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Why time off from work can benefit your career

A work/life balance can feel impossible to achieve with a hectic family schedule and demanding career. However, taking time off can enhance your productivity, improve focus, and help you find some perspective.

Glassdoor conducted a study to find out why US workers don’t take their annual leave. Many said their workload is too great, and there is no one to cover if they take time off. Others said they couldn’t afford a vacation and fear they will return less motivated to work. However, a 2018 survey found that over 70% of bosses find time off improves their employee’s focus and prevents eventual burnout. 

Whether it’s taking a first-class train to a new town or booking a spay day – time off work can greatly benefit your personal and professional life.

Feel more fulfilled, and avoid burnout

When you push your body and mind too hard, you can end up burnt out and exhausted. Time off can give your body time to rest and heal from a stressful period of work. A healthy work/life balance can help you work sustainably – instead of racing to the next burnout moment. When you are burnt out, you may feel unmotivated, exhausted, and unsatisfied at work. It’s an awful feeling and one that can profoundly impact your mental and physical health.

Improved productivity 

After a break, you can return to your desk feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. You can analyse and prioritise tasks, complete more work, hit deadlines and find your workflow. Productivity comes naturally when you’re well-rested and motivated to take on work.

Gain a new perspective

If you have been cancelling date nights and gym classes, it might be time for a break from work. Your personal life keeps your professional one afloat. You need to maintain your hobbies and social life to restore a healthy work/life balance. 

What can you do during this time off?

You don’t need to take a luxurious holiday to The Maldives on your time off. You could spend two weeks in your apartment hanging out with your loved ones and organising your personal life. Sometimes self-care comes in different forms – and you might be craving some downtime with your family over a fancy holiday.  

You could take a mini staycation to a city nearby or go for a walk in your local park. Sometimes more minor activities are just what you need to relax and reset for the next work project ahead.

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