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Why You Should Not Be Ashamed of Reading Glasses



Reading Glasses

Why should not be ashamed of reading glasses

Glasses are cool and glasses can be very stylish and appealing. If you are looking for fabulous readers at a fabulous price then look optic is the place to shop. Reading glasses are at times a necessity for being able to see clearly without struggle. They may be something needed at all times to read. No matter what your level of vision is and or necessity for needing glasses.

Glasses are like an awesome pair of shoes or jewelry, nowadays reading glasses are an accessory and a fashion statement to be proud of wearing. It is simply smart to wear glasses and a studious look can go a long way. Perhaps studious is not your style or preference; you can even go renegade or hypster. There are almost unlimited options when choosing a frame, color and particular style. So many famous and brilliant people around the world wear reading glasses. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when wearing reading glasses.

In case you are still struggling with the idea of reading glasses, here are 12 great words to describe reading glasses:

  1. Trendy and new
  2. Old fashioned
  3. Proud new
  4. Non clerical
  5. Observant
  6. More prominent
  7. Brighter
  8. Brilliant
  9. Miraculous
  10. Charming
  11. Contemporary
  12. Elegant

As you can see in our very short list above, glasses are beautiful by description, and wearing them can be so much fun beyond function.

Try mixing it up and wearing a different pair of reading glasses or prescription glasses a few times a week. Kind of like changing your shoes and wearing a different pair for an outfit or special occasion. You might be thinking how expensive that used to be, or that you can not afford such extravagance. Well think again friends, because look optic has come to the rescue! Glasses have never been more affordable. For the price of a new pair of shoes, you can arm your wardrobe with functional style for days. Imagine at these affordable prices, being able to have a tray in your closet or on a dresser or perhaps the kitchen counter with multiple different frame styles and colors. A pair for different outfits and different moods, functions, and events in your life.

Here is a simple list of different types of shape options with reading glasses, and glasses for any type of vision correction needed:

  1. Square
  2. Oval
  3. Round
  4. Heart Shaped

Not just design shapes as seen above are options, how about all the color options out there for example:

  1. Black
  2. Navy & Sky-blue
  3. Gray
  4. Berry
  5. Bottle Green
  6. Tortoise

Blue light is always an option that can be added these days. Especially with the amount of time we are all spending using electronics. Such as laptops, computers, and hand help devices with television screens running. There seems to be television screens running everywhere, at home, the gym, the office, restaurants, while out shopping, even in the doctor’s office. Blue light lenses can help filter out damaging light from all these electronics. It makes it not only easier to see but also protects our eyes.

You see glasses are fabulous, fantastic, stylish, smart, brilliant, and so good looking. Functionality is obviosuly important and seeing is critical, however there is so much more to glasses than just simply the necessity. This is what changes the glasses game and helps defunct, any idea that anyone should feel shame about reading glasses.

Affordable, style, functional, and awesome are the perfect descriptions for look optic. Why struggle to read? After learning about the many different options for reading glasses at an affordable price for high quality looks and fashionable frames.

Try mixing it up and wearing a different pair of reading glasses or prescription glasses a few times a week. Kind of like changing your shoes and wearing a different pair for an outfit or special occasion. 

There are almost unlimited options when choosing a frame, color and particular style. So many famous and brilliant people around the world wear reading glasses

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Why You Should Buy OUFER Body Jewelry



OUFER Body Jewelry


As a woman, it’s highly likely that you have a lot of body parts that you’re proud of, but there are some areas that you might be self-conscious about. These days, there are all sorts of ways to look your best – from various cosmetics and skincare products to minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. Metal body jewelry is not just a fashion statement. It is also an expression of the wearer’s feelings, personality, and attitude towards life. Over time, it becomes an integral part of the person wearing it. When searching for your next piece of body jewelry, look no further than OUFER. With their vast selection of trendy designs in gold or 316L stainless steel metal finish with different gemstones to choose from, you are sure to find one that meets your needs.

OUFER Benefits

There is no better way to show off your individuality than with the right piece of jewelry. And for this, you need not look beyond OUFER body jewelry. The brand has been making waves in the online arena owing to its wide collection of body piercing jewelry and supplies. When it comes to shopping, the benefits of buying from OUFER body jewelry are endless. You can shop for a wide variety of products that include body piercing jewelry in stainless steel, titanium, and gold, nose rings, earring barbells, cartilage hoops, belly button rings, and many more. There are many benefits to buying your body jewelry from OUFER.

