Why Use an Online Booking System for Your Gym?

Operating a gym website alongside the standard social media platforms has become so commonplace that there is no longer a need to keep mentioning it.

As a fitness guru, gym operator, and entrepreneur, you have to realize that everything today revolves around the internet. With time, the situation will only become more intense as more and more activities and tasks are digitized.

In your quest to modernize your business, you will find yourself spending money on special gym center software and accompanying apps to help you run the gym efficiently.

There’s a crucial system that shouldn’t escape your mind during the modernization process—the online reservation system. Try as you may overlook it, the reality is that your gym needs it for it to operate optimally.

Benefits of Using an Online Reservation System for the Gym

1. Membership Management

In many ways, automation can save your personnel a lot of time when it comes to managing gym memberships.

An ideal system will not only allow you to add new members, but it can also be used to assign memberships to each person.

Additionally, the system will automatically control all the peripheral aspects of the business related to gym memberships, including, but not limited to:

• Reports
• Access Control
• Credits and Renewal

2. Save Money

Do you know that having a custom booking system for your gym can save you a ton of money in the long run?

Instead of having to pay a commission to an external reservation portal for bookings made by clients through it, you can opt to simply pay the licensing cost.

Simply put, you only need to pay the fees for the license and nothing more. Getting a bespoke reservation system of your own means, you will get to do away with the middleman.

Apart from not paying a commission, the business will save money that would have gone towards paying the admins. Some of the processes you can automate using this software include:

• Updating availability after each booking
• Checking your availability to ensure you don’t double book clients
• Sending out email reminders to clients
• Collecting client data

Automation ensures you spend less time performing admin tasks, allowing you to concentrate on other business aspects.

3. Discount Codes

There’s a free fitness class booking system that provides you with an opportunity to sell the business more while promoting it to potential clients.

For example, you can use the information contained in the client’s database to send them promo codes. Customers can then use the codes for the classes they would like to attend.

Promo codes and coupons are a recommended client retention strategy. Businesses can also use them to attract new leads.

4. Eliminate the Bottleneck Associated with Phone Booking Systems

Another advantage of an online booking system is eliminating the issues associated with phone-based booking systems.

While they are great for making inquiries, the phone-booking system is restrictive in that it means clients can only call during regular working hours.

It can prove inconveniencing to your clients as not everyone has the time to schedule a call to the gym to make a reservation in the middle of a working day.

Furthermore, you have to remember that only one client can call at a time unless the gym operates more than one line (which means you need to hire more personnel to operate them).

The online reservation system will assist in freeing you up while at the same time ensuring the business gets a new revenue stream.

5. Workload

Running a business calls for the management to do their best to utilize all the assets at their disposal, more so the staff members. Integrating a reservation system into your gym operations will assist in reducing the workload. Thus, the personnel will be in a position to focus their time and efforts on other tasks, e.g., sales and customer service.

Facilities that are yet to take up this type of system are forced to do everything manually. With time, the tasks, which could have been automated from the get-go end up taking valuable time, money, and resources that would have been better spent elsewhere.

Why allow your employees to get tied down performing tasks that can easily be automated? Make the smart decision today and invest in a good online booking system.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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