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Why UV Gullas College of Medicine Become The Best Choice Among Indian Medical Aspirants?

Today, the medical aspirants make good research about the medical colleges before they select a medical college abroad. Now the students can get connected to the students studying in medical college through various social media platforms. The medical career is becoming very popular among youngsters because it gives a good income and this profession has an excitement for those who have an enormous occupation for service. This profession is related to saving lives; take care of ill people and healing wounds. Medical professionals had a great status and reputation.

Most of the students who want to study medicine from the Philippines end up their research with UV Gullas College of Medicine. This medical college secured a position in the list of top colleges among NMC approved medical colleges in the Philippines.

Studying medicine abroad is the dream of every Indian medical aspirant. The Indian students choose to study MBBS in the Philippines for many reasons like climate, language, the success rate of FMCG, world-class infrastructure, top-quality education, and many more.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine is 100 years old university that is very reliable and ingenious. The medical study is the best arrangement of science and technology, practice, innovations, and experiments which help the medical students to ease the wounds of patients.

The main focus of UV Gullas College of Medicine is to produce the best healthcare professionals to take care of the health of a human being. This medical college makes professional doctors with the help of an advanced syllabus.

UV Gullas Medical College aims to take care of the health of the human being through superior education, research, experience, and care of ill human. UV Gullas medical college produces professional healthcare since 1977. This medical college is affiliated with a Centenarian University, the University of Visayas. This University was established in 1919 but ruined during the world war. The history of this university of rising from ashes to the list of top medical colleges is unbelievable. This college becomes the choice of many international students. UV Gullas College of Medicine is dedicated to offer top-quality medical education and produce world-class doctors.

UV Gullas is one of the best medical colleges in the Philippines located in the splendid Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu. Cebu is popular for providing a favorable atmosphere for study. UV Gullas College of Medicine becomes the center of excellence for the students to study MBBS in the Philippines. This medical college uses pedagogical approaches to promote active learning, basic science experience, clinical rotation, decisive thinking in medical students to learn differently. The UV Gullas Medical College campus has the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, the Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center, the UV Gullas Medical College, the VIP Gullas College of Music, the UV Gullas College of Nursing, the UV Gullas College of Dentistry, and also introduce cosmetic surgery center. This college provides practical experience to their students.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine offers service for more than 40 years and offers the best medical education to produce the best healthcare professionals. This college secured a position in the top 10 medical colleges of the Philippines.

UV Gullas College of Medicine gives overall development to the students’ i.e. academic and social development to turn into a good human being and great healthcare professional. UV Gullas College of Medicine is a very affordable college for medical studies which attracts international students to pursue their medical studies without facing any financial problems. This college aims to produce the best doctors for the world.

Chief highlights of UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas Medical College provides a top-quality education with various world-class amenities. Some of the key highlights are given below for the medical students:

  • No initial Donations for admission
  • Rational and affordable tuition fee
  • The top-quality of education
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Top technological features
  • Good student-patient ratio
  • The nominal cost of living
  • Follows US-based education pattern

Why UV Gullas College of Medicine is the best choice for Indian students?

The medical students who do not get admission in the MBBS course in their country choose to complete their medical studies from abroad. The reasons may vary for every student for not getting admission in their home country. It is also true that every parent wants to stay with their child during studies to make their future bright and build a career in the right way.

But, if any medical student can’t get an MBBS seat in their home country due to any reason, they have an option to get admission in MBBS in a foreign country. When parents have to send their child abroad for studies they are concerned about the quality of the education, college rating, security, and safety of their child. Every parent wants a top-quality education and a safe atmosphere for their child where they should stay.

  • Best accommodation facility

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a hostel facility for boys and girls separately. These hostels are highly secured with 24×7 securities with CCTV cameras. The college provides fully furnished rooms to the students with air-conditioning. The students should follow the hostel rules and regulations. The college management fixes the timings to come and go outside to maintain a strict discipline among the hostel students. The hostel provides a facility of Wi-Fi in the hostel with a high internet speed to help the students to study online through their PC, laptops, or mobiles.

The hostel of UV Gullas Medical College provides a safe stay at the hostel as the students feel at their home. There is a warden in every hostel to take care of the students and to help them if they need to. The international medical students feel easy and relax to stay at the hostel campus. The students get 2 newspapers in the hostel daily in English to get connected with the outside world.

