Why You Should Keep it Simple When Creating A Website For Your Business

If you are old enough to remember the early days of the World Wide Web, you’ll recall that finding what you want on a website was often far from easy. Badly designed old websites led you down dead ends, offered far too many menu options, and were a visual nightmare. Today, websites are thankfully a bit more user-friendly, but some people still manage to make things far more complicated than they should be. Here are some compelling reasons why you should keep it simple when designing or commissioning a website for your business. 

Simplicity Helps Convert Visitors In To Customers

Not every visitor is going to be a customer. The rate at which visitors go on to spend money on goods and services from a business is commonly called the visitor to lead conversion rate. Visitors always have the opportunity to leave a website and take their custom elsewhere if they become frustrated with the user experience of a website. The simpler the process is for a visitor to access a checkout or contact page, the less likely they are to exit the website before making a purchase. Simplicity also reinforces your brand identity by maintaining aesthetic cohesion. Having an easy-to-digest brand identity helps you to convert more visitors into customers. 

Good User Experience Leads To Good Search Engine Rankings

Search engine ranking algorithms are incredibly advanced. It is well known that the latest Google algorithm takes user experience into account when creating a rank for a website. Simplicity is the easiest way to ensure that the user experience is optimal. An experienced web design company like ALT Agency will be able to pare down the complexity of a website to make it highly attractive to algorithms employed by search engine giants like Google. 

Simplicity And Device Compatibility Go Hand In Hand

No website should be designed without mobile device compatibility in mind. According to figures collated by Statista, 54.8 percent of web surfing was conducted from mobile devices in the first quarter of 2021. That means that potentially over half of the visitors to your site will be doing so from their phones or tablets. Complicated websites look awful on small mobile devices. Their menus can become cramped and impossible to navigate, their aesthetic can become compromised, and they can turn mobile users away. Keeping your web design simple is an easy way of ensuring that your site will be at least passably pleasant to surf from the palm of a visitor’s hand. 

Simplicity makes maintenance easier

There’s nothing worse than your website going wrong at the most inopportune time. If you have a cluttered website with pages that lead to nowhere, it will make it more difficult to locate the source of the issue that you are having with a longer downtime. On the other hand, a nice and simply designed website will be easier to navigate to the issue and resolve it quickly with minimal downtime.

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