  • Quality assured products.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Rich product range for all kinds of styles, designs, and sizes.
  • Unique design that you will love to wear.
  • Best customer service that you can ever get from a business concern.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Quality of OUFER

Body Jewelry has become a popular form of self-expression for many people. With the wide range of styles available, you are sure to find something that fits your personal tastes. Quality body jewelry is more than just a piece of metal or plastic. Each piece of body jewelry has its own unique story to tell, whether it’s the story behind the design of the piercing itself or something that connects you to your true self.

Buyers of body jewelry often have a hard time finding honest reviews on the quality of various pieces. It is important to know that not all body jewelry is created equal. Some manufacturers use inferior materials in the creation of their products, which can lead to issues with durability and aesthetics. The makings of a quality body jewelry product are not easy tasks. It takes careful craftsmanship, precision workmanship, and quality materials to create the perfect piece of jewelry that you can wear for years to come. OUFER prides itself on providing some of the highest quality body jewelry on the market.

  • OUFER body jewelry gives you different styles of jewelry such as Belly Button Ring, Conch, Daith, Helix, Lobe, Nose hoop, Nose Studs, Septum, Lip Ring, Nose Screws, Rook, Tragus, Eyebrow,  Cartilage, and Non-Dangle Belly Ring.
  •  Their colors are Blue, Pink, Rose Gold, White, Purple, Silver, and Gold.
  • Their materials are 14KT gold, 316L stainless steel, titanium, Opal, Cubic Zirconia.
  • Sizes are 14G, 18G, 16G, and 20G.
  • Themes are Animal, Ball, Elegant, Classic, Flower, Heart, Love, Moon, Planet, Playful, Shiny, and Sun.


OUFER is one of the leading manufacturers of body jewelry. They are popular for their unique designs and high-quality products. Their wide range of products has something for everyone.

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What Makes a Newsworthy Blog?



The key to making money online with a news blog is to pick newsworthy blogs that are well written. A news blog is simply a website where you can write about news of your choice. There are many newsworthy blogs online that you can find. You need to be careful when picking the news blog to promote yourself on. The following are tips that will help you promote newsworthy blogs.

You can begin by writing your own news blog and submitting it to the top news websites. Here you want to make sure that you post at least three times a week and keep the content fresh. Some news websites allow webmasters to create a blog under their name. This is a great way to get listed on some of the top newsworthy blogs in your niche.

Write about the news that you feel strongly about. Pick news that has relevance to your readers. It is important that you write about news that your readers are concerned about. This is the best way for you to build credibility with your readers. News readers tend to trust news that is written well and this is how newsworthy blogs gain readers.

Try to submit to news worthy blogs that are similar to your blog topic. This is a good way to establish yourself as an authority on your blog topic. You want to become known as the go-to source for news that your readers look for. If you are able to get on certain news websites that have a lot of readers, it is a great advantage for your news blog.

Make sure you research any newsworthy blogs you want to promote yourself on. There is no point in promoting yourself on a blog that doesn’t have high viewing numbers. You may not see immediate results but eventually, you will get more viewers and this can lead to long-term success.

It is always good to have backlinks. Blogging is not always about linking to other sites. A news blog does not need backlinks, it is about writing and generating free publicity. It is not very difficult to make backlinks, you just have to have quality content. You can also hire someone to do keyword research for you to find newsworthy topics that you can discuss on your fashion blog.

Don’t be afraid of taking risks and experimenting. You never know what the internet has to offer and you might get lucky. There are many different newsworthy blogs out there, and you should make the most of them. Write news that people want to read, talk about topics people are interested in, and try to contribute something new to the world. It is possible to have success with your own newsworthy blog.

Remember, having a successful blog takes work. If you follow some simple tips and have patience, your blog could become a success. This is a hobby and a passion that many people enjoy and take pride in. If you want to know how to make money with your blog, keep these tips in mind.

The first thing you need to do to ensure newsworthy posts on your blog is to read the news regularly. If you can’t sit down every day and read the newspaper, start by reading the news online. Most news sites have newsletters you can subscribe to and news that they report on. This will help you develop a keen interest in the news. As you develop newsworthy posts, consider posting some of them on your news blog. If your blog can be found in the top five news stories on Google, this will only increase your chances of being discovered!

If you want to be noticed by readers, write about something that your readers are likely to care about. This is the reason why writing news can be both exciting and thrilling for the readers. If your blog can be considered a newsworthy item by experts in the field, it will only add to your credibility. For this reason, many experts are encouraging their followers to sign up for a newsworthy blog so that they could be easily discovered by their readers.

While it is true that reading news can keep you informed, there is much more that can be done to make newsworthy posts. You can use images and videos to make your news posts more interesting. Photos can capture the emotion of the moment very well. However, you shouldn’t simply copy any photo you find on the internet. You should take care not to simply upload any old photograph without giving credit to the owner. This will only damage your reputation as a credible source of news.

