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Why Use Cat6 Plenum Rated Cable and When Should You Use It?

Plenum cables are Ethernet networking electrical cables that are designed to be used in plenum spaces of buildings. This type of space is typically found between the floors of a building. Before learning about this cable, it’s important to understand what a plenum space is. And why it requires a specific type of cable to be installed in it.

The air circulation for various ventilation, cooling, and heating systems is housed in a plenum space. Because of the constant air circulation, such a space has a high oxygen content, making it highly vulnerable to fire hazards. Cat6 Plenum 1000ft-rated cables are used to prevent fires from spreading throughout the space. 

The cable is a special type of cable that is jacketed and fire-resistant. The fire resistance of a cable like this is rigorously tested. In the event of a fire, the jacket is usually made of Teflon so that it would not burn off with fire and harmful fumes. As a result, this cable is best used in a plenum space.

Plenum Solid Cable Types:

These cables are usually divided into different categories. That’s because “plenum rated ethernet cable” refers to a cable that has been jacketed with fire-retardant coating materials and is rated for installation in plenum space. Such cables are usually produced in the form of category 5 enhanced (Cat5e), category 6 (Cat6), and category 6 augmented cables, depending on market practice (Cat6a). These cables are typically sold in 1000-foot lengths.

A most expensive combination is a Cat6a cable, which is followed by a cat6 solid copper 1000ft cable, and finally a Cat5e cable. Due to the obvious high specifications and prominent features of a Cat6a cable. It is placed first, followed by the Cat6 cable, and finally the Cat5e cable. Cat5e Plenum is a good choice if you’re on a tight budget and want an Ethernet cable with good specs. 

Pure copper conductors ranging from 23AWG to 26AWG or copper-clad aluminum conductors are commonly used in these cables. These plenum ethernet cables feature a twisted pair design, which is a market standard and very useful for reducing cross-talk and other electrical noise.

What really is Cat6 Plenum Cable, and how does it work?

A Cat 6 plenum cable is a communications multipurpose cable, plenum in the sense that it is a Category 6 CMP-rated cable that has been tested. It’s a cable with a special jacket that meets stringent fire requirements. In general, two types of cables are used to resist flame progression in flame-sensitive applications. 

As a result, this type of cable is designed in such a way that flame progression is limited to no more than five feet. And unlike regular plastic, the cat6 cable does not emit fumes or smoke when it burns. This cable has the features of a plenum jacket as well as the specifications of a cat6 cable.

1000ft of Cat6 Plenum

The cable was designed to be used in the building’s plenum areas. Plenum areas are the parts of a building that allow air to circulate for air conditioning and heating systems. They do so by allowing transfer airflows or conditioned/heated air to pass through at a pressure higher than the atmospheric limit.

Because plenum spaces are vulnerable to fire, Cat6 plenum cables are made of high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Their jackets are made of flame-resistant PVC and FEP insulation, which helps them deliver high-quality performance even in extreme temperatures. The PVC in Cat6 Plenum 1000ft transmits less smoke and slows the spread of fire.

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