The students can get a TV and Refrigerator facility in the dining hall on sharing basis. The students can go for group studies in a common study hall. The hostel provides an experienced housekeeping staff to clean the rooms daily. The students should pay an additional amount for using the laundry service. The hostel also provides a hot water facility to the students. The drinking water is available with RO technology for the students. The students also get a parking facility for their vehicles within the hostel campus.

  • Hygienic food facility

UV Gullas College of Medicine provides international mess which offers hygienic food to the students. The international students can get delicious food cooked by the best and experienced chefs. The mess provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to the students. The students will never miss their home for appetizing food. The chefs of the mess of UV Gullas medical college are good for making Indian, Continental, and Mexican food.

  • Affordable fee structure

Every parent wants to make a bright career for their child and fulfill their dreams. Many students leave the dream of becoming a healthcare professional just because of weak financial condition. Many families are not able to pay a large amount in top medical colleges especially private medical institutes in their home country or foreign countries. The tuition fees of the medical colleges are outside the limits of a middle-class family. The high fees of medical colleges are the main reason that the students choose another career in which they have no interest.

The affordable fee structure of the UV Gullas College of Medicine is the main attraction point for Indian students towards the college. This college is dedicated to providing top-quality medical education with low tuition fees. You do not need to put an extra burden on your parents to get a world-class education. UV Gullas Medical College is the best choice for those medical aspirants who want to become a doctor because they can easily afford the tuition fees of the college.

  • The high FMGE success rate

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top medical colleges in the Philippines which has a very high success rate in the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE). This college follows US Pattern of education which is helpful for those medical students who wants to appear in United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). This college also provides a clinical rotation to their students with the affiliated government and private hospitals.

  • World-class infrastructure

UV Gullas Medical College offers the top-class infrastructure to their students to increase and maintain the concentration in studies. The classrooms are fully air-conditioned with advanced and smart writing boards. Each classroom is equipped with projectors to teach the students with more interest.

UV Gullas College of Medicine has an ultra-modern library with a huge collection of books from different authors. The library also has various multimedia which are helpful in studies. The students can gather valuable clinical information.

The UV Gullas has well-equipped laboratories with all advanced tools like 3D simulators, anatomize table for better clinical experience.

  • Fully Recognized college

UV Gullas medical college is recognized by WHO, FAIMER, MCI, IMED, ECFMG, US Education Department, Medical Council of Canada, Medical Council of Thailand, General Counsel of Medicine of Great Britain, and Medical Council of California.

  • Very easy admission process

UV Gullas College of Medicine has a high experience in teaching lots of international students. The UV Gullas has a professional team in their admission office who easily manages the process of admission. The admission staff helps the international students and guides them to complete the admission process. UV Gullas is the first choice of the ambitious medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad. The search will comes to end at UV Gullas medical college, and then the admission staff will assist the students in every aspect. The students can get help for education loans.

  • No initial donation or capitation fees for admission

The students who want to get admission to UV Gullas Medical College should not need to pay any initial donation or any type of capitation fees. The medical students only need to pay the nominal tuition fees which are fixed by the medical college.

  • 100% students visa and documents approval

The MBBS students should do all the documents approval by themselves while taking admission in medical college. This is a very time-consuming process if you don’t know the correct process. The admission process of UV Gullas College of Medicine also needs documentation approval. But this process is not possible without any help. But the staff of UV Gullas medical college is very skilled and experienced in handling the whole process of approval of documentation. They help the students with documentation approval. So, the medical aspirants will never face any difficulty in document approval.

The UV Gullas medical college assists the students in the entire process of admission, visa processing, and even after reaching the college. The students can get good cooperation when students come for the first time.

Medicine is the most important and popular career in India and abroad also. Healthcare is the best profession and a very noble profession. But healthcare profession requires superior and higher knowledge with great concern. The Philippines is very famous as an educational hub, especially for medical courses. The universities offer medical courses at very affordable fees. The medical aspirants who wish to study medical courses must consider the UV Gullas medical college in the Philippines. The students can get jobs very easily after completing studies from UV Gullas College of Medicine.

The fees of the MBBS course in UV Gullas College of Medicine are very affordable which every middle-class family can afford. The tuition fees are directly paid to the bank by the students. The total fee of the whole MBBS program is around 20 lakhs which is about 1/3rd of the fees in medical colleges in India. The cost of living is also very affordable in the Philippines. The total expenditure of hostel, mess, and other expenses are near about 15,000 per month. The total expenditure of the MBBS course is approx 30 lakhs which is 70% less than the fees in any private medical college in India. The Indian students who want to study MBBS abroad should think about UV Gullas medical college to accomplish their dreams without any financial burden on their parents.

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