A newsworthy blog is a great tool that can be used by both small business owners and professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest news. A newsworthy blog is very easy to set up and can be updated immediately. If you are a news junkie, you would probably benefit a lot from having a newsworthy blog. Start your own newsworthy blog today! Your business and your readers will thank you!

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Graphene Clothing Might Be Here to Stay



Emerging trends in the fashion industry are always pushing the limits of what is considered possible with clothing. Whether they are new bold color combinations, different textures and accessories, or interesting cuts and fits, there are few limits in clothing. However, most traditional clothes are built with one particular weather or season in mind, often due to the material’s natural constraints. And now, innovative graphene-infused fabrics are looking to take over as the next hit in fashion. Graphene is one of the most promising materials of the 21st century. Composed of a single layer of carbon (the same stuff that makes pencil leads and diamonds) in a hexagonal pattern, graphene exhibits properties which can’t be found in other fabrics and industrial materials. While its applications in electronics, medicine, and energetics are promising and subject of extensive research, graphene’s potential can bring this material closer to the wider public.

Brands like Wear Graphene and their GAMMA jacket use graphene injections into traditional synthetic fabrics to provide clothes with unparalleled longevity and adaptability. The jacket’s graphene-nylon blend provides exceptional heat conductivity and UV protection. This is essential in hotter weather since the jacket doesn’t get a lot of heat from the sun despite its black color, keeping the wearer cool. The fabric is also breathable and wicks away moisture for added comfort and sweat prevention.

In cold weather, the GAMMA jacket shows the full power of graphene. By absorbing and distributing the wearer’s body heat, the jacket creates a stable air-insulated layer around as a form of second skin that keeps the wearer warm. When the temperature drops below freezing, this all-climate jacket pulls another trick from its pockets, a set of integrated carbon heaters. The heaters quickly jump to 60-degree Celsius when attached to a power bank, providing comfort in extreme conditions for several hours.

This heated jacket is also designed to be highly functional. The high collar and hood help the wearer escape from any wind or rain that might come their way. The fabric is completely waterproof and wind-resistant for added protection. This functionality extends to the six zipped pockets on the jacket’s outside, protecting the wearer’s valuables from rain and prying hands. The inside pockets can store additional documents and gadgets (including the power bank for the jacket heaters or phone).

With this jacket, wearers can expect years of use. The graphene-nylon blend is strong enough to repel knives and other pointy objects in survival gear, providing an extra layer of protection from the environment and other people. The pivotal point is the jacket’s resistance to odors and spills. It will hardly get dirty in even the most extreme conditions, and even if it does, it can be washed in the machine safely.

Having a great jacket for all climate types and weather conditions is an excellent way to slim down a wardrobe. Multifunctional, long-lasting pieces of clothing can become the next big trend as brands like Wear Graphene explore what’s possible with graphene-based fabrics and apparel. For more information on their vision, go to

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Make Picturesque Memories On Your Wedding Day, Prepare Well For A Lavish Affair



What’s the best part about your wedding? The bridal dress? The location? The food? Nope, it is simply the feeling of celebrating your special day with your loved ones around. The wedding day is not just special for a woman but also for the mother of the bride. It is an emotional as well as a joyful day where people often want to be adjudged for being the best in their style, performances, and attires.

Be Prepared, Be In Queue

Not everything will be available in a golden casket, some you’d have to fend from far off locations. Just like the wedding gown for the mother of the bride; that special piece of clothing must be unique, must stand out, and must represent the bride’s end of family values, culture, and traditions.

Where To Choose Your Best Wedding Wear?

Whether you’re looking for a bridal wedding dress for yourself or looking to style your mum in the best way with a wedding gown especially for the mother of the bride, you can leave everything on the most sought-after online store for everything wedding and festivity.

The online store, filled with the best bridal offerings, will not only prepare you but will help you do the same for your mother, siblings, and other women getting to join the picturesque ladies bandwagon.

If you’re the mother of the bride, the onus is on you to be at your sparkling best at your daughter’s wedding. Most people pay a lot of emphasis to wear matching attires, similar patterns, and colours to make the photos look more lively. If you want to do that too, you can do it by choosing similar picks from the online store. You can also tell them about your distinct plans so the friendly staff can help you get what will suit you and your family the most.

What More To Expect?

Apart from helping an individual select a wedding gown for the mother of the bride, the online store is the perfect home for bridal dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and choosing the perfect prom night dress for youngsters as well as growing adults.

Style is something we all have embedded within ourselves. We just have to find the right partner to reflect on it during a wedding or any other ceremony. Make the right judgement with your dress, and go for the most prized collections available online.

