Why the Cannabis Industry will Grow in 2023

Given things are as good as they have been in terms of the cannabis industry, it’s quite easy to think everything will start to slow down sooner rather than later. You might be someone who’s considering getting into the industry yourself or you might just be someone who loves to indulge. Either way, you have a clear passion for seeing this industry become the best version of itself that is possible.

Since the wave of legalization has started, things have only seemed to get better throughout the United States for those who love cannabis. The year of 2023 will be a time where the wave continues to just go and go and more states, and the citizens within them, will see how cannabis has a place within their lives. 

Public Perception

Each year more and more polls are released with the goal of better understanding how Americans feel about top issues. Since legalization has started, the number of Americans that view recreational cannabis use in a positive light does nothing but grow. Year after year, more Americans either see legal cannabis as a positive thing or something they are neutral on.

Just being neutral on the issue might not sound exciting, but it’s an improvement from the harsh negative views the public had for much of the 20th century. Younger generations are especially positive on the issue, meaning that it is just a matter of time before there is legalization in every state.


Public perception and legalization obviously go hand in hand. As more people start to seek legal cannabis, more states will have a neighboring state where one can just walk into the store and purchase safe and legal cannabis. 

It’s easy for someone on one end of the country to not be too concerned about what’s happening on the other coast. It’s a different thing when the state next to yours has legalized cannabis and nothing has gone wrong. 

It’s easy for a boogie man to live on the other side of the country, but it’s hard to be worried when you only see good things out of actual cannabis legalization in the states bordering yours. 

All The More Marketing

The market of cannabis is being seen as something more like wines or craft beer with each new state that legalizes. There’s the obvious medicinal market, but even outside of that there is a craft and specialty market where there is plenty of fascinating innovation and luxury to be had.

Giving us largely now seen as a specialty business, like any of the others we’ve been familiar with for decades, that means the tools for everyone are also now applied to cannabis. 

While 10 years ago the top marketing teams wouldn’t even consider the thought of cannabis sales, it is now a major force that can be advertised both on billboards and in the increasingly lucrative online spaces where the younger generations spend their time.There are even teams of experts, such as Heady, that offer their specialization in getting your cannabis business in front of the eyes of as many potentially interested people as possible.

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