Why Use a Data Centre Relocation Company?

If you’re planning a Data Centre Relocation it’s critical that you plan effectively to minimise any disruption to your business. Down time costs money and in today’s economic climate any significant change must be considered before being implemented. Businesses rely heavily on their valuable data, server and comms equipment to keep their organization running effectively.

Firstly, don’t be tempted to cut corners. It’s better to work with a team of experts who can help you with a feasibility plan in advance to consider technical issues and logistics before you make the move. Employing professional IT Relocation specialists gives you a company with specific experience in data centre relocations. They can help to assess the new building and ensure that access and space is suitable before you relocate. Just because your current building has a server room that meets your needs don’t assume your new location will have the same facilities.

One of the key elements of the project plan is a detailed audit of your existing data centre and projection for your future needs. The relocation gives you a chance to change your existing configuration, consolidate hardware and ensure that it is able to cope with future demands the business may have.

Working with your IT team or project manager, the data centre relocation strategy company will agree the key time scales and requirements. They can then produce a full scope of work to ensure that both parties are aware of who is responsible for what.

Using a professional IT Relocation Company also gives peace of mind that your move will be insured in event of the unthinkable. The company should have adequate transit insurance as well as public liability insurance for when they are working at each site.

IT Relocation companies should have purpose built equipment and vehicles which are designed ot transport your equipment safely. They will also have specialist equipment such as server lifts which can safely remove heavy equipment from racks. Unless the server racks are specifically designed to be moved fully populated, and most aren’t, all equipment should be removed from the racks prior to moving.

Another reason to use an IT Relocation company is the resource level of most IT Departments cannot stretch to cope with the work involved in the physical side of a Data Centre move. The client’s IT team is best utilized to ensure that any configuration changes to the network and servers are completed and working. A successful Data Centre Relocation should result in minimal downtime.

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