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The Best 8 Things You Could Do To Find a Good Stylist



Choosing a stylist is a very personal experience that can often be intimidating and confusing. But if you are considering changing your style or updating your wardrobe, hiring a personal stylist is a great option for you. 

However, before even thinking about the things to consider when hiring a stylist, you must be wondering who a personal stylist is and what they do. In this blog post, we will give you information on what a stylist does and the 8 things you could do to find a good stylist for your consultation. 

Who Is a Stylist And What Do They Do?

A stylist is a consultant who helps you select clothing for events, public appearances or editorial features. They are also known as personal stylists, wardrobe stylists or fashion stylists. They are often hired by celebrities or A-listers. 

Nowadays, a new branch of personal styling has emerged. Here the stylists help improve the wardrobes of female executives and CEOs or just about anyone who requires their assistance. This democratized way of styling ensures that everyone has access to a team of stylists who have worked in luxury fashion, with celebrities and A-listers. 

Now that you know who stylists are and what they do, let us tell you some of the things we recommend you should consider when trying to find a good stylist. These are the best 8 things you could do to find a good stylist. 

The Best Things You Could Do To Find a Good Stylist

  1. Decide What You Want

The first step in finding a stylist is to figure out what you need their services for. When you have a clear goal in mind about your expectations from a consultation, it is easier to find an image consultant for those specific needs. 

Even after you find a stylist, to make the best out of the situation, you need to communicate to them exactly what you want. The more they know about your preferences, likes and dislikes, the more they can work to find things that suit you. This is essential in creating a professional relationship where everyone benefits. 

  1. Qualifications

This is an extremely important aspect when selecting a stylist. Anyone who has a good personal style is not qualified enough to be a professional stylist. An image consultant goes through rigorous training and has extensive knowledge of fashion. They have the know-how to advise you on how your body shape, face shape, colouring and lifestyle should be complimented by your clothes. Not only do they already have deep information about personal style but they continue to grow their knowledge as they get experience with different clients. The conclusion? You get a stylist who not only knows what they are talking about but also has enough client experience to help you get what you are looking for. 

  1. Past Work

You need to assess the past work of a stylist to see how they have worked with clients whose style is similar to yours. Not only this, having a look at a stylist’s portfolio will give you an idea of how they work with clients whose style is completely different from theirs. Dive in deep and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their work. 

  1. Reviews and Testimonials

It is not just enough to have a look at a stylist’s portfolio before hiring them. You should also look at the reviews and testimonials of past clients. This will help in understanding a client’s experience with the image consultant and their process. You can also contact the client and get a more personal review of their styling sessions with the personal stylist. 

  1. Social Media and Website

Most stylists have their own websites and social media pages, especially Instagram and Facebook. The stylist’s posts, Instagram stories and their overall online profile is a great way to get to know them a little. Through their socials, you can get to see their values, their work process and how they approach a client before you book an appointment with them. If a stylist does Q/A’s on their social accounts, you can also ask them a few questions to get an idea of how a consultation might work. 

  1. Their Style

Take a look at the style of a personal stylist. But make sure that you do not disregard them if their style does not match yours. A good stylist not only knows how to dress others but is also a good advertisement of the services offered by them. This is where a stylist’s personal style comes in. They should be “walking the walk” of style as a promotion for their company. 

  1. Range of Services

If you are looking for a stylist for a specific purpose, it might be a good idea to hire one who offers many options. It is likely that after a good experience with that first consultation, you will go back for more problems you need their assistance with. In such a case, it is also important to keep your budget in mind so that you hire someone who can give you the most value for money. 

  1. Talk Before Booking an Appointment

If after covering all the points mentioned above, you still feel unsure about hiring someone, just give the stylist a call or set up a meeting to talk to them before booking an appointment. In this meeting you can clarify any doubts you might have about the process of personal styling, the stylist’s experience, their services, how the process works, etc. Most stylists are more than happy to talk to prospective clients before a booking. This helps both parties build a rapport and understand the expectations before getting to work. 

These were just some of the things we at Styl-Inc recommend you could do to find a good stylist. For more information about personal styling, contact us at Styl-Inc and our team of expert stylists will get in touch with you. 

About The Author:

Shravani Priya, a grad from Pearl Academy is now a stylist at Styl Inc. Working in the fashion industry for the past two years in assorted domains, she has gained extensive knowledge about authentic style, seen through her written word, editorial and commercial work. Shravani is pragmatic and acclimates to her role as a content writer, content creator and personal stylist. She enjoys writing as well as imparting her expertise through all mediums of communication.

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