

Another thing that a print fleet management company will look at when analyzing your managed printers is the need for personal printers.

Personal printers are much more costly than many companies realize and they aren’t efficient enough to offset the cost. They also require ink cartridges, which are expensive and specific to that type of printer.

Improving Productivity

If you’ve ever spent time in an office you know that printers break and it usually happens at the most inopportune time. If your IT department is responsible for managing your printers then that becomes their highest priority.

But wouldn’t your business be better of with your IT specialists focused on improving your business’s network and strengthening its cybersecurity?

A print fleet management company provides great business solutions. They allow your employees to focus on the tasks that are best for the business’s needs.

Optimize Printer Placement

One thing that managed printing services specialize in is knowing where to place your printers. That way they’re efficiently located for an ideal number of your employees. 

Making printers and copiers easy to access is critical to your employees. It’ll make them as productive and effective as possible.

If printers are located across the office or on a different floor it wastes valuable time. Employees could spend doing other things that are more beneficial to the company.

Getting Rid of Inefficient Devices

Using printer management software, a printer fleet management service will determine which of your devices are underperforming. From there, they will replace those devices with top-of-the-line options.

Printer management services figure out which devices are best for your business’s needs and document volume. 

Automated Re-Supply

When it comes to an office, there aren’t many things that are more frustrating than being out of toner ink for the printer. A benefit of working with a print fleet service company is that they monitor how much ink you’re using.

This allows them to automatically ship you more toner when they see that your printer is getting low on ink. This keeps your business and employees productive since there is no downtime from equipment issues.

Printer Management Software Data

Printer management software helps you see how much a printer or copier is being used as well as who is using it. This software updates in real-time. It helps you forecast when you’ll need more paper or ink for your devices.

It will also help you account for your expenses and track how much your operations are costing you. Knowing this information is beneficial for helping you budget. It will also help you run your business at optimal levels.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

Being a responsible corporate citizen is important for those around you as well as the Earth as a whole. Reducing your paper consumption and electrical usage is a big step towards helping the environment.

The printer management software will give you information on how much you’re printing. That way you can cut back if you’re negatively impacting the environment.

Added Flexibility

The best organizations are always looking for ways to improve their processes and stay on the cutting edge of technology. By working with a print fleet company, your devices and processes will be optimized.

If new technologies that are beneficial to business become available you have the flexibility to switch to them. Staying efficient will save you money and help the productivity of your employees.

Improved Security

Cybersecurity and intellectual security have never been more critical to businesses than they are now. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data and confidential information are safe is priceless.

Using print management services will find areas of weak security through print as well as intellectual property. Some solutions to this are a printer sign-in procedure and proper document disposal.

Reap the Benefits of Print Fleet Management

Your business’s print fleet is a vital asset for its growth and efficient workflow. It improves your business’s workflow processes. It also provides the best devices available to improve the security of your confidential information.

It decreases your footprint on the environment. It also allows your employees to focus on the tasks that are important to the success of your business. This saves time and frustration from fixing printers and copiers.

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