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Why You Should Look For Pilates Reformers For Sale

Mat pilates is a great form of exercise that will get you fit and flexible, no doubt about it.

But if you are looking to take you pilates game to the next level, you may want to start looking at reformers for sale.

A reformer is a piece of equipment that is designed to improve your Pilates workout and your body in the process.

Here are some reasons why you should look at pilates reformers for sale.

Reformers Bring A Dynamic Component

One of the main features of a reformer is it’s moving platform that glides across two railings.

This creates the opportunity to bring more movement and dynamic exercises to your pilates routine.

You’ll be able to work more muscles this way, increase your general mobility and get your heart rate up.

Reformers Add Resistance

On one end of a pilates reformer, you’ll find two resistance bands with handles attached.

These also allow for more dynamic motions and exercises but also add resistance to your workout.

Resistance bands are fantastic for strengthening muscles, and can even be better than free weights.

This is because as you go through a movement, the resistance will increase its resistance, while a dumbbell will stay the same.

For example, if you’re doing a bicep curl, the dumbbell’s weight doesn’t change as you bring it up and down. But if you use a resistance band to do a bicep curl, the band will increase its resistance as you stretch it out, meaning it will take more effort on your end as you reach the top of the motion.

In other words, using resistance bands with your pilates reformer can help you get absolutely shredded.

Improve Your Balance With A Reformer

On the end opposite from the resistance bands on a reformer is a bar parallel to the floor.

Using this bar, along with the sliding platform and resistance bands, you can perform more exercises that will help increase your balance.

The bar can also be used to stablise yourself if you are a beginner and have poor balance or create more advanced exercises to increase functional strength.

Dynamic Flexibility

Stretching is great for flexibility, but how often in life do you find yourself bending down and touching your toes with your knees locked?

Not very often, I’m sure.

Because of its bands and moving platform, the pilates reformer allows you to perform movements that will increase your flexibility in a dynamic way that will be more useful for everyday life.

It can also aid if you are someone with low flexibility by easing yourself and slowly increasing the range of stretches like lunges.

Not Convinced? Maybe Joseph Pilates Will Help

The above-mentioned aspects of a reformer, when combined, will greatly improve your overall fitness, strength, flexibility and health.

But don’t take it from me, take it from Joseph Pilates.

If you can’t tell by the name, he invented pilates, but also the reformer. Clearly, the reformer is a great addition to your pilates regimen. Otherwise, Joseph Pilates himself wouldn’t have invented it.

So what are you waiting for!

Get out there and start looking for pilates reformers for sale today!


Noah Carey is a content writer at La Dolce Studio. He also attends the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies English, because he likes reading and writing, and runs for their track and field team because he likes running in circles.

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