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Why You Should Transcribe Conferences

Transcribing is a process of converting audio to text and is widely used by people for a variety of purposes.  It is possible to use a human transcriber or go for the second option  – the automatic transcription service. Companies use transcription services for conferences too. The question arises as to why a conference transcript is important. Let’s try to find answers to this question.

1. Helps with a summary of the event

The transcript is a documented account of the event and contains all the details discussed at the event, making it possible to get a conference overview without spending too much time listening to the audio.

2. Eliminates attention problems

Attendees may need to write notes on a topic they believe is important. It may result in missing some significant points because they may be too focused on taking notes rather than listening. Transcribing may solve this problem by offering the entire text. It may also help individuals who have a short attention span and can’t focus on tasks for more than a certain length of time without getting distracted.

3. Enables keyword search

A conference may last for several hours and make it difficult for some participants to follow the events properly. Fortunately, automatic transcription software provides an opportunity to search the whole transcript with keywords. Additionally, by clicking on any keyword related to the topic you are struggling to remember, you can play the audio part associated with that word.

4. Distinguishes between the speakers

Sometimes, listening to audio may not be enough to identify speakers in the conference.  Speech recognition technology powered by artificial intelligence enables the software to differentiate between speakers. This way, you can attribute the quotes to respective owners.

5. Helps to reach a larger audience

 Some people may not attend the conference due to unforeseen reasons, and others may have hearing disabilities. To keep them on track with the discussions, organizers can provide them with the transcript. Translating the transcript to multiple languages is another useful strategy organizers may use to find a new audience. Furthermore, transcribing the conference, using SEO-friendly words and tags, and putting it on your website or social media may help receive attention from all over the world.

6. Can be a source for training and research

Turning the transcript into a book using headings, subheadings, tables, charts, etc., can be beneficial for future employer training. Moreover, a conference transcript with accurate and precise data can be an excellent source for researchers.

You can take advantage of all these features by using Voicedocs, which offers secure data storage and quick turnaround time at a price several times lower than that of the human transcriber.

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